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Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Sandy Denny’s song is as relevant now as it ever was. Steve Miller sang about time slipping into the future. Our Time Will Come, Funny How Time Slips Away, Time After Time, Out Of Time, etc., etc. All about the same thing––that elusive and most precious of items.

And now it’s the Time Of The Season.

Back in my sixties, few months ago, I was hunting for my winter socks. That was in December. Now I’m told it’s December again. Huh! How did that happen? Who knows where the time goes?

Well, this is where it went… there was a band jamming session, a great Mexican tour, a lyric session with IG, a great North American tour, another lyric session with IG, and around the continent (as we used to say) the final tour of the year, finishing in early December. As I said recently, time is a list.

My 70th birthday was a significant marker of time. I thoroughly enjoyed it; great gig in Lyon (with a good old fashioned knees-up in the dressing room after the show) and a super gig at the O2 in London. Rival Sons, our tour companions, were amazing––outstanding performances, crowd pleasers, lovely people, and now firm friends.

And what times have recently flashed by… The Man With The Golden Ear award from SoundEdit in Poland; a great European tour, a surprise video (arranged by my lovely family) full of birthday greetings from family, fans and friends from around the globe; two 50-year celebrations (Rupert Hine, my first production, and Episode Six). It was a trip to see my friends again, some I hadn’t met in almost fifty years. It wasn’t planned but we just had to get up on a stage and perform some of our songs again. You can see more at the Radio London website.

And the festivities have only just begun!

An early Christmas present was the Hall of Blame induction, finally. Everyone has an opinion about that and they are welcome to it.

Our crew and management deserve praise for making life on the frog as seamless as possible but the highest praise must go to all you who came to our shows––what would we do without you? Thank you again, again.

I wish everyone the best of the season and good luck for 2016.

RG December 2015

18 thoughts on “Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

  1. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2016-04-07:

    I can’t understand, that Episode Six weren’t more successful. I was very young during the Sixties ( born 1954) and I liked Bands like the Hollies, the Beach Boys, the Mama’s & Papa’s, the Ivy League, the Four Seasons and other Vocal-Bands very much. All these bands were very successful. Episode Six made a similar music with wonderful singers (not only Ian Gillan), but less successful -Why? That is – maybe – a top secret of that time.

  2. Tracy Heyder wrote on 2016-01-20:

    “All the Time in the World”, “Before Time Began”, “This Time Around”, “Child in Time”, “Time to Kill”, …. the list goes on.

    Great synopsis of 2015 Mr.Glover. Seems like just yesterday that we were chatting at the “Dan McGuinness Irish Pub” (now named “The Harp and Fiddle”) in Nashville after the Ryman show in August. What a busy year it was for you and it looks as though 2016 will be no slouch either. I know I am not alone by any means, looking forward to what is in store for us this year regarding the new album, the RRHOF, touring and hopefully the chance to chat again. Lets get together at the Harp and Fiddle while you are in Nashville during your planned recording session in late January/February. I’ll buy you a Big Guinness Stein for a belated toast to the New Year….


  3. Wather Gallay wrote on 2015-12-31:

    Love and Rock Roger, best wishes for the year’s coming. Thanks for all, love is all, thanks for love


  4. Bryn Keytanjian wrote on 2015-12-30:

    Hey Roger,

    Kudos on using the timeless Sandy Denny reference from the classic Unhalfbricking album. What an album! Do you have it? I am a huge Sandy Denny fan. Right I have to remember which musician website I am presently on. It was an epic year for Deep Purple and fans alike. Seeing you on the road this past summer I will reiterate was sublime and a life highlight. Hugs and blessing from Philly, Bryn

  5. Γιώργος wrote on 2015-12-27:

    Θελω να σου ευχηθω χρονια Πολλά και καλα,και να σηνεχισεις να βγαζεις εκπληκτικα άλμπουμ με τους deep purple! Το 2016 θα ηθελα να σε δω live στην Αθήνα!

