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A December Thank You

Suddenly, here we are, looking back on the year – a busy one indeed.

On the road, again, again; a Mexican festival, two European tours, an American/Canadian tour, a Japanese tour, and Mexico again.

Thank you to all who came to see live music, I am truly grateful. To those who didn’t get to see us in Mexico, I am sorry. It was out of our hands, we were disappointed as well.

To our fantastic crew, who never cease to amaze me, a huge thank you.

My final outing this year was with Pete York’s Rock & Blues Circus, and what a gas that was. I thank Pete York, Miller Anderson, Zoot Money, Albi Donnelly for the great experience.

I wish everyone the best of the season and a peaceful 2019.

Good luck,


Photo by Jan van Meerendonk

17 thoughts on “A December Thank You

  1. Victor Gubala wrote on 2018-12-27:

    The music of Deep Purple has been constant throughout my life, always changing and evolving. I thank you and all members past and present for the years (decades!)of live shows and albums. What a journey! Deepest thanks and gratitude for sharing so much for so long.

  2. Erik W wrote on 2018-12-25:

    Merry Christmas and a happy New year!
    Thank your for the many years of joy, excitement and creativity captured in your music. I’m grateful. Your music have followed me through life. The great feeling when being totally captured and focused and excited when playing the New record whether it night be perfect strangers, gillan & glover, infinite etc .
    I have attended so many shows that will be captured in my memory forever. The last Infinite tour 4 shows.
    Such a value and so much looking forward to.
    The rock and Blues circus was something else. Well worth travelling from sweden to Neuruppin.
    I hope that your biography will see the light of day sometime soon. That would be very interesting. I always liked your writing and you got a story to tell.
    And as for Deep Purple we are many fans that keep our fingers crossed that there will be some more, a New record.
    Have a wonderful 2019!

  3. James O'Brien wrote on 2018-12-15:

    What about a show in Ireland on this tour? I lived in New Jersey my whole life and saw the band (and solo) on every tour since 85.I had the pleasure of meeting you numerous times- once at Ian G’s solo show in NYC where myself and a few others got into a conversation with you, you missed your cue to be on stage at one point. A year and half ago, I completed a lifelong dream and moved to Ireland. I don’t want to break my record. Please tour Ireland (at least Dublin). The last time I saw DP was against my doctor’s wishes since I had just lost part of my left foot due to my diabetes (you’ve heard of people being flat footed- I’m partial footed). Anyway, enough of my begging. I hope you and the band have a very Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

  4. Patrick wrote on 2018-12-14:

    Thanks Roger!
    Hope you gonna come to Hungary in 2019.

  5. GARY PORONOVICH wrote on 2018-12-14:

    What agreat show in Montreal!!! Come on back!! have a great New year!! New Album, yee-sssss

  6. max wrote on 2018-12-14:

    Same to you, Roger! That Rock and Blues Circus really was …. something else … I just hope it returns. Thanks for signing Snapshot too, one of my all time favourites … All the best! Regards, Max

  7. Greg Furlong wrote on 2018-12-14:

    Hello as you may know you have a HUGE fan base down here in Australia and when the Japanese tour was announced I thought we were a chance!! Alas not to be but I hope to catch the band in Australia in 2019. I have taken two of my kids now aged 29 and 25 to shows over the years and it is now time for my youngest to experience exactly why her old man has spent zillions on concerts, Vinyl, CDs DVDs and associated Merch
    With every best wish. Remember, “If it is to be, it is up to me”
    Warm regards to you , family and Band
    Greg Furlong Melbourne Australia

  8. Tracy Heyder wrote on 2018-12-13:

    You left out the US Tour… We got to see ya and chat with ya in Biloxi, Mississippi with Judas Priest. Fantastic show as usual. Praying that y’all have a healthy and blessed New Year and Christmas. Also praying that you guys come through with a 50th Anniversary Album before you call it quits. Last 2 with Ezrin were fantastic. The 3rd will be the CHARM and icing on the Long Goodbye Cake… CheerZ Kind Sir

  9. Eckhard wrote on 2018-12-13:

    Mr. Glover, thanks for beautiful moments in 2018 with Deep Purple and of course Pete Yorks circus 🙂

    All the best to you, family and friends.
    Cheers Eckhard

  10. Felix wrote on 2018-12-13:

    Thank you very-very-very much for wonderful performances! Waiting for a new projects from you as a solo artist and from the band!

  11. Felix wrote on 2018-12-13:

    Thank you very-very-very much for wonderful performances! Waiting for a new projects from you as a solo artist and from the band 🙂 !

  12. wrote on 2018-12-13:

    Hi Roger
    Thank you for your nice comments. Have a great Xmas and NY with your family and friends. There is still one great DP album in you guys so we hope you hit the ground running next year.
    Take care and see u on stage soon

  13. stoffer wrote on 2018-12-13:

    Thank You Roger and Deep Purple! We saw you in KC this year at the Starlight!! Have a great holiday season and Best Of Luck in 2019.

    • Hagen Wolf wrote on 2018-12-13:

      Hello Roger,
      I saw you in Karlsruhe and it was a wonderful concert. It was a great idea to play together with such fantastic musicians, exspecially Pete York.
      I wish you a merry christmas, happy New Year and to see you with Deep Purple in 2019! I saw now 112 concerts of Deep Purple and want to see some more!
      If you need pictures, please let me know!

  14. Jesse McDonald wrote on 2018-12-12:

    Looking forward to the new album coming out next year. 😉 Oh and by the way, Australia have not seen you guys since 2013. All the best Roger!

  15. George Martin wrote on 2018-12-12:

    Thanks for being so awesome! I hope to see Deep Purple again real soon. Fingers are crossed! Nothing but love for you guys!

    • Leslie S Hedger wrote on 2018-12-13:

      Thanks Roger. Hoping you and the rest of the band have a great 2019!!