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“Shapshot” review by Joanna Ostrowiecka

As I was very interested in Roger Glover’s solo records, when the Snapshot appeared, I bought it at once.

Very nice CD. RG sings beautifully, though my first impression is he doesn’t believe in his power. Why does he sing one song only?

Various songs, dynamic and romantic ones. No monotony. Some of them make me dance- “My turn” (interesting rhythm experiment), “When it comes to you” for instance. Other one put me to sleep: “No place to go” (this guitar expresses well the night atmosphere), or “If I could fly”- the sax play reminds me of some Kurylewicz’s and Namys¬≥owski’s compositions which I like very much…

Listening to “Some hope” I always imagine our Warsaw shows “Jazz in the Old Town”. The same atmosphere.

And Gillian Glover… her voice knocks me out. Something uncommon, incredible. Dynamic and romantic at the same time, mysterious… words fail me. My favourite song.

In general: I like this CD. Very good, especially for persons tired of listening to the rock ones. It relaxes indeed.