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Hear Here – Part One

Burning Streets

Joe Strummer and The Mascaleros (from the album Streetcore, 2003)

I’m a long-time Joe Strummer fan; he writes and arranges with a sense of freedom and fun, and in the studio he’s fearless and adventurous. Sonically, always interesting.


Bombino (from the album Nomad, 2013)

Radio Paradise introduced me to Bombino and I was immediately drawn to the exciting bass line of this song. The guitar sound is superb, reminding me of Chicago blues in the 60s. What attracts me to African music is the vocal phrasing; it’s not far from so-called civilized countries, but has an unexpected slant that’s intriguing and beautiful.


Oscar Brown Jnr, (from the album Sin And Soul, 1960)

I was given this album when I was 15 and it opened my mind. Every track is a gem. I remember Tony Ashton performing this song at Ronnie Scott’s club in the 70s.

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6 thoughts on “Hear Here – Part One

  1. chelsea63 wrote on 2020-06-07:

    Bombino is my favourite desert blues guitarist and singer.
    Production by Dan Auerbach is great!
    Amazing music.

  2. Radio Dave wrote on 2020-06-07:

    Love the recommendations. Especially Strummer and the Mescaleros.

  3. Wolf Schneider wrote on 2020-06-04:

    Great topic, Roger!!

    Bombino reminded me of Tinariwen — turns out that’s because he is also Tuareg, from roughly the same region (Niger rather than Mali). And i can see why you (and Tony, for that matter) were drawn to I Was Cool, that same wry humour permeates many of your songs.

    Can’t wait for further installments, always eager to discover new music and musicians!!

  4. Massimo (Italy) wrote on 2020-06-03:

    Thanks Roger, very interesting and challenging

  5. Adel Faragalla wrote on 2020-06-02:

    Hi Roger
    Thanks for sharing, I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well. I hope the nightmare virus will be over soon so we can see you with DP on the road where you all belong with the fans. One thing this corona virus thought me that retirement sucks. Take care