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A whirlwind two weeks; from great gigs in Luxembourg to Antwerp to the emotion, tears of joy and sadness at London’s Royal Albert Hall and the next morning, as if anticipating the rising sun, flying to Kleine Scheidegg at the crack of dawn to perform before a partying crowd up a snowy Swiss mountainside.

Then suddenly, the following morning, we were on a thirteen hour flight to Japan – time to catch a little sleep. It doesn’t always work out that way, I didn’t sleep much on the plane; the events of the last few days buzzing round my head, especially the Albert Hall Concert for Jon. It was a most memorable evening, meeting tons of old friends, making new ones, and seeing great performances… a fitting tribute to a great man, whose music, especially the song Pictured Within, never fails to touch my soul.

Fighting jet-lag, or maybe life-lag, or probably both, we started the Japanese dates in Nagoya. We were moved to see the officially seated crowd stand for the entire show and give us a lovely welcome. A wonderful start to the tour. Osaka was just the same. We’re on a roll.

A day off in Tokyo. Our dear friend and promoter, the legendary Mr Udo, was his usual gracious self, a true gentleman. After a delicious dinner with him, some of us joined the crew at the Hard Rock to celebrate Mickey Lee Soule’s retirement. He’s been my bass tech for many years but I’ve known him since working with Elf (Ronnie and Mickey Lee wrote all the songs) in 1972, when we all lived on a different planet.

So to the final concert at the Budokan, a special place. The audience knocked me out. To stand on stage, to see and feel the electricity coming from the crowd, is a rare privilege. All three concerts were superb and I left Japan flying higher than the plane. The Tokyo concert was filmed and will be released one day, no date yet.

And now what, you might ask? At this point in life I don’t want to wait another eight years before the next album, none of us do. The good experience that came from the recording of ?! is something that has whetted our appetites for doing another one with Bob Ezrin. We will have a writing/jamming session very soon.

Big thanks go out to Udo Artists, EarMusic, JVC, our Japanese record company, and all the people that came to our shows.

Good luck,



  1. Joey wrote on 2014-12-01:

    Happy Birthday Roger. All the best. I was so lucky to see Deep Purple in Westbury L.I during the Now What tour. Great show, though I was hoping for more ?! Material in the set. Cant wait for new music. Double cd please

  2. Lars wrote on 2014-04-20:

    Thanks for the update. A new Purple album soon? Go for it! The best news I have heard in a long time. Tell mr Airey to crank up the Hammond to 11!

  3. Romi wrote on 2014-04-18:

    Dear Roger:
    I love reading your experiences. Thanks for sharing with us, your words makes us feel closer to you.
    I am happy to know that we will not have to wait another eight years for a new album!! Thanks for your desire to continue giving us your wonderful music!
    Hope to see you soon in Chile or Argentina. I have a baby of 18 months which wants to enjoy you in action.
    I send you a big kiss.

  4. Irina wrote on 2014-04-18:

    Dear Roger !!! Thank you so much for your beautiful message ! Every time i’m reading your messages i feel a little closer to you. It’s seems to me i feel the spirit of Deep Purple at this time.
    I hope new album will be so perfect as ?! and i wish you and your friends good luck and all the best in tour and in upcoming recording of new album.
    Miss you very very much. Please, come back to Moscow soon !!!
    With love, Irina.

    • andi starr wrote on 2014-06-12:

      Dear Rodger,

      I love your musical playing with DEEP PURPLE. I hope you have a wonderful tour. Thank you and ALL of DEEP PURPLE for coming to play in America 2014 Now What?! WORLD TOUR! And now, you’re ALL writing another album?! What’s Next?! DEEP PURPLE ROCKS!! In America We LOVE you guys!! Your Musical Group IS the True Spirit of Hard Rock! Especially the Notorious Ian Gillan, and his screams. His screams will Always be heard as they echo and haunt The Hard Rock! Have a Great Tour Guys! Thank You SO much Rodger Glover for Everything!