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Honorary Fellowship

RG was made an Honorary Fellow of the University of South Wales on December, 17 2014.


You can view a video of the ceremony on the Student Administration UniLife Channel. After opening the page, scroll down to “December 2014 Treforest Ceremonies” and select Ceremony 5.

6 thoughts on “Honorary Fellowship

  1. Denise T. Dardarian wrote on 2015-07-09:

    Congratulations, Roger! A great accomplishment, and I am very happy for you. It was such a delight to get to see you again for two nights last year, one up in Saratoga, CA, then out in Pala the next night. A lot of driving, but well worth it. Thank you for taking the time to hang out and chat with me for quite a long time, that was very nice of you, and it is something I will always hold dear. I was very glad I could give you the two Welsh cross-stitch items I made for you, and it meant so much to me to hear you say how much it meant to you. Like I told you, I don’t make things like that for just anyone, so you were definitely worth it. I guess you could say you were my muse in creating them, and you inspire me every day. I do hope I can see you next month when Deep Purple comes to California. Love, Denise T. Dardarian = )

  2. Fay Armstrong wrote on 2015-02-16:

    Awesome, Roger – and you look so handsome!

  3. Bob Ezrin wrote on 2015-01-03:

    Dear Roger,
    I am even more in awe of you now than before. Your stellar career and now this stand as luminescent examples of what four strings of metal can do in the hands of a musical master. Since working with you, I have often said that you are one of the most complete musicians I have ever met. You also happen to be one of the best men I know. I’m proud to be your friend and colleague. Bob
    (nice hat too!)

  4. Sirpa wrote on 2014-12-23:

    Great. Congratulations Roger!
    Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year 2015 for you and your family.

  5. Debbie wrote on 2014-12-21:

    Merry Christmas and Congratulations Roger, You deserve this and so much more. Hoping to see you back in Brisbane. All my Love and my deepest best wishes for you. Deb

    • pippa beech wrote on 2014-12-28:

      Congratulations Roger, in my mind, more worthy than any star in a Hall of Fame achieved not by attending University but by achieved by years of hard work ( you may not think so, but there must have been times) putting in the hours even when not on stage, for taking time out with the fans you meet. and for giving me some advice a while back saying “it is what it is” simple words but they always helps me to accept things for what they are. when they cannot be changed. and to make the most of things. thank you.,