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The Final Studio Update

The name of the album is PURPENDICULAR

Written, performed and produced by Deep Purple (cheap)

The mood of the band is very good. All except myself have now flown away, in high spirits, looking forward to the next step (hope it’s not a silent footstep!)

A bitter sweet atmosphere hangs over the studio, the engineers, the staff, etc. because it’s coming to an end (they’ve had enough)


Mixing finishes today, 21st. October (1995)

Tomorrow we put it in the final running order (does it matter?)

I go home on Monday (what’s a home?)

I’d like to say a big thank you to my long suffering wife and children, who don’t usually get included in the thank you list on albums, but who really deserve it. I love them. If it wasn’t for their understanding, that sometimes I have to put aside being a husband and father for a while and spend a long time away from home, I wouldn’t be able to focus on the band. I am indebted to them (I have a long list of chores) 🙂

I’ve rarely been this satisfied with an album (and I’m not easily pleased)

Hope you all think it was all worth it (the tour will tell)

See you.

Good luck,