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John Prine R.I.P.

I sit at the computer attempting to describe feelings, views, thoughts, but nothing seems important right now, and yet everything is. Of course, I send my wishes for good health to anyone and everyone. I feel for the suffering going on around the world. The situation seems surreal; a horror story that’s literally life and death. I don’t need to tell you because you already know; we’re all in the same boat.

I mourn the passing of a legend…John Prine. A natural songwriter of simple yet profound songs, with a dry wit and humility that draws one into his heartfelt observations of the vagaries of life in a non-judgmental way.

Songs like Hello in There, Sam Stone and Illegal Smile touched my soul back in the 70s and will ever be jewels in my life. This a live version of the song that touched me first, along with many others.

Sam Stone…

I wish you peace and health.

Good luck,


April 2020

8 thoughts on “John Prine R.I.P.

  1. Eckhard wrote on 2020-04-20:

    Very sad news… Stay safe and fit Mr. Glover.
    Cheers from Germany

  2. Tracy & Tina Heyder wrote on 2020-04-20:

    Such an amazing time we are in right now. A true game changer I believe. Sadly, we had finally decided to take a trip to Europe and see you guys this upcoming (probably cancelled) tour. We had just begun working on arranging our trip to Milan where Purple is scheduled to play in October. Obviously, that major trip is now out of the question. Praying for this thing to be dealt with and things find their way back to some sort of normalcy (whatever that is). Thankfully the new album is coming out and this will definitely soften the blow. Truly grateful for that and it can’t be released soo enough. Thanks again for doing that. Hey, since the tour is postponed most likely, might as well go into the studio for a “Whoosh” follow-up. I “Whiish”. Stay safe Roger and say hello to the gang for me please. Am praying for a positive resolve to this whole thing and seeing you guys in the near future. GOD and Politicians willing… 😉

  3. Dave wrote on 2020-04-20:

    Purple 4 life

  4. Don Selee wrote on 2020-04-19:

    Very well said, Roger. Hope you are well and let’s hope for better times ahead. I look forward to listening to you guys playing again. I value and appreciate getting to meet and spend time with you and the band. Stay safe!

  5. James O'Brien wrote on 2020-04-19:

    Great video. Hope you and all the guys and your families are staying safe and healthy. Looking forward to Whoosh!” Hope to see you on tour soon. Sad to say, my streak has been broken. I saw you guys on every tour since 85, but not on the Long Good-bye. I moved to Ireland a month before your played New Jersey in 17 and since it has been a LONG time since you guys have played Ireland, I have not seen you on this last tour. Planning to go to one of the shows in UK in October- God willing. .

  6. Renato Martini wrote on 2020-04-19:

    Really sad news.
    Stay safe and healthy, Rog. You’re my hero. Love you 💜

  7. greg furlong wrote on 2020-04-19:

    Well spoken Rog, hey did you see a German Magazine posted a happy 75th Birthday to Ritchie but included Steve Morse’s Photo?? Classic!
    Really looking forward to “WHOOSH”
    First song very strong “Throw my Bones” Ultra Groovy Baseline but what do you expect.
    Stay well
    Greg Furlong ( Australia)

  8. Noe Nunez wrote on 2020-04-19:

    Stay healthy Mr. Groover ( Mr . Glover)