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“Snapshot” reviews


“Shapshot” review by Craig Storey

Just thought I’d drop a line reference the excellent solo offering from Rog.

I think it’s quite a personal piece of work, and in some parts quite reminiscent of »Accidentally On Purpose« which of course was put together with Ian Gillan. It has a great reflective feel through out, and you could can almost hear the wine corks popping as you sit back and relax to some great playing and singing (courtesy of Mr.Bramblett – what a find) My own personal favourite is “Beyond Emily”, a great piece and one that would have no problem in getting air play on the right station if released as a single.


“Shapshot” review by Rahul Shrivastava

Just got hold of Snapshot today. Here is my review:

Listening to it now for the first time. First impressions are that this album is pretty damn good!! It’s got me tapping my foot and nodding my head in an all too silly rhythmic manner.

I thought the opening track was pretty good, but for me the album really kicks off with the second number, Burn Me Up Slowly, which sees Roger on vocals.


“Shapshot” review by Joanna Ostrowiecka

As I was very interested in Roger Glover’s solo records, when the Snapshot appeared, I bought it at once.

Very nice CD. RG sings beautifully, though my first impression is he doesn’t believe in his power. Why does he sing one song only?

Various songs, dynamic and romantic ones. No monotony. Some of them make me dance- “My turn” (interesting rhythm experiment), “When it comes to you” for instance.


“Shapshot” review by Marianne Niemann

I first got introduced to »Snapshot« a little more than a year ago when I got the chance to listen to 5 of the songs. The songs did touch me right away. Now a year later I could hardly wait to hear what it would be like. And it did not disappoint me ­ not at all. It was worthwhile waiting for.


“Shapshot” review by Euan McLeod

It took three or four listens but this album has been dominating my CD player both at home & work for the last two weeks. I am struck with it’s melody, it’s maturity, it’s range of musical styles & it’s sheer beauty. I have often explained to friends that the appeal of Deep Purple is not just in the music they make together but also in the various solo offerings that have emerged since the early 70’s.