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I was recently reading the blogger Bob Lefsetz’s eloquent words extolling his love of music, particularly songs he heard when he was younger.  The songs that hit you the first time you heard them have become ingrained, standard, classic – as familiar as old gloves.  However, put them in context.  At the time, didn’t they seem exciting and dangerous?  Subversive, even.  



I am very happy to report that my daughter Gillian gave birth to a baby girl today, the 8th of December. Aranea is her name, a sister for Xavier. Gillian and Travis have blessed me with grandfatherhood again.

Good luck,



Random Musings

The final concert of the South American tour in October was in Quito, Ecuador, in front of an ecstatic audience and the next morning, as we were waiting to board the plane home, an earthquake struck.  Apparently, it was only a four point something on the Richter scale but still, as the building began to rattle and shake there were a few moments when everyone looked startled.


The Broken Heart Invitational

The Broken Heart Invitational

In this era of downloading music, one element is often overlooked – the cover art.   This has the possibility of conveying so much about the music therein, not always an easy task.  Without the luxury of space that vinyl provided (provides), the CD format has obvious dimensional limitations.  But these limitations can also be seen as a discipline within which to work, a different way of thinking about how to achieve a visually evocative image.


Road Life 7

Let me get one thing straight before I start unfolding this tale of a day in our life on the road.  I love Poland. This story is in no way a dig at Poland, days like this happen all over the world, fortunately not too often.  This one just happens to be in Poland.  I love the people mostly because they are so resilient in the face of hardship – and they have endured much.