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318 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Gabriela wrote on 2020-08-09:

    Hi Roger
    Thank you so very much for this fantastic new album. You and your band mates delivered awesome performances, as expected. And I love Ian’s storytelling and how his voice has aged. Great vocals and wonderful lyrics.

    To me the threesome In Rock, Fireball and Machine Head now has another equal brother with Now What?!, inFinite und Whoosh! This is how a band can sound like, when it doesn’t pay any attention to trend and fashion.

    I am so much looking forward to the postponed shows next year. As I have VIP-tickets to two German gigs I will thank you in person, if nothing else happens that keeps you from touring.
    I hope to see you soon live on stage

  2. Kakhaber wrote on 2020-01-04:

    Mr. Glover !
    I, long time Deep Purple fan of Georgia. You do not be able to send me your autograph ?
    My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. 1400 Gori, Georgia.
    Kakhaber Saralidze.
    Kakhaber Saralidze .

  3. Archie Webb wrote on 2019-12-31:

    Dear Mr Glover

    My name is Archie Webb and I’m an 11 year old student at Llangorse Primary school. I’m doing a history project on my House “Loan Riavach” and have come across a photo of you as a young boy standing on my front porch holding a football.
    I was wondering what your connection with the house and “Rosebank” next door.

    Would you like a copy of the photo?

  4. Norman wrote on 2019-12-16:

    Hi Roger,
    as discussed on “Deep Purple Podcast” i would like to know if the original filming footage of Butterfly Ball – without these awesome dance scenes – survived? It would be great to know that the original 35 mm footage is somewhere and might be released one day …
    Best, Norman

  5. Keith k. wrote on 2019-12-10:

    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don’t charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I’ll share my portfolio with you.

  6. Andy "Doc" Kraus wrote on 2019-11-06:

    Dear Roger, thanks for this wonderful show with Pete and all the other heroes in Bensheim tonight! And, again, thank You for sending me, 31 years ago, back in 1988, your “Elements” and “Quatermass” Tape!
    Hope you’ll like some Songs from my own CD, which I gave you tonight…well, time is right to listen one more time to the glorious ” Butterfly Ball” ! (-:

  7. Mark Samson wrote on 2019-10-23:

    Hi Rodger—
    I hope you and your family well. My friend Craig and I saw the show in San Francisco at the Warfield Theater—and we chatted backstage about early bluesmen. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed sharing that experience with you and Craig. Well-done show by the way. I wanted to bring my wife to catch a show and meet you on the 2019 tour but I couldn’t pull it off with business and family.

    Take Care Rodger— and stay safe.


  8. kees wrote on 2019-09-13:

    HI roger, and I hope Ian. I’m from holland, been a purple fan from 1972 when I was 11 years old. I only want to say (as Ian sang so beautifully, you guys are unbelievable. This is the first time ever I wrote an email to any of my favorite bands. Been to your concert in Amsterdam, and the sheer joy you guys emitted on stage was unbelievable.
    Just wanted to show my appreciation, and my 28 year old daugters, who’s kids already know the lyrics of some on the water and child in tile. They are aged 7 and 10. I thank you guys for the enormous joy you gave so many people listening to your music. You have been and are aninspiration. Not just from the people who where in their teens or twens o=in the 70’s but also for a whole new generation.

    Thank you, for making me know what real good music is.

    PS also a grat admirer of dream theater and Led Zeppelin, but Ian, Ian, Roger and the sorely missed Jon. you rely are a class of you own.

  9. Jarek wrote on 2019-07-18:

    hi Roger, can you please tell me what kind of string and string you use? And then the thickness and material of the pick? Thank you for answer. Jarek

    • Sergiy wrote on 2020-06-14:

      Hello Roger!
      Today I first learned that you once dreamed about the name of the song “Smoke On the Water”.
      Truly ideas come to great people in a dream! Director James Cameron saw an unusual planet in a dream – and here he is Avatar. Dmitry Mendeleev invented a system of chemical elements, but could not arrange them in the necessary order, a dream helped him. The writer Mary Shelley had a dream in which the scientist created the creature, this idea formed the basis of the book “Frankenstein …”. Larry Page had a dream in which he downloaded the entire Internet and kept links – when he woke up, he began to write down his thoughts – and here is the algorithm of the Google search engine.
      That is, the dreams of great people change the world!
      So it happened with your great dream! This dream has changed the world!
      And this dream changed me. I first heard your bass in the song “Smoke On the Water”. I’m mediocre in music, and at first I was very surprised that your bass goes, it seemed to me, contrary to the general theme of the song. This bass cut my immature hearing, prevented me from listening. Since then, this idea of ​​an independent bass has changed me, I began to try to also be independent, I formed my own opinion in everything. It was hard to go through life with this, but it made me who I am.
      Thanks you!

  10. Jake Gross wrote on 2019-07-06:

    I really enjoyed your remaster of machine head. I enjoyed the studio chatter at the ends of Smoke on the Water and Lazy. Was that Intentionally left in the mix?
    Also, do you happen to still have digital versions of the multi-track masters? I would like to have them so I can truly understand how Machine Head was put together, and hear any outtakes and things that I would not hear when it is all mixed together. I would only use the recording sesssions for my own educational use.

  11. Chris Vener wrote on 2019-04-03:

    Hi Rodger my name is Chris and quired one of you pictures called pink and turquoise for Cindy and I was curious if you had some history on the picture

    • Anonymous wrote on 2019-06-01:

      Thanks Mr Glover for the pleasure I have listening your music in the car, very loud with 12 years old sound. Guillaume

  12. Patrick Johns wrote on 2019-01-06:

    Dear Roger,

    You may or may not be aware that the Rainbow recording of “Since You Been Gone” is now studied by GCSE Music students here in the UK. I am transcribing it for them to study, but I am getting slightly stuck with what you played in the Middle 8. It sounds like rising and falling semiquaver arpeggios based around the chords. Also, in the verses did you just play the right hand, or was the left hand doubling the guitar?

    Has this song ever been transcribed before?

    Many thanks, and very best wishes,

    Patrick Johns

  13. Tim wrote on 2019-01-02:

    Hi Roger,

    Any chance you can persuade Tidal to put your mix of machine head on? I own the cd but miss it on the streaming service.

  14. Wil van.der.Schley wrote on 2018-11-22:

    Dear Mr Roger Glover,

    Hello, I am Wil from the Netherlands, and a very longtime huge fan of you and Deep Purpel as well.
    Now I have a special request to you, and it,s the following, this year I started my special Deep Purpel collectbook, and have a lot of materials, exept a original photo with autographs of the group.
    Now I would ask you, please will you be so kind and able to send me one, I would be very proud and happy to have.!!!!
    I would thank you very much fot all your time and cooporation, and wish everyone a nice tour.!!!!

    Yours Sincerely
    Wil.v.d.Schley The Netherlands.

  15. Norm Rosenthal wrote on 2018-11-09:

    Greetings Mr. Glover,
    We met when your Rainbow album was released back in the days! I was part of Rainbow Records in the Chicago area. We gave away a couple of gold pieces for the “Down to Earth” promotion in support of your new album. We met backstage after your show and has a few laughs, together. I remember sending you some rainbow items to you via Thames.
    Just wanted too say hello and hope you are well.
    Best regards,

  16. Carlos Leal wrote on 2018-10-29:

    Hello Roger, how are you, I hope that well, I do not know if you remember me, but I was part of the security team in the tour that took place in Mexico in 2015, I was the one who accompanied you to the stores and to get Tobacco for your cigars, if you ever come to Monterrey, I’d like to go and say hello to the dressing room.

    Greetings from your friend Carlos

  17. Helen wrote on 2018-10-17:

    Dear Mr. Roger Glover
    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement you gave me at the Meet and Greet in Quebec City at the end of August. Apologies for my shaky anxiousness at the time (particularly after having showed the scarf I made to Mister Don Airey)…
    Let me first say that I am eternally grateful for your work and that of your Deep Purple bandmates, it has given me so much, helped me through some truly difficult times. I asked you back then regarding whether Deep Purple has an archivist; I’d like to contribute, to give back, somehow, though I am still studying (at the University of Toronto, on archive and record management, and digital curation).
    Either way, I’m thankful for your music, the wonderful experience my friend and I had, and for being a source of inspiration, and I always will be.

    Kindest regards,

  18. Allegra wrote on 2018-09-08:

    Hello Mr. Glover,
    I was at the Meet and Greet and subsequent concert on August 30 in Quebec City with a friend of mine. I just wanted to thank you for how kindly you treated her and me, as well as for your performance afterwards. It was a privilege to meet you and see you live.
    More than that, thank you for your music. Your work with Deep Purple and otherwise has made my life so much brighter and given me a lot of joy, even in tough times. On that note, is Elements available anywhere as a CD? It’s my favorite of your solo projects and I would really love to add it to my collection.
    Thank you!

    • RG wrote on 2018-09-15:

      Thanks for the question, Allegra. I just checked Amazon and it’s available, paired with Mask. The price is ridiculous––I guess it’s out of print, so it’s hard to find. It was originally on Polygram, but I’ve no idea who controls it now. I will find out and try to get it re-released somehow. I wouldn’t mind a copy myself. Good luck, RG

      • RG wrote on 2018-09-18:

        My webmaster tells that “Elements / Mask” release is available at Discogs in mint condition for €15 + shipping

        • Allegra wrote on 2018-09-22:

          Thank you so very much! I just bought one on there I found for a similar price and can’t wait for it to arrive…a very special piece of music!
          Please take care on the rest of your tour and tell the rest of your bandmates to do the same. All of you are fantastic musicians and wonderful people.

  19. William Griffin wrote on 2018-08-13:

    Roger, I saw DP in 1987 at the SF bay area Shoreline Amphitheater) and swear that when the band came out to encore with Smoke On The water, you were playing guitar and Ritchie was playing bass. Am I nuts?

    • glover wrote on 2018-08-18:

      You’re not nuts. That did happen from time to time; performing so many concerts can be little numbing at times, so occasionally Ritchie would swap guitars with me, just the shake things up a bit.

  20. Keith Devereux wrote on 2018-08-03:

    I have 2 Vigier basses and at some point will need new strings. What strings do you use?
    My Vigier are an Excess 4 string with rosewood fretboard, which has unknown brand of strings and the blue version of your signature Excess that has Vigier strings. Unfortunately the Vigier strings are no longer produced. Both sets appear to be 45-105’s
    And thanks for all the inspiration since “In Rock”

  21. Javier Bautista wrote on 2018-08-02:

    Dear Roger,

    My name is Javier Bautista and I live in Oaxaca, México, I do admire all of your work, I’ll be meeting you In Mérida, México next November, I’ll be wearing a Rolling Stones – Exile On Main St. shirt and will have a small traditional keychain as gift for you, so hepefully you remember about this comment.

