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The Second Studio Update

All recording work finished. (for now)

16 songs in the mixing process. (a new recipe in the blender)

We’ve been using two studios, a walk from each other. One to finish the last bits of recording, one to mix in.
(keeps us in shape for tennis)

The final tennis championship about to start. (I’ll post the results)

It’s taken longer than anticipated. (don’t know why, maybe we’ve been enjoying it too much and didn’t want to stop)

Not all songs will make it to the album. (up until now we rarely came up with more music than we needed, this time it was hard to stop writing. It’s going to be a difficult decision to drop a few, they’re all good)

Some birds have flown. (Jon and I left in charge, oops…)

It is produced by the band (no one won)

A quiet sense of purpose hangs over the studio. Actually it’s not that quiet…. Everyone in the band feels confident. Everyone is pleased with his own performance. Everyone is pleased with each other’s performance. It sounds great. Now comes that magic time when songs are ready, but they still belong to us for a little while longer. Come next year they will be public property (in a sense) and will carve out a life of their own, good or bad, with all of you.

Then the tour. (can’t wait) 🙂

Good luck,