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70 years ago today …

Today, on November 30, RG celebrates his 70th birthday.

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56 thoughts on “70 years ago today …

  1. Andrei wrote on 2015-12-08:

    Dear Roger! All the best on your great days, thank you for the music, hoping to see and hear you in Belarus soon! Cheers, Andrei Starikov, Minsk

  2. luigi garofalo wrote on 2015-12-08:

    Good evening Mr. Glover
    although late I wish you heartfelt wishes for his 70th birthday
    cordially greet

  3. Denise T. Dardarian wrote on 2015-12-03:

    Dear Roger,
    I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays, this being your 70th. My dear, darling Welshman, I hope you live to 100 and beyond. I am so very blessed that I have had the chance to meet you quite a few times, you have always been so kind and such a gentleman. You’re my #1 favorite person, and one of the finest human beings I have ever had the pleasure to have known. You even like my artwork, and have it in your studio, and that delights me to no end.
    A little story on the mosaic bottle I made for you and how I was able to sneak it into the venue: The blouse I was wearing was a type of empress-style, so it billowed out a bit. With that, I hid the bottle(wrapped in bubblewrap) under my blouse, pretending I had “a bun in the oven”. My cousin Lynne and I were laughing all the way, and occasionally I had to make sure the bottle was arranged correctly so that I would appear pregnant. As I walked, every so often one of the bubbles in the bubblewrap popped, and we would just bust out laughing-it was definitely a “Lucy and Ethel Scheme” kind of moment. So, I manage to fool security, and me and my bouncing, baby mosaic art bottle managed to get into the venue unscathed. You must be that special for me to do something rather silly like that, but you are worth it.
    I also hope you liked the antique book I gave you, “The Secrets of the Trees”, it’s 125 years old, from England. It’s one of my favorites, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to give it to….there is a surprise in the book, so look for it. Not bad for “excess baggage”. ; ) Much respect and fondness to you, love you to the moon and back. Love, Denise T. Dardarian(the little Armenian girl from Northridge, CA.).

  4. Janie Jensen wrote on 2015-12-01:

    Hope your special day was filled with light, love and laughter.
    Whishing you all the best, now and always.
    Big hugs, Janie xx

  5. dino wrote on 2015-12-01:

    buon compleanno mito happy birthday Roger

  6. Andi Angermaier wrote on 2015-12-01:

    Hello Roger,

    all the best wishes to 70 Years of a great bass player – the day was my Saints day so i remember always – saw you in Munich last week – a great show – Hats off !! Up the Glasses for the next rockin´Years – stay purple and Slainthe Mhath
    Best wishes from Lowerbavarian
    CU soon Andi maybe at Tollwood

  7. Marco Castellani wrote on 2015-12-01:

    I wish you many more rocking years, my friend!
    Greetings from Rome!

  8. Roberto Zamboni wrote on 2015-12-01:

    Happy Birthday
    Master Glover i am Happy to you.
    From Italy

  9. Cristiano Suergiu wrote on 2015-12-01:

    Happy Birthday Roger from Italy! You are a great bass player!

  10. Palle Hichmann wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Cheers Roger and happy 70th birthday 🙂 many thanks for the music so far. Palle Hichmann, Copenhagen

  11. Christof Horn wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy birthday, Roger and thank you so much for all the wonderful music you’ve given me writing a huge part of the soundtrack to my life!

  12. Petri wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Best wishes on your birthday Roger! Your music has been with me from the seventies when I bought Machine head on cassette in 1978 (if memory serves me correctly), all the way through the eighties when Accidentally on purpose helped to pick me up at a difficult time in my life and to the present day when Now what did the same thing. Now what is an excellent record, it’s great when you are able to mature with an artist together. And I don’t mean that in any derogatory way, your version of DP nowadays with Morse/Airey is as good as it ever was, a little different maybe but the energy is still there, only perhaps in a more sophisticated and controlled way. For example, Simple song, Above and beyond and Uncommon man are fantastic songs! I’m really looking foward to the new one you’ll start recording with DP next year. I’m also gonna be checking out your solo stuff that I’ve missed so far, I’have ordered four of them from Butterfly ball to If life was easy. Good luck with the last gigs on your european tour. Please try to come to Tampere also on your Finnish leg of the tour next year. Happy birthday and thank you for the music!