    See you soon,


  22. David Emmitt wrote on 2018-07-27:

    Hi Roger

    I realise I’m going way back in time, but could you advise as to how I could acquire the piano sheet music for ‘the feast’ track from the famous Butterfly Ball album. Many thanks Dave

    • RG wrote on 2018-11-02:

      I’ve made enquiries and apparently there is no sheet music for the Butterfly Ball. The Feast was not even written at the session, it was Eddie Hardin spontaneously jamming around various melodies from the album.

  23. barry mitchell wrote on 2018-07-21:

    Roger, just read ya comment about releasing individual tracks. Not a big fan of that idea. But what about releasing 5track eps? Sort of side one now side two later? Wud mean we got new stuff two/three years apart instead of five/eight! Also, pleaze mix n release the long version of song mentioned in article track by track.

  24. UK on the Rocks wrote on 2018-07-18:

    Hello Mr. Glover,

    what a great moment we shared before yesterday at the Poupet Festival!
    I really wanted to thank you for your kindness and humility – all the UK on the Rocks team was honored to be able to play “Love is all” in your presence! Continue to give happiness to the world that needs it!
    We allowed ourselves to put this magical moment on our youtube channel, otherwise nobody would have believed us 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you again in France!

    • glover wrote on 2018-07-18:

      It was a great moment for me as well. It’s not every day I get to a show and hear my song coming from the stage, a lovely surprise. You played it very well and the audience loved it too. You’re right…what the world needs now is love. I wish you all the best of luck.


  25. heidi wilhelm wrote on 2018-07-11:

    Hi Roger, thank you for the music! Please don’t stop and come back to Europe with Deep Purple next year!

  26. Marc Brans wrote on 2018-06-23:

    Well here I am again. Doing better means I can walk again without too much pain, sometimes with a limp, but I’m told I should keep moving. Riding my bike in the morning also helps a lot. I even feel so good I can cut the grass again (not that I like doing it but I did it to prove myself) and to help my wife, my mayor support in the bad days. Wouldn’t know what to do without her (except playing my albums a lot louder :-)). Keep up the good work. My regards to the band.

  27. Marc Brans wrote on 2018-06-20:

    Hi Roger
    Just these few words before I hit the sack to let you know I enjoyed meeting you several times over the past 35 or so years. Thanks for your spare time for the Belgian Deep Purple Fanclub. Unfortunately I couldn’t come to the latest gigs here because of bad knees and back. And now that they seem to get better you probably won’t come to Belgium anymore. Well I hope we’ll all be enjoying the match Belgium-England next week.
    Marc (Brans)

    • RG wrote on 2018-06-21:

      Hi Marc,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m sorry we won’t see you at a gig somewhere but if you should feel better, let me know.
      Yes, I’ll be watching the match, I’m sure it will be a good one.
      Thank you also, for being such a great supporter of the band for many years, decades, even. People like you are the reason we exist. Good luck,


    • RG wrote on 2018-05-15:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for asking. This is NOT the official Butterfly Ball release. Ignore any post with the word PLEDGE in it. This has been canceled. I have no information about unreleased live tapes.
      Good luck,

  28. Pierre Lachance wrote on 2018-04-26:

    Mr Glover, I’m from Quebec, Canada, i’m 65, I play guitar since I was 12, made a musical career, musical teaching, I was there at the Forum of Montreal , when I was 16, when Deep Purple played there. I want to thank you for your fantastic music, I’m still listening to you almost everyday!

    • Paul Santa Maria wrote on 2018-05-16:

      Hi Roger. We met in Buffalo NY in 1970, and you were nice enough to spend some time talking to me at the hotel bar afterwards. I was a 17 year-old kid wanting to be Ritchie (heh!) and you politely answered all my questions about the biz, whilst R. regarded me with contempt, and he was my hero at the time! So thanks for that. The next day I gave you a piece of art that had the word “Fairfield” (my band) in it, very surrealistic. Just wondering if you remembered it. Thanks for the great music over the years and I hope you live a long and healthy life dude. PS Enjoyed (and purchased) the remixes, even if R. did not!

  29. heidi wilhelm wrote on 2018-04-21:

    Hi Roger, I wonder if you ever felt inspired by the ocean to write a song. Thank you

    • RG wrote on 2018-05-15:

      Hi Heidi,
      Listen to the song Set Your Imagination Free on my last album, If Life Was Easy. The lyrics, extolling the joys of being underwater, were written by Gillian Glover, a consummate scuba diver.
      Good luck,

      • heidi wilhelm wrote on 2018-06-02:

        Thank you Roger for your response. Your daugher has a wonderful voice. We are also passionate scuba divers and we liked the song very much. See you in Tallin!

  30. Connie wrote on 2018-03-21:

    you & Deep Purple made the music that I could “get high on” without drugs – your bass was likely mostly responsible – thank you – Peace & Love

  31. heidi wilhelm wrote on 2018-03-05:

    Dear Roger, I have a nice picture of you with me from the recent Helsinki concert. It was a very nice moment and it would be great if I could share it with you. Just let me know how. I wish you some relaxing time before the tour resumes again! 2 more gigs with Meet and Greet are already booked 🙂 All the best, Heidi

  32. heidi wilhelm wrote on 2018-01-27:

    Hello Roger, it would be great to see you during the Purpendicular concert in Pratteln with Ian next week! Looking forward to it, coming from 300 kms away for the joy of music! Your biggest fan, Heidi

  33. Pall Palsson wrote on 2018-01-08:

    Dear Mr. Glover, best song on Infinite is Roadhouse Blues, new direction, certain development. My advise, keep on and make some blues. I think Gillan voice is born for blues and you guys can make it perfect. I want next album blues, Deep Blues.

  34. Denis wrote on 2017-12-23:

    Dear Roger Glover and family,
    happy holidays a happy new year and for 2018 best health for you and your family.
    Thanks for the nice exciting moment with Deep Purple.

  35. Karen wrote on 2017-12-19:

    Hi Roger, apologies if you have heard already. Not sure who has been informed. I heard sad news yesterday of Greg’s passing. Not sure which name you knew him by, Greg or Noel….. we kept in touch over the years…He always dined out on the story of you being upstaged by him in the curry house!
    Thought I’d just mention the story so you would know who I’m talking about… xx
    Hope life is good with you…

  36. Keith Devereux wrote on 2017-12-19:

    Hi Roger.
    I’ve been a fan of yours since In Rock when I was about 13. It was you that inspired me to play bass and have used Rics until recently and now at 60 have moved over to Vigier Excess. I did use tc electronics but now use MarkBass.
    I just wanted to thank you for your influence from all those years ago which still continues today. I recently saw you in Cardiff. Your still one of the most solid bass players out there. I live in Llanelli, any time your this way the kettle is on and there’s usually a biscuit to be had.

  37. Kakhaber wrote on 2017-12-06:

    Mr. Glover !
    I, your long time fan of Georgia. You do not be able to send me disc ” Infinite “?
    My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. 1400 Gori, Georgia.
    Kakhaber Saralidze.
    Kakhaber Saralidze .

  38. bill morgan wrote on 2017-11-21:

    Hi Roger,
    Here’s a blast from the past – well 1961 to be precise! I was in the 4th year at Harrow County the same time as you and I could send you the form photos if you haven’t seen them.
    I spent my time with the Army cadets and you joined the RAF so our paths diverged but we used to come to all the Madisons and Lightnings gigs.
    My son has bought us tickets to your show at the O2 on Thursday and we’re staying in Greenwich that night and I’d love to buy you a drink Thursday or Friday to celebrate your birthday at the end of the month and to congratulate you on a fantastic career.
    Best wishes,

    Bill Morgan

    • RG wrote on 2017-12-16:

      Hi Bill, 1961 is several lifetimes ago, you probably remember more than I. In any case, I hope you enjoyed the O2 gig. We did.
      Good luck, RG

  39. Mark Warner wrote on 2017-11-11:

    Do you have any idea whatever happened to Jeffrey Levinson? Lost contact with him years ago when he moved to Baton Rouge with Better Than Ezra. Thanks.

    • Etienne Auvillain wrote on 2017-11-27:

      Hi Roger,
      My mother passed away recently, in Paris. When she was younger (I was a teenager back then), she heard “Love is All” on the radio for the first time and immediately said “oh this song is marvelous, I want it played for my funeral”. I never forgot this…
      So, when my brothers and I were carrying the coffin out of the church, this fantastic joyful and bigger-than-life song was played full blast.

      She must have been so happy and proud up there.

      Thanks for this, and for all the rest.

    • RG wrote on 2017-12-16:

      I have no idea of the whereabouts of Jeffry Levinson. Or even that he was involved with Better Than Ezra. RG

    • RG wrote on 2018-05-15:

      Hi Mark,
      I knew Jeffrey well from the 70s, but have not spoken to him for decades.
      Good luck,

  40. Andreas wrote on 2017-10-26:

    Hi Roger,
    may be you remember meeting on Monti bar, Albert’s event. It was a great pleasure for Adrian and me to talk a bit with you. Hope, we see you again on “the streets of Monti” at your hometown. For this, we always have our guitars with us, to get the chance, you sign it😊
    Good Luck for you and your family

  41. Andy Pandos wrote on 2017-09-16:

    Hey Roger! Back in April 1973, I saw Deep Purple in Salt Lake City and the music was terrific – but the most amazing bit was the opening song (Highway Star I think) and your strap came off right at the start and you had to play that entire song standing on one foot while balancing your bass on the other knee. You didn’t miss a note!

  42. Adrian Brown wrote on 2017-09-01:

    Hey Roger!!! When I was 12 my dad took me to see Deep Purple live in Calgary and my gosh it was the most fascinating experience of my life! You guys were and still are incredible!! I cant believe I actually saw you guys, your music is impeccable. To make the show even better, my dad bought us forth row tickets and you and Steve were trying to throw me guitar picks! Luckily and happily I got yours! I am so thankful for that… best moment of my life. I would just like to formally thank you the gift, Roger:)


  43. Gary Landry wrote on 2017-08-23:

    Hi Roger!Have loved this band present and past for the better part of 35 years.Love the last two DP albums!Was really excited to see on your European stretch performing 4 songs from Infinite.Sad two see you have dropped two of those songs.Wish North America would play more of the Morse era of music.The band would garner a whole new audience.Looking forward to your Toronto appearance and hoping the band would reconsider the set list and include Johnny’s Band and my favorite Birds of Prey.Rock On!DP forever!

