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Messages from Roger Glover


Sometime in the latter half of the sixties, our manager Gloria Bristow had an assistant, Barbara, who threw a party at her apartment in Pimlico, London. All of Episode Six were there, some PR (public relations) people, and a few industry types, but what got us excited was that we’d heard that Johnny Gustafson might show up.

When the Merseybeat explosion happened, The Big Three was one of the coolest and most underrated bands around.



A whirlwind two weeks; from great gigs in Luxembourg to Antwerp to the emotion, tears of joy and sadness at London’s Royal Albert Hall and the next morning, as if anticipating the rising sun, flying to Kleine Scheidegg at the crack of dawn to perform before a partying crowd up a snowy Swiss mountainside.

Then suddenly, the following morning, we were on a thirteen hour flight to Japan – time to catch a little sleep.




In case youʼre interested Iʼve just made a fresh coffee and am ensconced before my computer, wanting to post something on the website, and wondering what it might be. As you may have noticed, Iʼm not one who cares to bleet or twog like some, several times a day even. Where do they find the time? My time is spent, as it happens, just like yours – second by second, hour by hour, etc… and itʼs a precious commodity.



2013 is almost over. And what a banner year it has been – Now What?! has made its mark and stormed up many a chart around the world giving the band a positive springboard for next year. Touring is over for the year and we had some killer gigs and a lot of fun – London, Paris and St Petersburg stand out but that’s not to diminish any of the others at all; every gig is valued.


Still Life

My daughter Gillian Glover has a new CD out. It’s called Still Life With Music. If you’ve heard any of my last two solo recordings then you will know what an original voice she has. If you’ve heard her debut album, Red Handed, then you will also know that she has a talent for writing beautiful and inspiring lyrics. But don’t just take my word for it; after all, I’m her proud dad.