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“Elements” review by Evi Ivan

Having read a very nice article about Roger Glover´s »Snapshot« today, I got the idea to write a report on Roger Glover´s »Elements«, too. I´ve got a need to write about that, because in my opinion Roger´s »Elements«, »Butterfly Ball« and »Snapshot« belong to his best compositions. I hope Roger´s »Elements will be offered again, because it was impossible for me to get the CD last years.

It is a really brilliant composition. The elements are musically represented in such a good way that I´m almost forced to paint his music. Stimulated by his musical mode of expression his elements are an absolute basis for paintings.

I see parallels between the song “Bargain Basement” of Roger´s wonderful sensitive »Snapshot« and the first song “The first ring made of clay”. The song is dramatic, giant and it has a harmony which I get goose-flesh from. It is a typical Roger song with typical harmonies that I also love in Purple music. Helen Chapelle and Liza Strike sing wonderfully just like Gillian Glover on the album »Snapshot«….. a real goose-flesh-song.

“The next ring of fire” is musically shown so brilliantly that you can imagine a little campfire which becomes a conflagration. Everybody can follow his own fantasy. Each of the musicians is simply perfect in his mode of expression.

But my favourite song is “The third ring´s watery flow”. Presumably, it is the most beautiful way to show water musically. It is like a faiy-tale and wonderful music that makes you dream and feel relaxed. For me, the part “water” is the most beautiful in Roger´s Elements and I´m always very impressed and bewiched again while hearing this part.

At “the fourth ring´s with the wind” I always imagine some windmills. In my opinion it is a little bit monotonous and long, but nevertheless it is brilliant.

The finale is like the beginning, giant, harmonical and nice in a way of rock music.

Even if »Elements« is old, it’s timeless beautiful. Roger made a great achievement. It´s a pity that there is no tour with him and the other musicians. I wished to admire this really breath taking music live.

I hope »Elements« will be available again. Because of not knowing this brilliant album, a lot of people miss a wonderful pleasure which I don’t want to miss.

One thought on ““Elements” review by Evi Ivan

  1. Jacob Schoolcraft wrote on 2017-04-02:

    Simply an amazing work of art. I bought the LP in ’78 and have been amazed by the work since. I followed the music of Deep Purple and didn’t realize that Roger Glover was a true composer. I brought the album to gatherings where people listened to David Bedford or modern Chamber Music and everybody was stunned. The flow of the music and it’s complexity shocked people as they were unaware of Roger Glover being this outstanding composer. It was a very huge deal to us . It was a new discovery. It is timeless.