  44. Tore Snerting wrote on 2017-08-09:


    I, my brother, and my sister have a little wish we would like your help with. It is for our fathers 60th birthday. He will be celebrating it on August 19th, this year. But first a little back story.
    30 years ago, you were playing a concert in Oslo, Norway. The day before the concert, some of you met a group of people on a pub called Stravinsky in Oslo. These were my fathers friends, but my father was not there. Amongst them was Bjørn Anskar and Snorre F, wich I believe you connected with the most. The reason our father was not there, was because my mother was pregnant, and had to go back to the hotel. He didn’t really have a choice, so he also went back to the hotel. When he heard the whoule group sat down with his favourite band of all time, well, he’s still not over it.
    They have since seen you at Hell Blues Festival, and Steinkjerfestivalen. At Steinkjerfestivalen, Bjørn and his wife Toril, was invited back stage by Roger Glover.
    Our wish is, if the band would do us the favour of sending a video message to our father, wishing him a happy birthday. His name is Roar.It would mean the world to him, and it may even be the first time we would ever seen him cry.

    Tore, Truls and Trine Snerting

    • RG wrote on 2017-08-20:

      Yes, I remember that evening at the Stravinsky, meeting lovely people. I’m sorry your father couldn’t have been there. So, I’d like to wish Roar a very happy birthday.
      Good luck, RG

  45. jeff wrote on 2017-07-26:

    Recently there was a Pledge Campaign for Butterfly which may have been run by the films director. I asked a question about what was called the Directors re-edit of the film hoping to hear that it was the live footage without the fantasy sequences. Do you happen to know if this is what the new edit is? Seems a shame that they wouldn’t clarify because I’m sure there would be more enthusiasm for the live music footage.

    • RG wrote on 2017-08-20:

      The Butterly Ball DVD reissue was attempted without permission and should not have been advertised. I have no connection with it. It has been stopped. People sending money should, I hope, be getting a refund. There are other plans in the works for the Ball.

  46. rolfe sagen wrote on 2017-07-26:

    Generally , with the new highpresision loudspeakers for Everyone , DALI/NAD , f.ex. , we all understand the increasing importance of a firm baseline. Speed King is my favorite in this respect , the song is lifted to a higher level of these underlying fundamental notelines ….play it loud (without equalizer…)

  47. Brian B wrote on 2017-07-20:

    who do you support in the darts?
    who would win in a DP dart tourny?

    I’ve been pulling for Chizzy–I mean, besides Barney of course.

  48. Kakhaber wrote on 2017-07-15:

    Mr. Glover !
    I, your long time fan of Georgia. You do not be able to send me your autograph ?
    My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. 1400 Gori, Georgia.
    Kakhaber Saralidze.
    Kakhaber Saralidze .

  49. riccardo nori wrote on 2017-06-25:

    Hi Roger, I was in Rome on 23 june: you’re always the best… I’m looking forward for your next gig in Italy… italians are always ready for DEEP PURPLE

  50. Giorgio wrote on 2017-06-23:

    Hi Mr. Glover!
    I write from Italy.
    I’m the nephew of her sister Tina, my aunt.
    I’m a Fan, and I love the songs Smoke on the water and Child in time.
    I am proud to know that you are the uncle of my cousins, Marco and Fina.
    At the moment I know you are in Italy, and I hope you come to Palermo in the future.
    You are a myth of world music!
    I hope you answer me,
    Greetings from Giorgio Alagna.

  51. Heidi Wilhelm wrote on 2017-06-21:

    Hello Roger! I am your “old friend” Heidi from the Meet and Greet in Frankfurt and the event in Duesseldorf. I would like to tell you that it was a pleasure to meet you and that I enjoyed very much the concerts in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. I find the Infinite album great and was glad to listen to some of the songs live! I was not sure how the slower songs The Surprise and Birds of Prey would fit into a live gig but in fact they were breathtaking moments! Thank you for the music. See you again in Helsinki in November!

  52. Shirley Meadows wrote on 2017-06-15:

    Dear Mr. Glover,
    I like to tell you how beautifull it is to watch you on stage. With your Eyes closed so deeply into the music. It is very spirtual, very soulfull. You transport the Music on a very special Way. I thank you for decades of Joy and Happiness you brought with your Music and yes for Deep Purple. I also thank you for the Meet and Greet in Leipzig. Very Special Moment. I wish you all the best. Stay strong and healthy. After the last Days i saw the Concerts i can not get this sad feeling out of my Head but i will bravly looking forward for more Art of Music from you. Take Care

  53. Elke wrote on 2017-06-14:

    Hi Roger, good morning! Thank you so much for the meet&greet yesterday in Berlin. Me and my husband enjoyed every moment and the awsome show/concert/gig afterwards. I think your German words sound good so far :-). Love and best regards from Elke

  54. Marcello D'Agostino wrote on 2017-06-13:

    Hi Roger, my apologies to use this space dedicated to your beautiful creatures, I hope you may be read my message, please! I sent you a old-style personal letter about a dream of my little son (and me). It was received by Miss Jenny on March 15th at Thames Talent Ltd Office in the US. I sent another copy for you into Sally Day email also some months ago (she gave me the possibility to consign it to you). It’s very important for me if you read it before the Show in Roma on 22th June. I think you’ve not read it yet. I thank you very much for your patience. All the best, Marcello D’Agostino from Palermo Italia

    • Marcello D'Agostino wrote on 2017-06-13:

      My comment under was for “SKETCHBOOK PAGES” space….My apologies

  55. Chriscyco77 wrote on 2017-06-05:

    Hi Roger,

    Before to ask my question. First a Great thank you for the Meet & Greet in Paris last saturday night.
    Thank a lot for came before the meet to see us and talk with us where we were wainting.
    During the Meet & Greet, I was so impressed et french time was running out. So I would like to say it again here :
    Roger thank you for every end of show where you take time to shake hands with us on first rows. Thank for the pleasure you take on stage.
    I belong to a french communauty fan and you must know that we absolutely love the new songs you put on stage. Birds of Prey, The Surprising, Uncommon Man are just magic.
    Even I know you must put oldies for people who want to hear them.
    Thank you to contribute to a new area in the history of the band with these two last magic albums.
    But, my question is about you.
    Do you think you will find the time to make another Guilty Party ?
    If Deep Purple make break or end, do you think to carry on your own way ?

    This will be so cool

    Best regards
    Have goods shows on The Long Goodbye Tour and be sure I will follow you


  56. Karsten Haselanger wrote on 2017-05-29:

    Hello Mr. Glover ,
    are you interested to met Pyros longtime
    best friend Gisela Eisinger ( I don`t know , if you remember : she makes you the present of the book ” the seagull Jonathan ” ) when you are in Frankfurt at the 10th of July ?
    Not at the concert – she always said : let me kept them in my mind as they where . . .
    You`re welcome , please let me know ?
    Yours faithfully , Karsten Haselwanger

  57. Bartek Capała wrote on 2017-05-22:

    Hi Deep Purple,
    I am Bart and I from Poland. I will on your concert in may in Łódź (05.23.2017) . I have a supplicationfor you. My father will be have a birthday on this day. During concert say “and now we will play the song for Pawel Capała on the occasion of his forties birthday”. For him this is very important day. He bought a for himself motorcycle and he is very father love’s your band and music since he was teenager. J have a big hope you fulfill my wish. If you do this he will be very rapturous.
    Thanks a lot ,

    • glover wrote on 2017-05-23:

      Hi Bart,
      Sorry, no chance we can mention your father, but I wish Pawel a happy 40th birthday anyway.

      Good luck, RG

  58. Tony wrote on 2017-05-10:

    Just treated myself to getting an original copy of Episode Six’s single (and Roger’s song)
    ‘I can see through you’.

    I think it’s great – very creative and enjoyable and a brilliant spirit of the age. Something I read notes it may have influenced the Who and Tommy.

  59. Jonathan Edwards wrote on 2017-04-22:

    Hey Roger,

    My dad and I are quite big fans of the Mark 1/2/3 formations of Deep Purple. I’ve always wondered, what was Son of Alerik about? Also, what prompted the band to play it and what inspired it? It’s such an amazing piece but there isn’t much material about it that I can find.

    • RG wrote on 2017-08-20:

      Son of Alerik was a jam recorded when we were making Perfect Strangers. It’s not ‘about’ anything, just a piece of fun.

  60. Dirkh Berthold wrote on 2017-04-20:

    Hi Roger.

    Today, I have received the signed CD from Hanns Hanneken.

    Thank you for that!

    Successful CD and Super DVD.

    Greetings Dirkh

  61. riccardo nori wrote on 2017-03-10:

    Hello Roger, I’m Riccardo from Teramo (a small city of Abruzzi, Italy).
    I love rock music. Since I was a child I have always loved Deep Purple, Queen and Rory Gallagher. I’m writing you because I’m working on a literary project about Rory Gallagher. It’s not an official biography, it’s just my little tribute to him. In 2016 I published a novel (“The last bard song”), a thriller where four guys go to Ireland on Rory trails, across the wonderful “Emerald Isle”. The trip starts from Dublin, by car, then they go to Ballyshannon for “The Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival”. They go to the historical points where he’s remembered, like the commemorative plaque at the hospital where he was born. Finally Cork, and then they come back to Dublin to leave for Italy.
    I know you were friends, so I wish you could tell me about him and, maybe, give me some photos with him. I’ll see you in Rome on June 22th at Palalottomatica: THE LEGENDS NEVER DIE. Goodbye and tank you for your attention. I hope to hear from you.

  62. Aleksey Gulyamov wrote on 2017-01-17:

    Dear Roger,
    All my childhood thru adult life i have been learning bass from listening to you. Thank you so much for giving me the solid foundation and confidence. Now I have a very personal question: what brand of sports shoes do you wear on the stage these days that makes it feel grove and comfortable? I wish i could somehow meet you!!! I live in Nashville, TN, from Moscow, Russia.

  63. Olaf Dausch wrote on 2016-12-23:

    Hi Roger,

    just wanted to thank you and your bandmates for 18 amazing concerts since I first saw you in 1985.
    Last year on my 50th birthday I saw you in Munich together with my wife and my 2 daughters. A once in a lifetime experience- not only because of the birthday-hihi.
    Tickets for next year are already on my desk.

    Have a merry Christmas and all the best for 2017.

