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The 1997 Studio Album – first report

We have completed a brief stay in Orlando, at the same location where _I_ was recorded. No title has yet been decided, although there are several on the table, one or two under the table, a few beneath the cushion of a cheap chair, one caught on the horn of a suspicious looking ram on a remote ranch in New Zealand (no idea how it got there!), four were inadvertently washed in some jeans, and US Customs seized seven. That leaves several.

We have some brilliant ideas for songs, I can’t tell you how many but let’s just say it is between 7 and 9, roughly. They are all really bad. However, with a little improvement they could be worse. (Excuse my difficulty with this sarcasm thing).

JL has been tied up up making his oslo album and although he was planning on herring, decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to finnish his danish first. When asked if he was going to do a Stockhausen, he mysteriously replied, “Norway, man!” and left it at that.

I must apologize for the last paragraph, JL had nothing whatsoever to do with it, and as far as anyone can tell has not been seen anywhere near Scandinavia recently. Actually, Jon is finishing work already in progress and so therefore we are all meeting up again alarmingly soonish after the Summer gig things to complete the writing and recording, not to mention the strudel.

Steve ve continues es to to play ay with th his is echo ho unit it.


Aye yam lerning knew thyngs evry day.

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n G s to ove lace.
like ce all the

Confused? Quite rightly.

Good luck and look good,