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73 years ago today …

Today, on November 30, RG celebrates his 73th birthday.

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21 thoughts on “73 years ago today …

  1. Dianne Dupre wrote on 2019-09-25:

    I got the pleasure of seeing you live for the first time in New Orleans last night. WOW, you are extremely talented. I really enjoyed the performance and at the end you handed me a guitar 🎸 pick. Thank you so much. You made my day. You Birthday is in November so Happy Birthday early🎁🎉🎂

  2. Brian wrote on 2019-04-30:

    I enjoyed looking at the art on the site here. You have some nice ideas there–well executed. Waiting for tomorrow’s game–Liverpool Barca. NJ USA says love the music–the art; all of Rogerdom! YNWA

  3. Selwyn Hansford wrote on 2019-01-29:

    Hi Roger
    I’m trying to find out what happened to Ian Hansford from Warrington – can you help with any info please?

  4. Anonymous wrote on 2018-12-03:

    Birthday greetings from Vancouver, BC!

  5. Eckhard wrote on 2018-12-01:

    Happy birthday Mr. Glover from Thuringia / Germany !! Thanks for fantastic music, stay healthy and keep on rocking 🙂 See you down the road…

  6. Anonymous wrote on 2018-12-01:

    I hope you had a great birthday yesterday Roger and I wish you another wonderful year! Thanks for the music. All the best, Carl in Vancouver

  7. Peter wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Dear Roger,

    All the best for Your birthday. We love You. Take it easy 🙂

  8. Rob Hebenaar wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger.

  9. Joe Miller wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Happy birthday Roger! Looking forward to your next tour through New England. Thank you for your generosity through the years. Enjoy your day my friend!

    Sue and Joe from Connecticut

  10. Cobra X wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Happy Birthday and keep on Space Truckin’! Especially tonight! See you in a few hours. Let‘s celebrate… Yeah…
    Cobra X

  11. Allegra wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Happy, happy birthday! Thank you for all the years of music you’ve given and the kindness with which you have treated fans like myself. I hope you continue on doing what you love with people you care for. Have a good day and a good year!

  12. Anonymous wrote on 2018-11-30:

    73 good luck, Happy Birthday, Deep Purple Dave

  13. Irina wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Dear Roger ! i wish you a very Happy Birthday ! Thank you for your great music, thank you for unforgettable concert in Moscow 30/05/18. I’m so hope to see you again ! Today I wish you strong health , good luck in tour and all the best!!

  14. Uwe Fischer wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Hello Roger,

    all the best to you – hope you can celebrate tonight with a great show in Wuppertal.
    See you in Erfurt
    Uwe Fischer from Germany

  15. Peter Lotz wrote on 2018-11-30:

    On your birthday today

    best wishes and perhaps a little solo in Wuppertal

    stay strong

  16. Urs Bösch wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Wow, 73…!!!!
    All the best to your birthday

  17. Syd Rinehart wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing amazing day! I hope this next year goes great for you!
    Your fan, Syd

  18. Shirley Meadows wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Dear Mr. Glover

    I wish you a very happy Birthday.
    Good Health and Happyness for you every single Day.


  19. Marc Brans wrote on 2018-11-30:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROGER and many to follow (for me as well :-))

  20. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    I wish you a wonderful birthday with all People, you love. Time passes too far, I think. Not Long ago I wished you the best for your 72. birthday.
    Please stay healthy, happy and beware your universal creativity in arts.

    Your fan Hans-Jürgen Küsel

  21. Helena wrote on 2018-11-30:

    Happy birthday😊
    Hope you have a wonderful Day!
    Helena from Sweden