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Little Richard R.I.P.

It may be difficult for younger people to fully understand how Little Richard changed everything; from music to society in general. Context is everything. He shook up the world in a profound way. Not only did he write the songs, but performed them without inhibition; he did for singing what Jimi Hendrix did for guitar…he freed it from its former constraints.

He was the first black performer to be accepted by a white audience at a time when that seemed improbable. The simplicity of his songs belies the electrifying effect they had on people. It may have been fun, but it was serious fun. His band was always outstanding and set the standard for hard-driving rock’n’roll, particularly his main drummers, Earl Palmer and Charles ‘Chuck’ Connor.

I first saw him on the 50s’ British television shows. Good Golly Miss Molly was a particular favourite, partly because of the drumming (Earl Palmer). Lucille had such an amazing groove, I can never listen to it enough.

To me, the twin towers of rock, Little Richard and Chuck Berry, are gone, but their legacy will be felt for eons.


2 thoughts on “Little Richard R.I.P.

  1. Adel wrote on 2020-05-17:

    Beautiful tribute to Little Richard from our wise and honest Mr Glover

  2. Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder wrote on 2020-05-16:

    Always love your profound way of giving humble credit to those whom influence you. These posts are a prime example of Who We Think You Are… A sincerely gifted and humble servant of the Music World that will forever leave a mark. Thanks for sharing your many thoughts with us and as for your homage to Little Richard… Spot On! RIP LR… 😉