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“Shapshot” review by Marianne Niemann

I first got introduced to »Snapshot« a little more than a year ago when I got the chance to listen to 5 of the songs. The songs did touch me right away. Now a year later I could hardly wait to hear what it would be like. And it did not disappoint me ­ not at all. It was worthwhile waiting for.

»Snapshot« is a varied cd. The inspiration for it comes from many different kinds of music but there is a main thread going all the way through ­ keeping it together. The important thing is that Roger is bringing about the music in his very own way. There is a true feeling of optimism, energy, caring and enjoyment of life in the music. Right down to the orange colours on the cover. It is a relaxed album with several love songs but also songs about pain. Songs handled from a very optimistic point of view. The general feeling and atmosphere reminds me somehow about »Accidentally On Purpose« ­ and that might not be an accident.

I do love Snapshot. It goes right into my heart..

The lyrics on the song “My Turn” says something about drawing attention, getting the punch line, setting the place alight, and “it is my turn to shine”. And Roger certainly shines. He always has ­ but maybe he does not know? Anyway he is for sure having his turn now and I wish him all the best of luck.