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It’s later than you think

Those were the words on a famous poster at a time when posters seemed to matter, in the late 60s. Here in 2015, posters are old hat, summer’s gone and winter’s coming on. And that’s that.

Life has been packing and unpacking itself over the last several months. Life. One forgets to value it when events, pressures, schedules, responsibilities, etc. impinge on ones appreciation of the greatest gift… waking up. Still here.

Which reminds me that I never acknowledged Eddie’s Hardin’s sad demise. He and I spent a lot of studio time together in the 70s and he played a key part (no pun intended) in The Butterfly Ball. I’ll never forget writing Love Is All together, sitting at his treasured Bösendorfer piano in his Dulwich home. That song inextricably linked us for life. The other song we wrote was Homeward (a song that Ronnie James Dio told me he loved singing). Over the subsequent decades we kept in touch from time to time so it was a shock to hear about his death. He played a significant role in my life.
A quick Eddie story: Someone recently enquired about sheet music to The Feast–the piece of music that precedes Love Is All on the album. I pictured all the creatures sitting down to dine before the dancing begins and asked Eddie if he could improvise around some of the other song themes on the album, as if he was playing background piano in a restaurant. He played for a few minutes, effortlessly melding different songs together, and nailed it in one take. Great musician.

Thinking about great musicians, my hat is also off for Billy Joe Royal, B.B. King and two stunning bass players, Chris Squire and Andy Fraser.

DP is about to embark on a European tour. The last few tours, Mexico, Canada and The States, were a blast. We’ve been jamming and writing in between tours and anticipate recording with Bob Ezrin early next year.

This year is somewhat of a banner year, turning 70 an’ all–a good time to look back, especially since I recently rummaged around in some old boxes of stuff and came across long forgotten photographs of long forgotten friends, mementoes of moments. Many brought a smile, some best forgotten.

I also found three new (old) items that I’ve added to the Art Gallery, two photographs of paintings I vaguely recall… “Smoke On The Water” (1995) – a pastel drawing donated to a charity whose name escapes me, and “Bass Solos” (late 90s) – a lost oil painting. A month ago I was asked if I remembered all the paintings I’d done, and thought I could until I saw an image on a smart phone and didn’t recognize it. A day later, looking at the battered item itself I had to admit it was mine. The date is 1964. I was then a student at Horney Art College. I must have thought it was worth signing at the time. It’s now called, “The Difficult Birth Of Yin And Yang”.

I read all the posts on this recently re-vamped site (thank you, Andi) and appreciate all the good vibes, thank you. I have been answering some of the questions and I resolve (yet again) to be, a) more responsive, b) punctual, c) a better human being, d) an all-round entertainer… On second thoughts, scratch the last three. I’ll do my best.

Good luck,


October 2015

16 thoughts on “It’s later than you think

  1. Steff Porzel wrote on 2015-11-26:

    Thanks for your touching words about Eddie. The media and the music biz in general don’t really seem to care, maybe his name wasn’t big enough to them, but losing a friend is something different anyway. I really miss that man and his unique sense of humour… Cheers, Roger! And all the best!

  2. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2015-10-24:

    Dear Roger,
    wonderful to read your words about Eddie Hardin. I’m only a Rock-Music-Fan (since “Twist & Shout 1963). Last year I was very sad to loose so wonderful bass-players, this year it’s the same thing with keyboarders (Eddie and John Tout) who had a great influence on my ears (and my brain and my soul). So I wrote some words about these great artists in the German DP-fan-site “the aviator”. I hope, you’ll stay healthy for a long time and all people, you love, do the same.

  3. Nick Brown wrote on 2015-10-23:

    looking forward to December 4th at the O2 in London. I last saw DP on your birthday 2 years ago with the orchestra, a fantastic night. I’d love to see some of your incredible art on display in the future, I hope you could fit something into the schedule. Best Wishes Nick

  4. Rick Freeman wrote on 2015-10-20:

    Roger, great reading my friend. As always. You really need to write a book!! We talked last year in Hollywood Florida and again this year in Nashville TN. One thing we have in common is shoulder problems. Means we are not getting any younger! Lol! Looking forward to a new solo album from you. See you on the road. Btw, hope your family is doing well.

  5. Monika wrote on 2015-10-20:

    Dear Roger,
    the merit of a painting lies always in the eye of the beholder. Both my parents are/were painters, and every now and then someone fell in love with a painting of theirs they considered “not very good”. But as long as a piece of art finds an appreciative home where it gives joy to ist owner, it only can be a good one.
    Which, btw, is in my books also a way of determining how “good” a person is. Please do not doubt it – you are a truly wonderful human being!

  6. The Mechanic Ted wrote on 2015-10-19:

    I feel such serenity and piece of mind reading these messages. The same feelings when listening to If Life Was Easy. I will absolutely love a RG book one day.

  7. Mark Bryant wrote on 2015-10-18:

    How true – poster used to rule. My favorites were my Deep Purple and Ted Nugent posters – I sang every song as close to the IG likeness as possible, played air IP drum solos, played RB, RG, and Nugent air guitar and bass, and majestically played JL air organ solos. That brief moment in time, captured in a photo and blown up to lifelike proportion, illuminated the magic of rock music.

    Some people say the older I get the better I was. Funny. But you Roger can honestly say the older you get the better you get. Your contributions to rock music, and music in general, is timeless. Gentlemen like you are are the visionaries with unsurpassed talent who give ssmiles and hope to the masses.

    Thank you.

  8. gareth wrote on 2015-10-18:

    You dont look anything like seventy,id say you look more early fifties…whats your secret…
    Really hope the tour goes well for Purple,just a pity there is no Scotland or Ireland dates

  9. Len Ashley wrote on 2015-10-17:

    Hi Roger don’t know if you will remember me we started to do something together when you used to pop in the music shop I worked at in Headstone Lane. I then started gigging with a band and it all got manic.
    I have watched your career and you went on to do great things and I am proud to have known you all but briefly.
    Take Care and Best of Luck.

    • RG wrote on 2015-11-23:

      Of course I remember you, I have a photograph of us in the shop, posing as if we were rock stars. I was 15 and still in school. You gave me an Oscar Brown Jnr. album called Sin and Soul – great music, taught me a lot about songwriting. Thanks for writing old friend. Good luck, RG

  10. Dima (at wrote on 2015-10-17:

    Dear Roger
    Very glad to read your messages on this site, thank you for story. Everything gone, but memories live forever somewhere above us.
    Good luck dear friend!

  11. Wolf Schneider wrote on 2015-10-17:

    Every time our body machine manages to rouse our consciousness once again and we greet the next period of wakefullness, it’s a minor miracle that we should never fail to appreciate.

    How more miraculous that we are able share this time-space with so many other special life energies. Thank you so very much for your unique vibrations all these years! It has made the experience far, far better.

    To many more to come…

    • RG wrote on 2015-11-23:

      Thank you Wolf. Likewise, your writings have always enhanced my experience in similar ways.

  12. bertrand wrote on 2015-10-17:

    16.October 1975 ..Butterfly Ball live at the RAH
    16.October 2015 ..Remembering of Eddie
    Amazing coincidence!

  13. tolo wrote on 2015-10-17:

    You are a great person. A honor beeing yout friend

  14. Hristo wrote on 2015-10-17:

    I love to see more Sun on your face, dear Roger.

    People arrive and depart, leaving us so great memories.

    Wish You best of Luck!