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The Second Studio Report 1997

21st. December 1997

Studio work is in pause mode.

Twelve songs are on the wing.

The backing tracks are shut up in cardboard boxes and stacked on a shelf somewhere, patiently awaiting completion.

There are several hundred album titles.

More than that I cannot add other than stating that the gigs we just played in Atlanta, Orlando, Pompano Beach, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans and Chicago were more fun than should be allowed.

Two new songs were debuted; Any Fule Kno That and Seventh Heaven.

The former needs more work, and was dropped, but is promising.

The latter has turned into a live song that is just a treat to play.

My family let me back in the house, accidentally I think.

Thank you for all your support, it would all be for nothing if you weren?t there.

Hark, I hear the sound of bells.

It’s that time of the year again.

Good luck and merry be.