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Gillan & Glover “Clouds and Rain”

I had a demo of this chord sequence a few years before discovering the song that was hiding in it, and that happened quite suddenly while we were recording Accidentally On Purpose in Air Studios, Montserrat.  Inspired by a romantic adventure, I wrote the words in about ten minutes one morning.  They just tumbled out fully formed.  Sometimes it happens like that, it can’t be predicted or anticipated.  The title came from something Ian Gillan had read in a book, allegedly a phrase meaning pure bliss or rapture.

The video is from a promotion trip we undertook somewhere.  As you can imagine, we were quite surprised at the abrupt ending.  Maybe someone tripped over a cable, or they ran out of time, or maybe just got bored.


4 thoughts on “Gillan & Glover “Clouds and Rain”

  1. Ian Castro Machado wrote on 2018-12-05:

    One of my favourite álbums, i was 17 or 18

  2. dima wrote on 2018-12-04:

    Fresh Air track, amazing work. My fav from AOP album, thank you Roger!

  3. Sören wrote on 2018-12-04:

    I always loved this one!
    Think i need to go and listen to that album now…
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. heidi wilhelm wrote on 2018-12-02:

    Sometimes the best things come unplanned! Funny end 🙂 Your fan Heidi