    Olaf Dausch

  64. barry mitchell wrote on 2016-12-20:


    any chance of a fans favourites tour after the current on behind the upcoming album?

    shud be a doddle to do through dp website

    fans vote for three tracks only

    no hs or cit or sotw or bn..they are a given

    me i’d go …
    our lady
    no no no
    bananas track two


  65. barry mitchell wrote on 2016-12-20:


    presume upcoming tour will be behind the new album and rightly so…
    but, before you all fall apart or quit….can you please do a fans request tour…
    should be easy to sort out by having a vote via the bands website – say, fans top three choices ….

    start with highway star [as a given]
    [stipulate no child in time]
    and finish with smoke + apres vous [inc organ/guitar battle] and black night for encores….then everything in between is by votes cast [playing order by dp]
    my votes wud go 2
    Our Lady
    and Bananas track two [title has slipped mi mind at mo!]


  66. Anabella Sanchez wrote on 2016-12-03:

    Hello, My name is Anabella, a fan from Argentina.
    I would like to know if you already planned a tour around South America.
    If it is so, it would be amazing if you could play in TEATRO COLOn (a historial Argentinian building).
    We are in touch with the Bs.As city goverment to organized this last tour show.

    Kiss Anabella

  67. noah wrote on 2016-11-30:

    happy birthday

  68. Wojtas wrote on 2016-10-21:

    Hi Roger!

    I have a question for you. Is it true that the next Deep Purple album will be released in the spring of 2017??


  69. Tony wrote on 2016-08-04:


    I wonder if Roger had any problems with sound on stage or studio wireless or cable? I’ve managed to find some great upgrades for my guitar setup using products called Cream instrument cable and TurboTone speaker cable both of which improved my sound no end.

  70. Michel wrote on 2016-07-07:

    Good evening dear Roger,

    In 1973 I received an album for my birthday. It was gold with a picture of a band on stage with the inscription “Made in Japan”. I was 13 and for the first time I heard the guitar man with his black hat. This disc has accompanied me throughout my adolescence in moments of joy and sadness as a faithful companion. I always have it, with small scratches but the music is still beautiful. I read on your website that the signings was not what excites you the most and I understand it. I will be in Montreux on 16th of july your concert to the 50 years of the festival, hoping that nothing burned this time, excepting sparks of emotion in the eyes of those who will listen you. If you see in Montreux before or after the concert, a gray-haired man with his hand in the album “Made in Japan” and will take the time to dedicate it to him he will be grateful and touched. I do not know if in Montreux there is a bar where are the artists going after the concert but if there’s one I’ll be there.

    Hoping to see you in Montreux …

    Best regards and full succcès for your European tour.


  71. Lars Johnson wrote on 2016-07-05:

    Hello again. It was really nice to see and meet you at Liseberg Gothenburg concert 1 july 2016 and also for nice conversation at the hotel afterwards. Anyway, a long story short; the bottle of rum 1961 has its own story and its too long to mention in this forum. Stay in touch / reply for more info.

  72. barry mitchell wrote on 2016-06-06:

    getting antsi now –
    have you and ian finishd the lyrics yet?
    ((I suppose i’ll have to comfort myself that at some point during rehearsals/messing about DP might return the complement and record a demo of ian gillans ‘let it slide’ which I believe you produced way back in 1976 (?). still one of my favourite ‘sides’ of vynal – coupled with the mellow version of ‘child in time’.))
    hurry up can’t you!
    at least give us an update.
    ps – please please please don’t let anyone clip any of ian paices classic outro fills.

  73. Michael Conrad wrote on 2016-06-01:

    Please tour. With the Guilty Party. Stand Together and Don’t Look Now are great jams.

    I haven’t seen you since the DP tour in 1991 or so. Give it a go!

  74. Maggie Partington Smith wrote on 2016-05-30:

    Hello Roger, just to say I have brief but happy memories of you at Hornsey. Some of our gang are still in touch having weathered the many storms of life. 70 sure seems an astonishing number, where did the time go? Well done you for making such a success of your life. Loyal hugs


    • RG wrote on 2017-08-20:

      Hi Maggie, thanks for the message. Memories of Hornsey are faded and few but it was an important time for me. You’re the first person to be in touch from those years. Good luck, RG

  75. Brent James wrote on 2016-05-29:

    HI Roger

    Madly trying to find out who the contact owner is re-licensing master rights for “Love Is All”…..big hit here in Australia. This is for a planned compilation of 70s stuff for a major label here. Thought it may be Universal, then again maybe not. Cheers BJ

  76. JK wrote on 2016-05-25:

    Hi Roger,

    I’m a big Fan of your work with DP and of course of your Solo records.
    Well, Mickey Lee Soule worked as your tech for a long time, but then he retired. I think you worked with Skoots Lyndon then, now I heard some people saying Mickey Lee Soule would be back…
    Is that true?


    • RG wrote on 2016-06-07:

      Yes, my old friend Mickey Lee Soule is back.

    • RG wrote on 2017-08-20:

      Yes, he’s back.

  77. Gabriel KEVERS wrote on 2016-05-08:

    Hello Sir Roger Glover,

    I wanted to download your video “Love Is All” and the deposit on my media support, I guarantee that it will not be used in commercial purpose.
    do you give me permission?

    a big thank you in advance

    Gabriel KEVERS
    PS: your clip is too great, when I was younger, I listened repeatedly;-)

  78. benjamin wrote on 2015-12-25:

    congrats on going in the hall its about damn time

    • John Tait wrote on 2016-04-19:

      Dear Roger,

      Hello, John Tait from Delaware here. After 2 yrs, we put together a DP tribute called FIREBALL ( the guys from the one of the same name in Italy and Germany seem like nice folks). 1st, thank you for all of the high quality real music from the 60s onward. . Question time; Were they Marshall Major amps you used in 1970-1973? Can’t tell which Marshall heads they were by the vids.

      • RG wrote on 2016-06-02:

        Thanks man !

  79. Tom wrote on 2015-12-20:

    Are there any plans of doing a vinyl release of Abandon?

    • RG wrote on 2016-03-18:

      I have no idea, just a musician. I’ve even forgotten which record company controls that.
      Good luck,


  80. Igor Shilin wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger!
    Perpetuum mobile for all Deep Purple Marks and restless Speed King!
    Your numerous Moscow fans wish you good luck!
    Thank you for the music!
    God bless you!

  81. Dmitry Len wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Dear Roger !

    My congratulations with your 70th anniversary !
    I wish you God’s blessing, consequently, strong health and peace of mind !
    I am prepared to listen to your music for another 70 years !

    Dmitry Len, Moscow

    • hervé wrote on 2015-12-01:

      Hi Roger

      I sang happy birthday yesterday in Lyon, and I was really impressed by the energy of your set. Makes me hope that I can keep playing my own Vigier for another 16 years 🙂
      Thanks for all

  82. Jens Bacher wrote on 2015-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger 🙂

    Best Wishes

  83. barry mitcheell wrote on 2015-11-24:

    any chance of slipping some tracks that didn’t make it onto deep purple albums into live set
    always was kinda fond of tracks that nearly got away
    cry free, slow train, WABMC, painted horse, not responsible, don’t hold me back, things I NEVER SAID, 1st sign of madness

  84. Robert Triblis wrote on 2015-11-06:

    Hello . My name is Robert Triblis ( 55 ) and I am from Latvia . Icollecting singer and band members autographs . I would like to get your( Roger Glover ) and Deep Purple members autographs . Or there is a possibility and if so, how can you do this? And how much does it cost ? Thanks and wish You – nice evening . Best wishes Robert ( Latvia )

    • andreas Post authorwrote on 2015-11-07:

      Hi Robert,
      please have a look at the FAQ of the Bass Player’s Questiontime, section “Signed photographs”.

  85. Robert Agnello wrote on 2015-10-20:

    Hi Roger,

    listening to “In Rock”. It is the height of your powers!

    How much mixing was done for this release?
    Who mixed the album?

    In the top 3 shows…of my life it was Deep Purple, at Empire Dragways Sept 4th, 1972 in Western NY.

    Not sure if it was the end of “American Tour” as made in Japan was later released.

    Is there any available audio of this show archived that I could get access to? You folks were in good company that day with the likes of Nazareth, Buddy Miles Express, and Fleetwood Mac (Pre Stevie Knicks).

    Robie Agnello

  86. gianluigi scanzi wrote on 2015-10-18:

    Hey, good evening, how are You?!… I’m Gianluigi, an italian “great” fan…
    Sorry, this is about DP concerts songs set-list necessary changes!…
    I’m a SUPER-SUPPORTER, I’ve been at DP concerts in Italy more than 20 times since ’93… GREAT!!, You have been, are & will always be the best, but now for the italian dates PLEASE, PLEASE CHANGE A LITTLE THE SETLIST, ESPECIALLY FOR THE ENCORES!!! It’s a pity You don’t play a lot of incredible songs especially from the more recents album… Please, do it!!! Thanks, see U in Milan… Gianluigi Scanzi

  87. René Lussmann wrote on 2015-10-15:

    Good morning

    My friend and me are great fans of Deep Purple. We go to the concert of Deep purple the 9.11.2015 at Zürich. My friend has birthday(50years) the 29.12.2015. Now i want to ask, if you can organize a meeting backstage at Zürich?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Sorry my english is ….

    • andreas Post authorwrote on 2015-10-16:

      René, please have a look at the “Bass Players Frequently Asked Questions“, section “Backstage Guest List” which reads:

      I cannot put anyone on the backstage guest list or make arrangements to meet anyone, no matter how much they flatter me.

    • Gill lewis wrote on 2015-12-01:


  88. philip earle wrote on 2015-09-30:

    I hope Roger Glover will read this. I am listening to the DP album ‘In Rock’. I see there is an uncut version of Black Night.
    Did DP ever record an uncut version of the song Fireball and if so, is it available? There is an instrumental version of Fireball, but this is not the same as an uncut version of the song.

  89. barry mitchell wrote on 2015-09-18:

    great to hear you guys will soon be back in the studio!
    if the results are up to the standard set last time out we’ll all be happy
    pass a message onto little ian – cut loose n turn y’self up mate!!
    all d’best baz
    PS – still [pleasantly] surprised when ya solo stuff pops up on mi pod!

  90. Mark James wrote on 2015-09-14:

    Hi Roger,

    I have finally persuaded my partner to agree to a few days in Montreux, staying at the Grand Hotel, for obvious reasons !
    Unfortunately there seems to be conflicting views online as to which is THE hotel.
    I’d be grateful if you would confirm which hotel is the Grand.
    Thanks for all the fantatic music.

    Hwyl Fawr,

    Mark James, Llanelli

    • RG wrote on 2015-09-15:

      The Grand Hotel that we recorded in no longer exists, it is now all apartments. RG

      • Mark James wrote on 2015-09-15:


        Many thanks, look forward to your next album and tour.



