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“Shapshot” review by Rahul Shrivastava

Just got hold of Snapshot today. Here is my review:

Listening to it now for the first time. First impressions are that this album is pretty damn good!! It’s got me tapping my foot and nodding my head in an all too silly rhythmic manner.

I thought the opening track was pretty good, but for me the album really kicks off with the second number, Burn Me Up Slowly, which sees Roger on vocals. I love his soft, gentle voice and his style on this song is far improved than on The Mask album.

Most of the songs sees Randall Bramblett on vocals and I think he is superb. A nice, swaying, breezy voice, that is really relaxing without being sickly or sentimental. It works a treat. In fact, he reminds me a little of Stephen Stills, especially on the track Queen of England, or even a latter day Mark Knopfler at times, certainly on the track Could Have Been Me, with it’s reflective and melancholy vocals. A very high compliment indeed.

Also, some of the song writing by Glover is right from the top drawer. A drawer that also contains entries by Stills himself, Young, and Knopfler.

The accoustic guitars add to this powerful, atmospheric album. It takes you back to your childhood, when you used to play in the streets, as the gentle winds breezed through the trees, and the sun shone down on the cobbled streets. Or when you walked your first love through a daisy-filled meadow, hand in hand, before stealing a kiss under the oak tree. The album has a remarkable child-like innocent charm to it that is perfect for those relaxing, but all to infrequent, moments you get to have to yourself occassionally. Maybe that’s the effect Glover was looking for, judging by the front cover which shows the bass player as a child. If it was, then Glover has certainly achieved his aim.

I’ve heard it mentioned that the album is sometimes similar to Accidentally on Purpose. I’d have to disagree on that. It’s of a similar tempo perhaps, but the quality of songs, the arrangements, the lyrics, and the playing make this a superior album, and pretty different to anything that Rog has ever done before.

So anyone looking for a mellow, gentle album which evokes memories, feelings and moods, really should buy this. It’s a first class album, with every song so eloquently arranged and nurtured. Not to be missed.

Burn me up slowly
Take me the distance
Surround me with music
I’m not ready for the silence