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71 years ago today …

Today, on November 30, RG celebrates his 71th birthday.

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25 thoughts on “71 years ago today …

  1. Jonathan wrote on 2016-12-27:

    I’ve been a fan since Machine Head and I’m glad you are still making people smile with your music.
    Never stop doing what you love to do.


  2. Bryn Keytanjian wrote on 2016-12-02:

    Hi Roger. Best wishes for a splendid birthday (was) and a stupendous year. Looking forward to the new album in the new year. We miss you in the States. Sincerely, Bryn K.

  3. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2016-12-01:

    Time is running too fast. It’s just like yesterday, when I wished you the best for your 70th birthday. And now, I wish you the best for your 71st birthday. Please stay healthy and be enjoyed in doing so many arts. I’m one of so many People who look Forward in Hearing your new Album
    Hans-Jürgen Küsel

  4. Petri wrote on 2016-12-01:

    Hi, Roger,
    I´m very much looking forward to hearing the new Infinite record, I´m convinced it´s going to be a truly great one! On the promo snippet it sounded a little different productionwise compared to the also Bob Ezrin produced Now What! Ian has heavier and bigger drum sounds, different than what he has had usually before. The snippet sounded very good and promising! I believe with the infinite title being spelled the way it is hints that this could be your last studio record. I understand that no matter how much I would like to hear new music from you for the years to come, you can´t go on forever with the very ardenous and demanding task of creating new music and records. I hope very much this isn´t your last record, though! In any case, I thank you all for all the years of joy and happiness you have given me through your music for the past fortysomething years! I´m looking for many more years of Deep Purple music!

    Happy Birthday to you, Roger!

  5. Renato Martini wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Luv you, Glover boy! Thanks for your music. Enjoy your day. Greetings from Brazil! Rock on!

  6. Renato Martini wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy Birthday, Rog! You’re my man, I love to follow your lines, you sound elegant and beautiful Rock on, Rog. I love you, Glover boy! Greetings from Brazil!

  7. Brian Rowe wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Grover (as per MTV). All the best Rog.

  8. Romina Panzer wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy birthday, dear!!!! Hope you have a great day with your lovely family.
    I hope to see you soon in my country as handsome, healthy and gentleman as always. I want to talk to you again about music, life, cosmos and everything we Love. You are adictive to me.
    Thanks a lot for being as you are!!!!
    Lots of Love from Chile!!!
    Romi Ju

  9. Serena wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy birthday, dear Roger. Ci vediamo presto on stage 😉

  10. Serena wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy birthday, dear Roger. See you soon on stage 😉

  11. Dave Webster wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Rog.
    A friend of mine, also called Rog, introduced me to DP at High School in ’76 … loved you all ever since.
    Keep it up !

  12. Bamboo Barnes / MK wrote on 2016-11-30:

    All happiness for you.
    Happy birthday.

  13. Sue Burton wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    Hope your having a wonderful birthday, surrounded by family and friends.
    Look forward to a drink somewhere on the road next year.
    Lots of Love
    Sue and Anna xx

  14. sarah wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Suddenly, in a time my life doesn’t follows the dates much, something on the calendar shows me today is November 30th! … Hey, is Rog’s birthday!…

    Passing to wish you all the best! Much peace! Love and Good Luck! xx

  15. Simon wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy Birthday and all the best to you and your Family. Enjoy the festive season and stay safe

  16. Dmitry Len wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Dear Roger !

    Very best wishes for your birthday !
    We are already prepared for the DP show in 2017 !

    Dmitry Len & Andrey Vedeneev,

  17. Bjørn Berntzen wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy birthday from Norway. Cheers

  18. Peter Houghton wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    Happy Birthday to the Brecon bassman; one half of the best rhythm section ever. Stay healthy, keep writing, keep playing: looking forward to the new album and perhaps a UK tour next year.
    All the best,
    Peter Houghton

  19. Howard wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy birthday Roger, greatest bassist of the greatest band that produced the greatest album – Machine Head. Best wishes and many more, Howard.

  20. Irina wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Happy Birthday dear Roger !! Be happy and healthy many years ! Thank you for great show in Moscow this year and for happiest moments of meeting with you ! Hope to see you again soon ! Hugs and kisses , Irina

  21. Giancarlo wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Caro Roger, avanti così fino all’eternità! Tanti Auguri!!!

  22. Sirpa wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Keep on smiling. I agree with Monika that you have a charming smile. 🙂
    Thank you for all the great music you have done and your wonderful writings on this page…hope you will publish autobiography some day.


  23. Monika wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    the Happiest of Birthdays to you! Stay healthy, happy, and never lose that charming Mona-Lisa-smile :-).
    All the best, Monika xx

  24. Denise T. Dardarian wrote on 2016-11-30:

    My Dear Roger,
    I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more. I am truly blessed to have met you a few times, and that you are still enjoying my artwork. ; ) You’re my #1 favorite person, much love and respect to you always. I hope all is well with you and that you and the band will be coming back to the US and esp. So. California real soon. My dear, darling Welshman, you are truly the best. Love Always, Denise = )

  25. Boé Lucie wrote on 2016-11-30:

    Trés joyeux anniversaire cher Roger Glover !!!

    Bien venu au club des 71 ans!! sincère admiration .

    J’attend le prochain CD avec impatience.