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“The Butterfly Ball” Releases

Butterfly Ball

[cd] Germany 1989 Line Records LICD 9.00013.O


  1. Little Chalk Blue (Glover/Hardin) 3.44

Butterfly Ball

[cd] France 1992 pomme MUSIC 930662


  1. Little Chalk Blue (Glover/Hardin) 3.44

Butterfly Ball (remastered)

[cd] UK 1999 Connoisseur (Collector’s Anniversary Edition) EVSOP CD 265

Bonus track:

  1. Love Is All, Enhanced Multimedia Track

Butterfly Ball (remastered)

[cd] The Butterfly Ball : Germany 1995 Repertoire REP 4567

Bonus tracks:

  1. Love Is All, Demo Version (Glover/Hardin) 3.04
  2. Dawn (Glover) 1.35
  3. Magician Moth (Glover) 1.37
  4. Harlequin Hare (Glover/Dio/Soule) 1.33
  5. Magician Moth (Glover) 1.34
  6. No Solution (Glover) 3.58
  7. Waiting (Glover) 3.10
  8. Fly Away (Glover) 2.24
  9. Aranea (Glover) 1.38

Butterfly Ball & Wizards Convention

[cd] Butterfly Ball – Wizard’s Convention : UK 1989 Connoisseur VSOP CD 139
[cd] Butterfly Ball – Wizard’s Convention : Japan 199- Teichiku TECW-30211-2

First pressing of Connoisseur CD came with a special bonus interview CD. (see below)


Butterfly Ball (Interview Disc)

Special bonus interview CD that came with the first pressing of Connoisseur CD. (see above)


The Best of Rare Collection

[cd] The Best of Rare Collection : Japan 1995 Teichiku TECX-20921

The Deep Purple Family Album

[cd] The Deep Purple Family Album : UK 1993 Connoisseur RP VSOP CD 187

Features track “Love Is All”