  13. Alessandro.Bronchi wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday, Roger! The ROCK of Deep Purple! I saw you in Florence some week ago: you’re still the best!

  14. Alessandro wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy birthday,Roger. i remember a concert during the Purpendicular tour,all the show first line in front of you, screaming “Roooogeeerrr” 🙂

  15. Martina wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Hey Roger… Happy Birthday from Italy! Last time that saw you was on November 5th in Florence, and it was amazing! Please come back in Italy soon. Anyway I hope you’re spending very well this important day! A big hug….
    Martina, from Tuscany

  16. Anna-Liisa wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger

    on your special day I want to wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not just on your special day, but every day of the year. Thank you for the inspiration and joy you’ve given through your music and and your thoughts. You rock 4ever☆!

  17. Mariko wrote on 2015-11-30:

    All my wish is your great age 70.
    Happy birthday, Rog

  18. todd klun wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy B Day !! all the way from Wichita KS. Love your music. Thanks for the many years of it

  19. Sirpa wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger.
    You’re a wonderful rock musician and artist with rythm, brain and smile.

    Good health and many many colorful years.

  20. Simone marchesan wrote on 2015-11-30:

    roger hello, my name is Simone from Italy, I wish you happy birthday !! and take this opportunity to congratulate you for the concert of Padua you were fantastic as always !!! see you soon!! and long life to Deep Purple !! I look forward to the new album !! see you soon!!!

  21. samuele pietroforte wrote on 2015-11-30:

    HBY MR. GLOVER, thanks for all

  22. Åke Nordh wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger!!
    Congrats on your big day!!!!!!!!!!

  23. bjorn wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Gongratz on your B-day

  24. Marion Zinser-Macho wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger Glover,
    to your today’s birthday I first want to thank you and your bandmates for the amazing concert on saturday night in Stuttgart. You made me very happy with your great music and your extraordinary playing. All the best wishes, health, luck and happiness to one of my favorite rockstars ever.

  25. Joey USA wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Hey Roger Congrats on celebrating the 41st anniversary of your 29th birthday All the best health, happiness and music to you Be well PS: Enjoyed the show at Lynn Massachusettts in July Please do return, Joey

  26. Martina Vizzari wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger, and thank you, for every note you played, and for the pick that you gave me last November in Rome, see you in July in Brescia! Ciao grande Roger!

  27. Cecilia Sandberg wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger,

    I wish you a wonderful birthday with your family.

    God bless you and your family.
    Lots of love from Cecilia and Sweden.

  28. Angelo wrote on 2015-11-30:

    No word.
    Only riff of “Burn” for you with my guitar in my room.

    Cosenza (San Vito stadium 2003 – I remeber you, your bass and your charge) ITALY


  29. Chiara wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday to you, my dear Roger!
    I Wish the best to you and your family!
    Kisses from Rome.

    Chiara Barbera

  30. Prancesco Pacco wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Roger wishes !!! I too am a bassissta and I love your technique I always dreamed that you were my mentor ‘ , 8D at the concert in Rome ( At palalottomatica ) was in front of you thanks to a pick launched (which I framed ) , we will see you soon to some other concert , even if you have 70 but have an energy and impressive technique . Greetings from bassist Prancesco Pacco

  31. Henry SCott wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Hello Roger. We met the first time some years ago. We drank we told our stories. Maybe you do not remember me, but you accompany me since 1970 … and I can say to you … the time never passes. I saw you at the concert you did to PAdova and You are always with Paice and Gillan .. you are still always the guys who want to have fun .. I have seen much younger audience of guys that you had. Bravo Rogre … continue on this beautiful road .. Henry

  32. Thomas wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    I wish you all the best, love, beer, presents and most of all: health!
    Enjoy your birthday and keep on rockin’ for many years.
    Thomas from Germany

  33. Giancarlo wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Hellooo dear Roger,
    tanti auguri di buon compleanno dall’Italia.


  34. michael wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Hallo Roger !
    Happy big big Birthday.
    I am Michael from Germany (near Frankfurt am Main).
    I wish you healthiness in the future.
    Best regards

    I hope you have good Party with German Bear from Bavaria.

