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It’s Bad News Week

It’s said that bad news comes in threes. It did this last week.

RIP Lemmy, Ed Stewart and now Bowie. Ashes to ashes.

I met Lemmy in the 80s and we bumped into each other sporadically over the years. The last time I saw him was at the Classic Rock Awards at the Roundhouse a few years ago. We were getting a lifetime achievement award. During the interval, I slipped outside for a breath of fresh air (a smoke) and met Lemmy. After a too-long, one-way conversation I thought I’d better get back inside. Oh dear, Ian Gillan and Ian Paice were already on the stage, speeches done, getting the award from Gene Simmons. I ran on in time to explain that I dream for a living and walk off, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Oh well, that’s rock and roll. Thanks Lemmy. It is an honour to have known him.

Although I met him frequently back then, along with the rest of the Radio London DJs, I didn’t get to know Ed Stewart that well. He was always friendly and cheerful with a wicked grin. Great fun. Episode Six’s drummer, Harvey Shield, recently uncovered this flyer from 1966. Eerie, is it not?

I watched some of David Bowie’s Blackstar videos last week, Lazarus in particular. It struck me as beautiful as it was disturbing. Hearing the sad news I watched it again in wonder… he knew he was dying and turned it into a work of art. He always was provocative, a great songwriter, pushing boundaries and taking chances, but this one last stand is surely a touch of genius, whether you like his music or not. What a way to go. True to his artistic vision as ever and entirely worthy of every accolade.

Life is good.


7 thoughts on “It’s Bad News Week

  1. Larry Ray Toering wrote on 2016-01-13:

    Roger; very poignant, he did make his dying days a lead time work of art. “Art,” there’s that word again. Can’t seem to escape its presence. Peace, love, and best of luck as you storm the studio soon. -LT

  2. Keith Thompson wrote on 2016-01-13:

    Well said Roger. My thoughts on my own FB Page echo yours. Bowie is really the first one to use modern media to reference his own death. You could argue that Johnny Cash did it and possibly Freddie Mercury, but I would certainly put a case for Bowie actually producing a co-ordinated response to his imminent demise. It’s actually a damn good song too! No “oh what a shame doesn’t he look ill?” sentiments here nor any morbid voyeurism. This is a compelling installation.

    • roger glover wrote on 2016-02-04:

      The great Warren Zevon comes to mind.

  3. Steve Power wrote on 2016-01-13:

    Life is short really, I’m having your music at my funeral when I go ! But with Bowie going it made me realise I have unfinished things I want to get done. It’s woken me up to not out of today what I still want to do in life, my art and photography and writing. Best wishes Roger you’ve been the beat keeping my heart alive since I was 16 and at 57 with a brain tumour I’m still listening to you. Best wishes stay strong.

  4. Tracy Heyder wrote on 2016-01-13:

    As usual, you find the time to pay respects toward others and show how complex you are and yet how simple it is to be caring and concerned about fellow human beings in unfortunate circumstances (in this case, passing on). You sentiment is genuine and heart felt and I sense the fact that you are emotionally affected by these 3 having moved on to the stage of life we are all going to experience eventually. You are correct regarding Bowie. He was one of a kind and surly one of the best. Loved much of his work. Especially the earlier material. One of my favorite songs from him was “The Cracked Actor”. Will be looking into his last album “Blackstar”. Lets get together in Nashville while you are there recording????

    CheerZ Roger.

  5. wrote on 2016-01-12:

    Hi Roger,
    Sometimes words and tunes meets each along the way.
    Its tricky but you are one hero of mine. See you and the band in Stockholm in summer. Welcome!

    • Mary Kelley wrote on 2016-01-13:

      What kind words you have for the recently departed. That is a testament to your demeanor. You have always had a kind heart and you are a true gentleman!