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Gillan & Glover: “Dislocated” on Friday Night Live

Ian and I only played this song twice; when we recorded it and when we performed it on a TV show called Friday Night Live. The band on the show was mostly culled from Ian Dury’s Blockheads, fine musicians all. The sound quality is rather poor and maybe a better version exists somewhere, but I’ve never heard it. So here it is, quite a rarity. Don’t ask me what the song is about except it was a lot of fun to write and if you’re into lyrics, it’s pure nonsense… there’s room for that in this world.


8 thoughts on “Gillan & Glover: “Dislocated” on Friday Night Live

  1. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2017-06-13:

    It’s a wonderful song and a wonderful joke, too – typical for great and humorous artists.

  2. Ronnie wrote on 2017-05-27:

    I remember being very excited that yourself and Ian were on the show. It was such a rarity back then to see any of your favourite musicians on telly. Someone had started talking while this was on, which was met with a firm Ssshhhh!!! Many of your fans would love for you and Ian to make a follow-up.

    Take care,


    PS. Infinite is fabulous, can’t stop playing it, even better than ‘Now What?!’ Only problem with it is that it’s a little on the short side (ooer missus!).

  3. Roy Davies wrote on 2017-05-22:

    I seem to recall ‘Via Miami’ was also done on the show and Ian said he kept his hair across his face as he had a huge boil in it at the time!!

  4. Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder wrote on 2017-05-22:

    Really good album and totally Dislocated from the Purple stuff which is what adds to it being so good. Shows the diversity of these amazing musicians. I especially enjoyed the cover of “One Eyed Purple People Eater”. I actually owned the original ’45’ of the original version as a kid. Yup, I’m that old. But not too old to ROCK! Looking forward to seeing you guys on tour in August and September in Atlanta and St. Louis. Loving “infinite”!!!!

  5. Rikk Desgres wrote on 2017-05-22:

    Brings back lots of memories listening to this fine fine album.

  6. Matthew wrote on 2017-05-21:

    That’s a great song from a great album. I’m sure I remember this performance; Wasn’t Leonard Cohen on the same show (singing Democracy)? I’ll have to get my old VHS collection out of the loft. I might have a better quality copy up there.

    I remember speaking to Roger in the bar at Fratton Park after a charity football match around the time this was recorded. Roger – you were an absolute gentleman, and kindly bought a round for a group of hairy young interlopers, and answered all our stupid questions. The only ones a recall now were, ‘Who played sax on Accidently on Purpose?’ (Answer – no-one; it was a Proteus sampler. Doh!), and ‘Where did the name Rugged Ferocious come from?’.

  7. Roberto wrote on 2017-05-21:

    Dislocated and Telephone box are two overlooked pop genius songs. Unique songwriting, very original and funny. The whole album is anyway great!

    • Rick Freeman wrote on 2017-05-21:

      I have always enjoyed ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE. It is a breath of fresh air and a lot of fun. It fits in rather well with your solo albums. When any band member of any group records a solo album, I find it better if, it does not carry on as a extension of that band, but a insight to the talent of said individual. Time for a follow up!