  91. Jon C wrote on 2015-08-28:

    Thank you for coming to Wichita, KS on your “Now What?!” tour. I am so glad that I finally got to see you guys in concert…and in the U.S. of all places. I hope you keep it up and come back. The latest album is great.

    I was also wondering if there was any truth to RB comments on reforming Rainbow for a 2-3 night concert tour…and if he had talked to you.

    Cheers, Jon

  92. Boe Lucie wrote on 2015-07-08:

    Bonjour admirable Roger

    Je serai à votre concert le 11 novembre prochain au Zénith à paris , et j’espère que vous acceptez ,vous et le groupe de me recevoir au bar des artistes après le concert , bien sûr si cela est possible, car la dernière fois j’ai eu l’immense joie de vous rencontrer mais je n’ai pu rencontrer tout le groupe,j’espère que ce n’est pas trop vous demander , d’avance merci de me donner une réponse.
    si vous permettez je vous embrasse en attendant
    Lucie, fan depuis toujours .

  93. Rich wrote on 2015-07-06:

    hi Roger
    Was just watching the 2014 Jon Lord concert at Albert Hall. I’ve been listening to your music for 4 decades… just wanted to send you my very best wishes 🙂

    • Moko W. Cwiklinski wrote on 2015-07-17:

      You do not remember me, tho I will never forget you and the entire Deep Purple band, but I did stage door security for Harvey and Corky for the Aud in Buffalo New York.

      You guys are, and will always be, awesome to me. I miss Jon Lord, as I am sure you do far more then I can imagine. Funny but I have always felt you were the linch pin that brought the band back together from ‘Perfect Strangers’ to today. For that I thank you.

      From 1969 to today Deep Purple has been my favorite band, and you sir my favorite arranger and bass player.

      Many more good years to you sir, and please, please, pass my condolences to all the band members on Jon Lords passing. He will be missed by all of us.

      Hard Road Wring Your Neck.


  94. Bryn Keytanjian wrote on 2015-07-01:

    Dear Roger,

    You might remember me, I know you meet a myriad of people. I met you on August 26, 2014 at Westbury on Long Island. My name was Bryn which coincidently was partly the same name as the farm you were born at: Brynllicci Farm. I told you that meeting you was one of the highlights of my life. Then in response you kissed me on the cheek which I didn’t expect at all. I am usually invisible to people, especially men. People only pay attention to me when they want me to do something for them, because I am so competent. To this day I really meant what I said. I think about our encounter everyday and it puts a smile on my face. It is not obsession by no means. It is inspiration to live and a source of joy for my life.

    Actually I travelled from Philadelphia to catch the concert, as there were no show near me. Initially I was deeply disappointed because I thought I would miss your tour. But then I realized you had a gig on Long Island, and then I remembered I have a very dear friend who lives in Long Island who I could stay with and could drive me to the concert. Also I could purchase his ticket as a birthday present. It was a cunning plan!

    I want you to know that, God willing, I will see you again, at the same place, on July 26, actually 11 months from the last time. This will be another highlight moment in my life. I can think of maybe under 10 moments: Winning the English Department Prize in College, graduating from College, graduating from graduate school, meeting Kevin Spacey, meeting Richard Langham (Sp?) the engineer who worked with the Beatles on their first 2 albums and Rolling Stone writer Anthony DeCurtis. But most of these highlights were personal achievements.

    But meeting you was the most sublime moment. More sublime than meeting my other favorite Pete Townshend which was only for a quick book signing.

    So I just wanted to give you a heads up and tell you that I meant what I said. I delayed writing before, because I didn’t think my words would matter, but thought I try.


    (Ms.) Bryn Keytanjian

  95. Marcello D'Agostino wrote on 2015-06-19:

    Hello Roger, I’m Marcello from Italy, I’ve sent you a letter to Thames Talent ltd 101 – 1720 Post Rd E Westport CT 06880 USA (address from you website) but it’s stopped since 05/21/2015 in New York Postal Office. It’ s very important for me you read it because It’s a request of a dad. Is the address changed? I send it again on the correct you give me. There is another way to write you a personal message? Can you help me? I thank you very much. All the best. Marcello

  96. Shayn wrote on 2015-06-14:

    Hello there,
    You have always been our idol and we love you immensely. Is it possible to send you a demo to consider producing for a New Band? If yes, please advise what to do! Our situation is very unique and we are in Iran! Cant do anything from here as a Rock Blues Band, otherwise we’d get in regrettable troubles 🙂 If you know what I mean! I’m even taking a risk writing you this, but better try than die with our songs in our hearts 🙂 Could you at least listen to our Music and let us know what you think? That would mean a great deal, because You, listening to even one of our songs would mean the world to us 🙂

  97. Flavio wrote on 2015-06-09:

    Dear Roger,
    recently I had a great privilege of opening your show with my band in Juarez. Since we came all the way from Poland the whole experience was even more special to us. I would like to thank you for this amazing opportunity and the possibility to enjoy your two shows on an entirely different level than normally. I wish I could’ve done this personally, but I understand and respect your privacy and the way it was organised from security’s point of view. Once again, thank you, you’re one of my greatest inspirations both as a bass player and person (judging from interviews and writings). I wish you many more successes and great shows like the last two.
    All the best,

  98. Bobbers wrote on 2015-05-27:

    In 96 when you where on tour [Spike,s] Older brother and i came back to his camaro shop after having lunch at Bubbalous bodacious bbq where i had consumed a full bottle of there killer suace .Ricky cranked up The best tune to this day i have heard by anyone it was done by you. As i sat in a joyfull bliss in ricks office day dreaming what it must be like to be on the tour with you as mike was. Truly sir your are a master at your craft. And i will always be a fan. Thank You .

  99. Noe Nunez wrote on 2015-05-22:

    Weeeeelcome to Mexico! Hi Roger, is great to see that this “mexican tour” is going to reach places deep purple has never been to and thousands of fans will get to see the band for the first time VIVA DEEP PURPLE ! Noe Nunez

  100. Thomas wrote on 2015-04-20:

    Dear Roger,
    I just want to thank you for your music and your bass-playing. It was you in the early 80`s to let me want to be a bass player. Ok, it needed until the 90´s….but I´m playing the bass.
    I love the sound of your vigier bass, but please do me a favour: when you play with Deep Purple this year in Oberhausen, Germany, please use your Rickenbacker, too.

  101. Annabel Ince wrote on 2015-03-18:

    Hi Roger, I don’t suppose you will get this message. I read somewhere that Roger Glover was dead, and I freaked a bit. When you came to Jersey to visit with lesley, I thought you were really a good person and a friendship was formed. I am sorry that things didnt work out between you two, but I see that you (perhaps) ((or maybe it’s another roger glover)) live in France. So do I. I live in the Bearn region, and I would very much like to see you again. How do you ever get in touch with old friends? It must be such a lonely life. At least I can say no, and be a reclusive whenever I wish, which is most of the time. Bye for now. Annabel Ince (Salies de Bearn)

  102. Marco Ceritano wrote on 2015-03-07:

    Hello Roger,
    First, sorry for my bad English, but I’m Italian. I’m a huge fan of Deep Purple and I love to listen to your music on my vintage hi fi sistem. So, I have a strange question for you: it is possible to buy copies of Purple albums on 2 tracks 15ips reel to reel tape? I dont know if this type of question can I turn to the record company. Tank you.

  103. Michael Krikorian wrote on 2015-02-17:

    Dear Mr. Glover,

    I am inquiring as to whether you would be interested in writing your autobiography. I have worked with and am working with many in rock and roll on the creations of their memoirs and would love a chance to work with you.

    Currently in release… And Speaking of Scorpions… Which is the autobiography of Herman Ze German Rarebell of the Scorpions.

    In productions and due out this year are autobiographies with Tommy Roe and the Yardbirds’ Jim McCarty.

    Obviously your story is one that people surely will want to read. My criteria is very simple for those I work with. First I have to like the music you have been a part of creating. Second, I don’t write “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” or other cliches. The focus is on the spirit of a life and having fun with the story.

    If this is of interest, please let me know as I would truly be honored to have a chance to work with you.

    Best regards,

    Michael Krikorian

  104. Jozef Stefurik wrote on 2015-01-12:

    Hello Roger Glover,
    you are the best guitar player all of the times. On the 27-th of January in 2015 will be 28 years since I have been first time on the concert of Deep Purple in Budapest. Today /12-th of January/ is 28 years since you published album House of blue light. Roger you are diplomat par excellence. Gillan said about you, John Lord and Ian Paice – you are good food on the dish. Himself and Blackmore were knife and fork. You and myself have met at the hotel Inn in Brno on the 22-nd of February 2006. You are still perfect. I am looking for your concert in Ostrava on the 27-th of October 2015. Roger, I have one question for you: I wrote an email letter to Gillan on the 30-th of January 2014 / Steve Campbell has answered to me, but Gillan not. And I know, Ian usually will answer on letters. You are both fair gentlemans. Could you please give me answer? God bless you in New Year 2015! Jozef Stefurik, best fan of Deep Purple!

  105. Jan de Bie wrote on 2015-01-08:

    Dear Roger,
    Happy new year!
    Short and sweet…
    Not sure if this is the right medium, but do you conduct weddings?
    Kind regards,

  106. luigi garofalo wrote on 2015-01-04:

    I’m sorry I added a sentence under the previous message

    Hello Mr. Glover (sorry for my english)
    how are you?
    definitely well
    As already mentioned on the site of Deep Purple
    seen as stated by Ian Gillan that the rock and roll of fame is an American movie and saw that other bands that “are not to your height” are included in this American movie would recommend not to participate (when you will be allowed) to the ceremony as already did the Sex Pistols
    You will enter in the history for that too
    Also in the next album try to be more hard rock
    I cordially greet

  107. Dave Dent wrote on 2014-12-23:

    G’day again Roger. Great to see the picture of you in the Morter board and bright gown, very flash, and great that you have been recognized by the University of South Wales. You are an amazing performer and artist but also a real nice bloke as we say in Aussie. Rosemary and I wish you and the family a happy Christmas. See you soon.

