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Messages from Roger Glover

Dave Hodgkinson R.I.P.

The emergence of the Internet in the 80’s revolutionised social and business connections on many levels, particularly the new relationship the band found with fans. Prior to that, fans were in another world to us – now we’re in the same world. The early chat rooms were a revelation but when it evolved into The Highway Star, not only did I become aware of like-minded people but made some stimulating friends.


Seijiro Udo R.I.P.

Sadly, one of the greatest promoters has passed on. Mr. Udo was not only a superb businessman but a deeply passionate advocate for music in Japan. He could always be counted on as a dignified and sincere presence in our lives. He and his remarkable team supported Deep Purple and many others with professional courtesy and generosity over decades of touring in Japan.


Mo Foster R.I.P.

Deep sadness at the news that Mo Foster has died. I met him on the Butterfly Ball sessions in 1974 and we always remained friends. Not only was he a warm and charming man but an inspiring bass player and endowed with a superb sense of humour. His book British Rock Guitar was, and is, both insightful and wickedly funny. One of a kind.


Dan McCafferty R.I.P.

The news that Dan has died hits hard. A friend of over fifty years, we shared many a tour and much studio time. With his mischievous smile and, endowed with a unique voice of grit and whisky, he came across as a tough character, which belied his gentle heart. He will be missed by his family, friends, and fans. His indelible contribution as Nazareth’s lead singer will live on.


Manny Charlton R.I.P.

Manny Charlton R.I.P.

Very sad to hear that Nazareth’s guitarist, Manny Charlton, has died.

I last met him about five years ago in Spain after losing touch for many years, and it was a lovely reunion. Nazareth played a huge part in my life in the 70’s. My thoughts go to his family and friends. He shall be missed.