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Not A Studio Report

Not much to add since my last report except to say that work continues.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a few precious weeks at home before the next round begins.

My family and I went to a dream called Venice for a few days.  A taste of Italy is always welcome.  Whilst there, I met up with some old friends and did a show with the great Tolo Marton.  We enjoyed a bit of jamming together, played some of his songs, my songs, and a few rock classics.  I had a blast.

I thank Tolo and his band for indulging me and also thanks to all who came to the show, you gave me a great welcome.

Good luck,


P.S.  My friend Manfred Stoffer brought his camera…

9 thoughts on “Not A Studio Report

  1. Martina Vizzari wrote on 2016-07-17:

    Mr. Glover !
    I am the girl that in Brescia has made a splash from the barrier. Thank you, thank you very much, for the blow of life that you give me every time


  2. Lars Johnson wrote on 2016-07-08:

    Hi again Roger. Every time we meet you always look at me, thinking for a sec, and you say with a voice of surprise:
    Ahhh it,s you ! Anyway it was a nice performance at Liseberg in Gothenburg and next time we all want to hear something from the excellent Elements. If you want to know the story behind the bottle of 1961, just write back. See you next time in Sweden, welcome.

  3. Bryn wrote on 2016-06-11:

    I can completely empathize with your experience of bliss visiting Venice. Visited there in 2001 and it has never left my mind. Venice is the most beautiful and tranquil place I ever visited. So much history, so much timelessness. At the very last moment of departure I was able take a photo of Robert Browning’s house. I am a literary freak. I hope you tour the states again. Congrats on the RRHOF. Your friend Bryn is Philly

  4. Schultz Greenberg wrote on 2016-06-06:

    Loger Grover…CONGRATULATIONS ON A LIFE’S WORK DONE TO PERFECTION! Your induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was glorious!!! Nice words by you, humble as ever. Miss you and the boys. Fondly, The Colorado Kid, Cisco Yid, aka ,
    PS. E-A-D-G…got a new Gibson Bass. I’d be worried if I were you… 😉

    • RG wrote on 2016-07-14:

      Hey, you old rascal. Been a while. Thanks for your kind message. Hope you’re well.

  5. Susanna wrote on 2016-05-20:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Rostov-on-Don on June 6! Welcome back to Russia!

  6. Marco Armari wrote on 2016-04-25:

    It was very nice to see you again on stage with Tolo and his band. Great show!!!!! See you in July. Marco and Gina

  7. MK wrote on 2016-04-23:

    Venice,, indeed a place of dream!

    • Gaby Jaeckel wrote on 2016-04-25:

      Greetings from another old friend from a nice place in Europe – Munich