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Chuck Berry 1926 – 2017

I have said often enough that the entire edifice that is rock’n’roll is held up by the twin pillars of Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Little Richard for his searing voice and superb band and Chuck for his scattershot lyrics and iconic guitar style. And most importantly, they wrote the songs.

Naturally, I’m saddened by Chuck Berry’s passing. The world turns and heroes are gone. The first album I bought with the first money I earned was Chuck Berry’s first album. Every band on the planet has learned and played his songs. Immortal songs. Living music.


One thought on “Chuck Berry 1926 – 2017

  1. rich wrote on 2017-03-20:

    As I am about to check out too I would like to express my love and appreciation for you Roger and the rest of Deep Purple for many many hours of enjoyment ! You guys have always been my heroes !