  108. Boé Lucie wrote on 2014-12-01:

    Bonjour Cher Roger ,

    Hier j’étais absente et donc je viens vous souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire ( même en retard ), je vous embrasse ,avec l’espoir de pouvoir vous rencontrer le 11 / 11 2015 au zénith de Paris . prenez soin de vous et saluez tout le groupe pour moi , à bientôt.
    Lucie Boé

  109. Dave Dent wrote on 2014-11-28:

    Hop, e you had a good tour in South America, was talking with Steve Morse prior to him going down there, had his hands full mowing grass, want to wish you a very happy birthday on Sunday. Will play some of your CDs on the local Community radio Sunday Sydney time @MCR hope to see you guys again , take care, Dave Dent

  110. Rosemary Stimpson wrote on 2014-11-25:

    Hi – my son, Dan Stimpson, has been brought up to appreciate Deep Purple, and came with us several times to see you. He still has the plectrum that you threw to him, a young teenager, when we stood at the front of the gig at Leicester during your Perpendicular tour. Dan now plays bass in the Lucks Lane band. Kind regards, and thank you for your influence. Rosemary Stimpson

  111. Alexandra Arutcheva wrote on 2014-11-04:

    Hello Mr. Glover! I live in Samara, Russia. I’m fan of Deep Purple. I think you are a great rock musician and wonderful painter. I’m 14 years old and I really love rock music. I finished the music school for the piano and now I learn to play the balalaika. That is an amazing Russian national musical instrument. I hope to see Deep Purple in Samara.
    I wish you good luck and inspiration

  112. Bryan Elliott wrote on 2014-10-06:

    Can I apologise for not realising how talented you are. I was a guitarist a very long time ago and could only hear Ritchie in Deep Purple. I watched a documentary on DP tonight and then revisited Machine Head. I now realise how brilliant you are.

  113. Pasquale wrote on 2014-09-19:

    hi mr Roger.
    i live in Italy i must admit that im new to rock music im mostly into hip-hop but my girlfriend she is probably your biggest fan in the whole city. Im writing on behalf of her to make her happy, she thinks DP are the best and has almost every album you’ve made she also went two months ago to your concert here in Torino and i’ve never seen her so happy . She likes to play the bass guitar and the violin , she is always practicing your songs to become a better bassist and i enjoy listening to her, and she always makes me listen to your songs and i gladly do it. The problem is she has low self esteem when she really is a vey unique person and i think that hearing it form you would make her very happy, i know it is almost impossible but if you could reply to this she would be very happy to har from you at least this once she really sees you as a model and i think its cool that she looks forward from such a talented person.
    Thanks a lot for your time

  114. Ed Rafferty wrote on 2014-08-31:

    Roger, Thanks for a great performance Friday in Biloxi, Mississippi, The basses you use are gorgeous and your tone was clear from the rail on the front row where I stood. Seeing you and the band for the first time was a dream come true, ive been a follower since 68.. cheers! Ed

  115. Boé Lucie wrote on 2014-07-07:

    Bonjour Roger,

    Nous nous sommes vus en Octobre dernier au Zénith de Paris ,ou vous avez eu l’extrême gentillesse de me signer mon 33 tour et accepté de de vous laisser photographier avec moi; je reviens vous écouter avec mon petit fils à Saint Julien en Genevois le 20 juillet et j’aimerais savoir si vous accepteriez de lui dédicacer un des trois cd que je lui ai offert , il serait super heureux de rencontrer tout le groupe bien sur et moi aussi bien entendu,mais comment faire pour vous approcher ,s’il vous plait , y a t il une démarche particulière, d’avance merci de bien vouloir me répondre

  116. Orville Davis/HYDRA wrote on 2014-06-19:

    Hi Roger, may not remember me, but just a quick hello and still listening to your great playing.

  117. Joe Jammer wrote on 2014-05-29:

    Joe Jammer here…living and gigging in London. Where are you in the world, Bro? I am listening to The Mask and the memories of my 20 years in Montreal…Le Studio! Morin Heights…If you ever want a chat…(or a guitarist!) I can be reached at 0208-286-6538. I listen to the tracks, and I only smile! I hope you are well. It was great to work with you.
    All the best,
    Joe Jammer

  118. Javier wrote on 2014-05-12:

    Hi Roger, Being a member of CADP (club of Spanish fans of Deep Purple), having a family member with an art gallery and seeing news of Ronnie Wood and Paul Stanley on his painting, asked the CADP if there was a musician associated with Deep Purple to paint and so I’ve come to the website.

    Your painting is very varied, I suppose it’s due to not being able to paint as often as you wanted.

    Anyway if ever, you surje the opportunity to expose some picture and raise money for a charity in Spain, do not hesitate to contact me through the mail from where I write.

  119. Tom wrote on 2014-04-21:

    1987 Paris… deep purple concert…. best good…i only in video look for, but good… only 1 “reklamation” “humor” speed king? havent speed king… and child off time…. originalle formation Blackmore, Lord, Glover, Gilen, Space best off..

  120. Tom wrote on 2014-04-21:

    Mr. Glover… deep purple, Rainbow, 1 carrier and Blackmore… big carrier, im world, first sound deep purle, and Raibbow so…. im germany havent rock kulture, kulture so.. Deep purle only 1x was in munchen… Munich normalle… was,.. 1 social fasist land germany…no give eat, works, normalle room, house, my car futz…girls dick, no szexy and primitive…
    i was gitarre lot off years…i no profi, but i make 1 sound, Betown, send to deep purple suvenir… tom juhas betowen… i think help only mi, if i look for 1 grouppe, where help mi, to amerika or svedish or ausztralien live… europa no good… my all thinks futz, only hav i 1 cikly…. 1 was cikly champion…elektrotechniker, gitarre only hobbis…but Blackmore best of…in worlds… Tom 1 deep purle fan..

  121. ian wrote on 2014-03-02:

    Great to meet up with you at the London Bass Show and to hear your roots are with Skiffle.
    Keep rocking and keep it real!

  122. Bartosz wrote on 2014-02-17:

    Dear Mr. Glover, some time ago I’ve found out that the cassette edition of “The Mask” featured bonus track called “Unnatural”. I’m not sure if it’s true. I tried to track down the cassette but it now seems impossible to find, even on eBay! Would you consider making this song available through your website for download?
    All the best!

  123. Bryan Koopmann wrote on 2014-02-09:

    Hi Jon- in Amariilo, Texas 1974 the band arrived in a white limo as I was pleading with security that I had been roughed up and my concert ticket taken…they were having nothing of it but you stopped and asked what’s goin on, then took me (then age 15) by the shoulder and led me to the dressing room, where someone else led me to the civic center floor… thanks, man. If you need a tour manager, my buddy Billy Heaslip in Austin is a really cool dude with all of the requisite cred.

  124. Monika wrote on 2014-01-14:

    “It’s not the kill
    It’s the thrill of the chase…”

    (Deep Purple – Knocking at your Back Door 🙂 )

    • Vladimir wrote on 2015-02-15:

      Hi, Glover 🙂 You bring meaning in my life.

  125. Danny wrote on 2014-01-13:

    Greeting Roger,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I wish they would release “Elements” on CD in true digital quality! How can this album / music be out of print? All your other work seems to be easy to buy on CD, but not Elements. I actually found a sealed copy of Elements on vinyl…. sealed since 1978!! Gosh…. Elements is a Classic Musical Journey. One of my old time artist friends said that this album sounds like “the stages of Life” Birth, Youth, Middle Age, Getting older, and wiser, Death and Rebirth….

    I don’t know… maybe you can shed some light on this…. All I know is this music really strikes a chord with me. I first heard Elemnents back in 1984.. found the album used in the bargain bin for $2.98, found it again a few years later for 0.98, and another copy for $3 or so used as well. Now I have a sealed copy too! By the time I found this record, it was probably out of print.

    I find it very sad that something this good seems to have been completely ignored.

    • admin Post authorwrote on 2014-01-23:

      Hi Danny,

      there is a CD release of “Elements”, at least in Japan. See the discography section of the site for additional information.

  126. Boé Lucie wrote on 2014-01-03:

    Avec tout mon coeur ,recevez tous mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur, d’amour, réussite pour vous et le groupe, ainsi qu’à tous vos proches.
    A bientôt j’espère au festival Helffest en juin
    Je vous embrasse, si vous permettez ainsi que tous les membres du groupe.

  127. Bryce Scott wrote on 2014-01-01:

    Just lke to say a massive thanks to Roger and the rest of the band for the attention they gave my son Euan at the gig in Glasgow in October. My son`s first ever concert and to see Deep Purple was just great. He has never stopped talking about it and says a big big thanks for the setlist and plectrum given to him at the end of the gig. For a kid of 8 to be shown so much from music legends show how to treat fans both young and old. Thanks again.

  128. Allen Russell wrote on 2013-12-31:

    Hello Roger.

    I’ve always wanted to ask about the ‘wierd’ looking bass guitar that you used at Donnington Monsters of Rock in 1980, while with Rainbow- what make/ model is it?
    I have never seen one quite like it before.

    The other thing I wish to ask is, some years ago now, I read somewhere that members of Deep Purple have said no to letting more archive concerts be released via sonic zoom. It is a real shame, as myself and other fans used to look forward to the following release. The best gem for me is the Montreaux 1969 gig. What was the basis for this decision?

    One final thing. Thanks for a great album in Now What?!

    I wish you and your family a Happy 2014.

    Best wishes,

    Allen Russell.

  129. Samira wrote on 2013-12-26:

    Merry Christmas,Roger!! I just wanted to say that you’re a big inspiration and motivation to me and also the greatest bass player in the world. Hope to meet ya one day! have a great holidays and I wish you the best,always.

    ~Samira ♥

    • Boé Lucie wrote on 2014-06-29:

      46/48 rue Victor Hugo Bt B2

  130. Boé Lucie wrote on 2013-12-22:

    Bonjour Roger,

    J’espère que votre tournée s’est bien terminée et que vous n’êtes pas trop épuisés tous,car quand je vois l’énergie déployée a vos concerts j’en suis encore éblouie, et encore merci pour ce merveilleux concert au zénith de Paris.
    Je vous souhaite à vous, votre famille et à tout le groupe de joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année remplies d’amour et de partage, en espérant vous revoir l’année qui arrive au festival Hellfest,( si je peux me l’offrir)
    Je vous embrasse tous tendrement et respectueusement , en écoutant NOW WATH en boucle ,MAGNIFIQUE, éblouissant!!!!

    • Boé Lucie wrote on 2014-06-29:

      Bonjour Roger,
      J’ai eu l’immense joie d’assister à votre concert au zénith à Paris en octobre dernier, et je vous ai rencontré au bar des artistes où vous m’avez si gentiment dédicacé mon 33 tour,et avez accepté d’être photographiée avec vous, encore merci pour ce moment si particulier pour moi ; malheureusement je n’ai pas pu rencontrer Ian Gilan et Ian Paice .je serai à votre concert à Saint Julien en Genevois le 20 juillet, et je vais amener mon petit fils de 13 ans ,mais il me demande si il va pouvoir rencontrer tout le groupe ,je n’ai pas pu lui répondre,pouvez vous me dire si il y a possibilité de vous rencontrer , ça serait fabuleux pour lui , et pour moi aussi bien sur, merci de me répondre ,nous avons hâte d’être au 20 juillet ,à bientôt,dans l’attente de votre réponse,je me permet de vous embrasser respectueusement.
      Lucie (si dans mes modestes modèles il y a quelque chose qui pourrait plaire à votre femme ou à votre fille , je me ferai un plaisir de leur offrir une petite création de Paris).

