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  1. Bill Smith wrote on 2017-03-12:

    I represent Jack Emblow with regards to the PPL and would be most grateful if you could tell me on which tracks Jack played on with regards to the Butterfly Ball Album

    • RG wrote on 2017-03-20:

      Hi Bill. Jack Emblow played Harlequin Hare. RG

  2. Victoria wrote on 2016-05-14:

    Hi Mr.Glover

    Just watching Induction ceremony and absolutely love what you said !

    Thank you for the gift of music ! It’s been a pleasure Rockin out with you guys 😉


    • Abraham wrote on 2017-03-29:

      Hi roger, I wrote you from Valencia (Spain) and I would like to know what year is the rickenbacker of Machine Head and with which Marshall you play. You’re a great bass player and my inspiration along John Deacon.

  3. kIM jONES wrote on 2015-08-02:

    I was just wondering if the marvellous Butterfly Ball is avaiable on dvd WITHOUT the dancing animals and dances, it’s so wonderful but we seem to miss alot of the singers on stage.

    Sending much love,


    Kim & Charles

  4. Joris Platteau wrote on 2014-03-25:

    Hallo Mr Glover,
    I’ve become an Purple-fan around 1976 and I try to get to every DP-gig in Belgium of Lille France if possible (Antwerp, Brussels, Tienen, Lokeren Roeselare, Lille….) We met backstage in 2009 in Antwerp, where I handed you a CD with some of my personal musical “experiments”. I’m also collecting your solo-work (from “Elements” – quit a long time ago… – over the Butterfly Ball, Accidentally on Purpose, Snapshot… until “If Life Was Easy”)
    Do you think a new meet ‘n greet before or after the concert in Antwerp next week (april 2th) could be possible ? It would be a great honour and pleasure to me if I could have all my Glover-music signed by the artists himself… Meanwhile hoping and waiting… musical greetings. Joris Platteau

  5. Orville Davis wrote on 2013-08-19:

    Hey Roger, may not remember me from my days in HYDRA and Atlanta. Orville Davis

  6. Lola Palooza wrote on 2011-12-22:

    Featuring “If Life Was Easy” as one of my “Top Ten Picks of 2011” of WildmanSteve Radio- BRAVO and THANK YOU for the music!
    Lola Palooza- Mid-Day DJ

    • paul wrote on 2013-08-06:

      I saw rain bow back 1979, outstanding! When will deep purple come to the U S of A??