  6. George Martin wrote on 2015-12-27:


    Thanks for touring the USA this past summer. As always you were so awesome both in person and on stage. Please keep touring the states in the future. I think I speak for all America when I say we love you guys! Always have, always will. Have a happy and healthy new year!

  7. Tim wrote on 2015-12-26:

    Dear Roger, Congrats to you for an amazing continuing artistic career. As you are aware, good things ( and bad!) come in “3’s” ( spelt=”threees”), and I can surely take all the credit (and blame) for your award winning year. The Hall of Fame, the Man with the Golden Ear Award…were all kicked into gear with your “major award”…my ltd Edt 30th anniv coffee mug …that you so graciously accepted in Conn during USA summer tour. There you go…Your welcome! Merry Christmas to you and your close ones and Have a wonderful holiday season!

  8. Dan Russell wrote on 2015-12-26:

    Roger, you’re a beautiful man. It was great to meet you this year at the show in Boston. Cheers!

    Dan Russell

  9. Bo wrote on 2015-12-26:

    Hi Roger
    Life is full of opinions on everything these days, but one thing I’m VERY sure of, is that we all love you.
    Thanks for being the way you are.
    All the very best to you and both your family’s. The real one – and the DP one.

  10. moreno wrote on 2015-12-26:

    In alto i calici per brindare al prossimo anno pieno della vostra fantastica musica aspettando di brindare al 50° dei deep purple nel 2018 e ricordando il grandissimo JON LORD sempre tra noi con la sua fantastica musica arrivederci in ITALIA ragazzi

  11. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2015-12-26:

    Thank you for the wonderful concert in Hamburg and for the extraordinary meeting backstage. I’ll never forget it!! Now I and all the other fans are looking forward to your new album next year. And 2016 (I think, I may write it) the year 2018 comes nearer and nearer – the 50th birthday of Deep Purple. And the most surprising thing: This band is as young as in the beginning. Please stay healthy and strong for a long, long time! Thank you for all, you gave me!
    Your fan Hans-Jürgen Küsel

  12. Louli wrote on 2015-12-25:

    Hi Roger
    Vintage wine of the highest quality. Time is on your side and time tastes better. All the best for 2016. Hall of fame is just a small sip of your great dedication to music but the glass is still full and the grapes of your hard work will produce rivers of eternal wine. Have a lovely festive time with friends and family and roll up your sleeves for next year.

  13. Marcelo wrote on 2015-12-25:

    Have a great year, master. The flight of time is daunting for most things, but it also means your letters come more quickly. Thanks!

  14. Gaby Jaeckel wrote on 2015-12-25:

    Dear Roger,
    I don’t know where the time goes, but when I ‘ve seen you in Munich on stage this year – there was no time gone.

    Best wishes


  15. josh wrote on 2015-12-25:

    In the last year I was lucky to see you 2 times at concert events in Germany 🙂
    I’m raising my glass to your good health. All the best to you, your family and friends for 2016.

  16. Boe Lucie wrote on 2015-12-25:

    Merci à vous cher Roger GLover, pour tout le bonheur que vous m’avez apporté Lors de vos concerts et surtout merci pour votre gentillesse , je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année ainsi qu’à tous les membres du groupe , je vous embrasse tous , vous êtes les meilleurs, prenez soin de vous et revenez vite à Paris.

  17. Roberto wrote on 2015-12-25:

    Hello Roger, imo you don’t have to mix with those terribile bands included in the RnRH of shame. It’s just an american thing handled by incompeten people. D.P. should be there the same day Led Zeppelin were included…so let just Rod Evans showing up at the event.

  18. Keith Livingstone wrote on 2015-12-24:

    I’m sitting at home watching Montreux 2011 thinking to myself ‘if (and of course I know it’s a when, not an if)those guys stop making music the world will be a much sadder, and quieter, place to live in’

    To that end I’m currently raising a glass to your good health with the wish that you’ll head back across the Irish Sea in the near future.