  131. fabienne wrote on 2013-12-06:

    Hello Roger, I admire you for so long and you’ve seen him in concert 2 times … I love everything you do! I have not had a chance to approach you to ask for an autograph, it is my great regret! if you could tell me how … I have to write? it’ll be a best gift of my life! thank you in advance. especially do not stop! you make me dream every album! Now What is absolutely fabulous! thank you! I love you!

  132. Ralf Rötzschke wrote on 2013-12-05:

    all the best for you and deep purple.ralf from germany

  133. Peter Kaucher wrote on 2013-11-30:

    Alles gute zum Geburtstag Roger!
    Weiter so!

  134. boé Lucie wrote on 2013-11-30:

    Bonjour cher Roger,

    Je tenais à être une des premières à vous souhaiter un très bel anniversaire pour vos 68 ans, ( je suis votre aînée de 5 jours) oui je sais je ne suis pas la seule fan, mais nous nous sommes vus au zénith de Paris au bar des artistes et vous avez eu la gentillesse de signer mon vinyl DEEP PURPLE IN ROCK que je conservais précieusement depuis toutes ces années dans l’espoir de vous rencontrer et enfin assister à votre concert ; ce grand bonheur est enfin arrivé et je tenais à vous remercier pour ce grand moment.J’ai écouté NOW WHAT et je suis époustouflée c’est carrément du génie !!!j’adore !!!!!
    Je me permet de vous embrasser pour vos 68 ans , gardez vous en forme très longtemps pour nous donner la joie de vous voir et entendre avec le reste du groupe , dites leurs que je les admire également et embrassez les pour moi . revenez vite à Paris, tous vos fans jeunes et moins jeunes vous attendent, j’en suis sure. A bientôt prenez tous soin de vous , je vous aime.


  135. Alexander wrote on 2013-11-18:

    Hi Roger! I want to tell you thank you for your show in Minsk, Belarus 10.11.2013. I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your work.
    Have a nice day, goodbye.

  136. Darus Palkowski wrote on 2013-11-12:

    Hi Roger! Any trivial words, only one – live one hundred years.
    Three times he stood in your way, three calls, three photographs. … And one impression – a wonderful man.

  137. Andrew wrote on 2013-11-12:

    Thank you for your concert with Deep Purple in Minsk,Belarus. It was fantastic. I’m waiting for your next concert with impatience.

  138. Alexander wrote on 2013-11-11:

    Hello Mr. Glover. I want extended his gratitude to you and the entire group of touring at that point in Minsk 11.10.2013. Speech just gorgeous! Fantastic! Super!
    I am very very very much DP. You have done a great and memorable contribution to the history of rock. For me you are the greatest musicians on the planet and in the history of rock. Your creativity will live on forever. I sincerely wish you good health and longevity. With a lot of you looking forward to new creative ideas. I really hope to see you and hear more than once. DP the best band in the universe!

    • boé Lucie wrote on 2013-12-03:

      Oui voilà, il a trouvé les mots justes vous êtes le meilleur groupe de tout l’UNIVERS!!!
      Restez nous toujours.

  139. barry mitchell wrote on 2013-10-14:

    was at the Apollo Manchester Saturday
    fantastic gig – hardlovin’+perfect+mule highlights for me
    great to hear so much off last album
    any chance of more morse era stuff in future?
    get back in studio while you’re in the groove!

  140. Jodi Sorensen Wroblewski wrote on 2013-09-27:

    Dearest Roger,
    I have always loved your music with Deep Purple but to my surprise I had a chance meeting with you and your bandmates at the Tree Top Rock and Roll Lounge in El Paso, Texas while on your Perfect Strangers Tour in 1984. I was very fourtunat to meet your mates Jon Lord (May he rest in peace) Ian Paice and Ian Guillan at the club where we talked and danced and toasted with champagne. But it wasn’t until you came in and I asked you for your autograph that I then met one of the nicest and sincerest musicians in my life. You Sir are such a gentleman. Many thanks to Jon for personally inviting me to the concert, back stage and then later to your hotel bar for a small gathering/party. You first took my young girl then breath away when you stopped talking to the crowd of young musician who had been playing at the club the night before and you walk right up to me and greated me by my name a gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. I was then only 22 years of age and I have had the opportunity to meet many other great musicians to include Ritchie Blackmore that night and others years later because after meeting you I always enjoyed meeting and hanging out with people who create music however, I have to say that I was always very impressed not only with your bass playing and production skills but with the way you were so genuinely sweet, kind, thoughtful, and amazing person. You always take the time to meet and talk with your fans on a personal level where you take the time to get to now a little bit about us fans and our lives. I was just a tiny young blonde girl but you left such an impression on me as a fantastic musician and just as a person. You left me starstruck the night I had to say goodbye/so long to you where you told me (just a young girl that I was) that you would never forget me. Haha! I never thought to even bring a camera so all I have is my two nights of hanging out with the great band Deep Purple during your awesome Perfect Strangers Tour but most importantly you, Mr. Roger Glover from Wales. And I say that because my geography at the time was horrible and I asked you “so all of you are British, right?” And you try to explain to me that being Welsh is very different than being a Britt. Lol. But as I was saying although I never got the opportunity to get a photograph with you I have all my wonderful memories a young girl could ask for and I have you to thank for that. Back then I thought you would never forget the little young girl from little ol’ El Paso, Texas but I know now that there must be many people out there in this big world that have been blessed enough to met you over the years must feel like I do because you care about us! I am now a mom with children that were my age back then but all I have to do is look at your Perfect Strangers Booklet with you personalized autograph from you and it takes me right back to that time. I’m a little slow at keeping up with all of your music but I must say that Rapture of the Deep is a true gem of your work. I do hope and pray that some day you come back to the east coast of the USA in Virginia Beach, VA where unfortunately I missed your concert here only a few years ago. I will always continue to follow your work as well as the work of your bandmates not only because of your extreme talent but because of the man you are.
    God bless, your friend Jodi <3

  141. rob deal wrote on 2013-08-13:

    Hi Roger
    a friend of mine and a fellow bass player is a huge fan of yours. We have booked tickets to see dp again this year at the RH Camden London 16th October. However he batted with testicular cancer a few years ago and was thought to be in remittance however after a routine body exam a few weeks ago was found to have cancerous cells in his kidney. He has been given a date to have the kidney removed and intense chemo to begin. Unfortunately it is the 16th of october so will therefore miss the gig. He is so disappointed and worse still he may miss the upcoming Sabbath and quo gigs we have booked if the chemo is as intense as it was last time. He is 40 something and a hardcore Dp, Status quo, and Sabbath Fan. He hasn’t really seen Deep Purple live very often and was really looking forward to it. I have made it my mission to get something signed from either yourself or Purple collectively for him. I would much appreciate it if yourself or anyone could point me in the right direction. I didn’t realize trying to contact a band is so difficult from the UK :/ Keep well… and see you in October.

    • admin Post authorwrote on 2013-08-18:

      Hey Rob,

      for offical contact requests, please refer to

      Thames Talent Ltd
      101 – 1720 Post Rd E
      Westport, CT 06880

  142. Roman wrote on 2013-08-12:

    Hi Roger, (just briefly)

    Thank you very much for concert in Slavkov u Brna 5.8.2013 in Czech repub. !!! 🙂 It was great and fantastic – thank you, and return again pls. ! 🙂

  143. Luis Delgado wrote on 2013-07-30:

    HI Roger,

    Same guy again. Forgot to ask you one thing: Where can I buy one of your photos? I´d love to have own of them.


  144. Luis Delgado wrote on 2013-07-30:

    Hi Roger!

    I am a Cuban DP fan who is living in Spain now. Being a former bass player myself and an amateur photographer, it´s easy to understand why I am such a big fan of yours! I was taking photos at the concert last Saturday in Avila for the HUSH magazine(amazing concert, by the way!!)and I have a whole bunch of photos of you playing, and I would love to send them to you. Where can I send them to??
    Very best regards and Rock on, mate!!!

  145. Patrick wrote on 2013-07-17:

    love the Thought of the week !! 🙂

  146. Marcin wrote on 2013-07-16:

    Hi Rog,
    having been a Purple fan for 20 years, I just witnessed my first Rogerless DP concert – the one in Bonn last Sunday. Nick Fyffe did a good job! Hope you’re fine and will be able to come back soon on the road. BTW, Now What is an amazing album – it would be lovely if the band could find more space for the new songs in the set, they do deserve it. Fingers crossed for another album soon. Take care! 🙂

  147. Rudolf wrote on 2013-07-15:

    Hi Roger,

    we missed you yesterday evening in bonn (germany) – hope you are fine !?!


  148. David Linck wrote on 2013-07-05:

    Hi RG,
    Remember me…David Linck from California. You may recall me as JJ Gunne from AOL. I will be in Austria 17 July and will come to the show. LOVE the new album, my friend. Best, David

  149. lasha wrote on 2013-06-12:

    hello roger I love deep purple I from Georgia I was to live in the open air in Tbilisi

    • gio wrote on 2013-06-15:

      mister roger ,love is all.get ready! long live,TBILISI!

  150. Barbara Burger wrote on 2013-06-06:

    Hi Roger,
    I`m Barbara from Italy, we met us after your concert in Salzburg in 2006 through Martina from South Tyrol (North Italy). Thanks for all the music you play, it`s the world biggest gift. And thank you that we met us! Hope to hear from you and maybe to meet you one time again… who knows 🙂
    Best wishes and a big hug

  151. Mihail Bonev wrote on 2013-05-17:

    Hello Mr Glover,
    Me and my mates in the rock band “Atlantic” are some of the greatest fans of Deep Purple and Rainbow in Bulgaria. We consider you and Ian Paice the best rhythm section in the rock genre and we have played many of your songs. We are looking forward to see you in Plovdiv on the 2013-06-03. By the way, we are one the oldest hard’n’heavy bands in Bulgaria and we have always had a great dream – to play on a stage with you as a guest or supporting act. So please reply us how we can apply for participation in the concert in Plovdiv or Kavarna. Hope to hear from you soon!
    Best Regards!