  35. Peter L. wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger, happy birthday to your 70th birthday ! Since 1970 I´m a big Deep Purple Fan and of course of you as well ! God bless you and hopefully you will go on with Deep Purple for many more years ! All the best to you and Long Live Rock n` Roll !!

    Peter, North – Germany

  36. loris fontana wrote on 2015-11-30:

    happy birthday Roger !!!!you’re a cool dude….a fantastic man!!!!!

  37. Dmitry Len wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger !

    My congratulations for your 70th anniversary !
    I wish you God’s blessing, consequently, strong health and peace of mind !
    I am prepared to listen to your music for another 70 years !

    Dmitry Len, Moscow

  38. Alessio wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy birthday mr Glover!!!

    Alessio, Deep Purple Italia.

  39. andrea wrote on 2015-11-30:

    happy birthday from Italy dear Rog!!
    Keep on rockin’!!!
    Andrea from Deep Purple Italia

  40. Andrea Chemello wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Ciao grande Roger , buon compleanno e un arrivederci ai prossimi concerti italiani , un saluto da me è da tutta Deep Purple Italia . Andrea Chemello da Schio Vicenza

    • Diego wrote on 2015-11-30:

      Happy birthday dear Roger from your italian fan! Bye!!

  41. Irina wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday, Dear Roger ! Good health, happiness,love and many rock-n-roll years! Best wishes from Moscow! Irina

  42. Vasilis Athanasiadis wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Glover

    I wish you health, Inspiration and hapiness in your Life!

    With all the best regards
    Vasilis Athanasiadis

  43. Vicente Rojas wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Roger, Happy 70 th. Birthday from a Deep Purple fan since 1978. I saw you with this Amazing Band twenty times since 1.993. Last time at “”Celebrating Jon Lord””. A hug from Gran Canaria and I hope see you in brief. Vicente Rojas.

  44. Marianne Ipsen wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy birthday. 70 years and still going strong. All the best wishes from me.


  45. Uwe Fischer wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Hello Roger,

    all the best to your birthday. Hope you find the time in Lyon to celebrate with your family and friends. Keep your attitude and take care. See you on the summer tour. Yours Uwe Fischer !!!

  46. Matt C wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy birthday boyo!

    Have a great day, smoke a mellow one and keep hitting those low notes for us.



  47. Ottar Pettersen wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger!

    Thank you for all the years, I have been to 12 Deep Purple concerts since 1993. The last two in Geneva and Zurich two weeks ago, and must say you were all impressive. Rock on!

  48. Jim Massa wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger,

    Congratulations on your 70th Birthday!! Wishing you a very happy birthday, excellent health and happiness for many more years to come. Keep on rockin’ and painting)) Thank you for all the years of great music)))

    Jim Massa
    Fairbanks, Alaska

  49. Peter Halas wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger,

    I wish You the happiest birthday! Thank You for everything…..for being a huge inspiration. Keep on playing, hopefully see You again with DP soon. Good luck!


  50. sueburton wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger, wishing you the happiest of birthdays, have a wonderful day.Buy you a pint next time we meet xx

  51. Debbie Pym wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday to the sexiest 70 year old this planet.
    You are the greatest. Love you always. Hope to see you back in Australia very soon. Keep on Rockin. xx Deb

  52. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Hallo, dear Roger,
    I wish you the best for your 70th. Please don’t forget: Rock-artists never get old – they stay young forever! Thank you for the wonderful evening in Hamburg. Hannelore and I will never forget it. You told me, that you have a gig on this important day. I hope, your fans celebrate a big party for you during the concert.
    Stay healthy for a long, long time and continue to have fun in all arts you practice and in life generally.
    Your fan ever
    Hans-Jürgen Küsel

    • Fulvio Salvego wrote on 2015-11-30:

      Hallo, dear Mr. Glover.
      Finally you achieved it … The 70th year of your life. Happy Bithday… It’s an important Goal in the life of a person. I wish you the best time in the future and a lot of long creative ideas for the music and paintings. Stay healty for a long, long time and continue to have fun in all arts you practice and in life generally.
      Your fan

      Fulvio Salvego

      • mauro penso wrote on 2015-11-30:

        Happy birthday Roger and greettings from Italy(Roma)and Deep Purple Italy