  152. Piotr wrote on 2013-05-15:

    Hi Roger,

    I’m your fan – unfortuanately I’ve never had a chance to „meet and greet” you &the band, alghough I was on the show Excell, London 2008.
    Maybe there will be an ocasion in July this year in Wrocław, Poland…

    All the best,

  153. Eirik Solum wrote on 2013-05-10:

    Hi Roger!

    Congrats on the new album! It’s truly a great one.

    AND it’s numnber 1 in Norway today! Best charting since Who Do We Think We are (!), the only other DP album to make in to #1.
    So congrats! A well deserved musical and “commercial” success.
    Have a great weekend, Rog. Cheers!


  154. Heidi Esser wrote on 2013-05-09:

    Hi Roger,
    its many years ago that we have seen each other. I have been working for Emi-Electrola
    in Cologne in the 70s and promoted your
    recordings and many tours with mama-concerts.
    After all that time the band is now again
    Nr. 1 in Germany congratulation.Good to hear
    from you again. Do you play in Bonn this
    summer? Would be great seeing you again.
    Love and all the best Heidi Esser.

  155. Peter wrote on 2013-05-03:

    Dear Roger,

    I already heard your new Deep Purple album many times and I have to admit – it’s absolute masterpiece. Wonderful sound, but what is the most important factor – you created really awesome songs. I hope that during new upcoming tour we will have a chance to hear a lot of new stuff. This material truly deserves a lot of playing during concerts.

    I really wish you big success with this album and looking forward to see you during couple of summer shows!


  156. barry mitchell wrote on 2013-05-01:

    just listened to new CD
    get back in studio ASAP and finish off teh unfinished tracks you mention in ya blog thing
    hope you play at least EIGHT off the album on your upcoming tour and maybe mitzie and spanish archer as surpise tracks?

  157. Paul wrote on 2013-04-29:

    Hi Roger,
    I am a bass player and Imy choice to buy a Rickenbacker 4001 in 1978 was influenced by you and Glenn Hughes. Could you tell me what amplifier did you use to get such a great sound on Machinehead?

    • RG wrote on 2013-06-28:

      Thanks, Paul. I used a straight 100watt Marshall stack and probably mixed with a DI to the desk.

      • Paul wrote on 2013-07-12:

        Thanks for that Roger. Can you remember what speaker cabinets you were using for the recording?

  158. barry mitchell wrote on 2013-04-09:

    looking forward to the new album
    hope its worth the wait and bass can be heard
    prod on single is excellent beter than last 2
    got my tickets booked for manchester
    hope you play some new songs and maybe slip back in some off purpendicular [rosie, loosen, pancho] abandon [69, human, whatsername] bananas [b, razzle, silver]
    look after ian!

  159. John Bujnowski wrote on 2013-03-29:

    Hi Roger
    I’ve just seen video from “Deep Purple with Orchestra Live at Montreux” (from 2011). At the end (before Black Night) You play bass solo…at the beginning the tone clean but later You turn on some kind of distortion effect. What effect was it? I’m a bass player and think that tone was amazing!
    Thank You
    Janusz Bujnowski

    • RG wrote on 2013-04-08:

      These days I use a TC Electronic Mojo overdrive but I’ve also used an EBS distortion effect.

    • RG wrote on 2013-06-28:

      Recently, I’ve been using a pedal by TC Electronic called Dark Matter. It’s great.

  160. Robert wrote on 2013-03-15:

    I love the new Deep ?urp!e song “All the Time in the World”. Excellent groove and lyrics. Very refreshing. Can’t wait for the new album. Best Wishes!

  161. ZOXORdotcom wrote on 2013-03-10:

    i just saw an online news article about “dark side of the moon”‘s 40th birthday. (

    here’s what i posted:

    the band took 3 minutes to decide on the cover art, but the cover artist certainly spent his time on it. wow. anyway, pink floyd are the best group ever. the stones are THE rock-n-roll band. the beatles are the greatest. but lemme remind u all, that right before dark side of the moon, deep purple (roger glover, jon lord (RIP), ian paice, ian gillan, and ritchie blackmore) released “machine head.” machine head: it’s what you use to tune your bass. (btw from the tuning of the instruments as the song is about to start, to the way it is silently implied when the song ends, you can write a thesis on the bass -yes, the bass- in deep purple’s made in japan’s live recording of “lazy”.) tune ur bass, folks, tune ur bass

  162. Tony Maloney wrote on 2012-01-23:

    Roger, I used to follow a band many years ago called ‘Episode Six’ , for old times sake did the band do any recording and if so how to obtain any ?

    • admin Post authorwrote on 2012-01-23:

      Please take a look at the Discography, section “Bands and projects” / “Misc”

  163. joel wolfson wrote on 2012-11-24:

    Did see “the DEEP” @ the Fillmore West in 1969. Maybe the BEST concert I have EVER seen! Still LOVE the music, 40 years later. Plan to paint a project 1951 Lincoln a “special” Deep Purple” colour in tribute to the great music. Thank You-All for such great music!!!

  164. Nikos wrote on 2012-11-21:

    Best Wishes for upcoming new DP album 🙂 we are very happy 🙂

    cheers from GREECE

  165. Panos wrote on 2012-11-20:


  166. Hans wrote on 2012-11-18:

    Roger, again I really enjoyed your performance – this time at the Bremen show on November 16. Your work is sooo great. Keep it on!

  167. sue wrote on 2012-11-17:

    Hi Rog,
    Just to say I loved the Jazz version of “Smoke” you did for French Tv, it looke slike you were all having a great timex57

  168. Noval wrote on 2012-11-01:

    Thanks for show in Krasnodar!!

  169. Katya wrote on 2012-10-24:

    Hello Roger,
    Actually we’ve met a few times (me and my daughter Carolina). Since you’re the “artist” of the band I’d really like to show you some of my art works, especially portraits of you and the other Dp band members. I would so much appreciate your comments. How can I present my drawings to you? Is it ok to put a link to my website here? Just take a look at the drawings (the site is to be refurbished). cheers Katya.

  170. Josh Walker wrote on 2012-10-18:

    Roger, my name is Josh Walker and i was wondering if there was any sheet music for the album you did “Butterfly”s Ball and Grashoppers Feast”, i am very interested in learning to play some of these songs as they truly are brilliant

    • RG wrote on 2013-04-08:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think such a book exists. You’ll just have to play by ear.

  171. Mats wrote on 2012-10-17:

    We need part 2 now Roger! 🙂

  172. giorgos wrote on 2012-10-12:

    The new album will rereashed at 23november2012? Its truth?

  173. Robert wrote on 2012-09-21:

    Roger, it’s taken me a while to get to it, but I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you and enjoy a few pints with you at the pub in Nashville in July. Your music has been so important in my life. And I want to tell everyone else who sees this comment that you’ll never meet a more humble, down to earth person than Mr. Glover, nor a better partner for conversation over a pint and an old wooden table. I hope this finds you well, and I hope it’s my good fortune to have the same pleasure again sometime. Cheers!

    • SOPHIE wrote on 2013-06-01:

      Haa Enjoy to read your nice comment ! It’ support what it seemed to me about Mr GLOVER even I cannot understand English language. This is what emerges from his person. Hoo what a nice English language I stop here !

  174. Brian J. DeGrechie wrote on 2012-08-21:

    Happy to be a part of Roger Glover’s official page one of the best bass players ever! Well wishes for Deep Purple’s new album!

  175. Stormbringer74 wrote on 2012-08-09:

    Hi Roger.. muchas gracias for your Studio report.. album is on his way.. :)))

  176. korhan wrote on 2012-06-27:

    I hope the new Deep Purple Album recording is going well.
    best wishes.

  177. Stormbringer74 wrote on 2012-04-23:

    Hi Roger..

    Nice text this “what’s new” update !! how you can find this 97,8% ?? ha ha !!! 😉

    all the best..

  178. Thomas wrote on 2012-04-06:

    Hi Roger,

    your latest album is incredible! Such beautiful and great songs and the production is rare, too! So clear and natural.
    Not like most of the over-produced crap today. Wish I could have a production like that 🙂
    You can be very proud of the whole thing!

    Hope you ever listened to my album Purple Eyes I gave you some time ago in Dortmund 🙂

    All the best!

  179. David Coseni wrote on 2012-04-05:

    Mr. Glover; Many good wishes to you in Italy. I should go to my homeland one day (I still wish you were playing in Canada with Don Ross).

    Cheers, David Coseni

    • sandra fitzsimmons wrote on 2016-03-11:

      Still in Canada?

    • Dave from FSJ wrote on 2016-08-15:

      Hi David, I’ve been trying to contact you for some time. This seems to be my only lead. I would appreciate it if you could make contact.

  180. Klaus Krogsbaek wrote on 2012-04-04:

    Thank you for your great music during the years. Just heard your latest album – loved it!

  181. Angels Chopper Bicycle Club (AC/BC) wrote on 2012-02-27:

    Thank you roger for the time you spent with the kids from Angels chopper bicycle club,they really had a great time and are glad that you and the band like the deep purple chopper they made.this was great for them,thank so much.mike the bike of AC/BC.

  182. Peter Bjerkelund wrote on 2012-02-16:

    In this little corner of the world my musical heroes seldom tread. Your show Feb 6th in Moncton blew us all away. But more than that, all looked like you were having a grand time and not merely playing ‘another show’. You’ve been one of my bass heroes for some time and it was a real pleasure seeing/hearing you live (I use tce’s BH head). Please come thunderin’ through our corner again!

  183. STEPHANY LYN WILLIAMS wrote on 2012-02-11:

    Unstoppable, Roger, that is what you truly are; Completely and totally BLOWN AWAY at the Ottawa concert February 8th; This gal has waited 25 y to see you play again and she was not dissapointed. Look forward to Deep Purple’s return hopefully, in the near future

  184. Lianna Allick wrote on 2012-02-10:

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Deep Purple Feb. 8th Ottawa concert. Thanks for listening to me talk about how much Rapture Of The Deep means to me. Thanks so much for the great memories that I will treasure always and I hope our paths will cross again.

  185. Dan Moore wrote on 2012-02-03:

    Thanks For the show in St. John’s las tnight!!
    fantastic! Love the fact you guys look like you still have fun!!!
    I took my Rory Gallagher “calling card album ” with me just in case i could meet you to sign it … but wasn’t meant to be … maybe next time if you guys every wanna pass through these parts again !!! once again thanks you very much for the fantastic show and for playing “Perfect Strangers!!!

  186. Amit Gole wrote on 2011-12-31:

    I got my ear into ‘If life was Easy” by chance & I must say it feels like a lost 70’s record made in 2011.Simple but awesome.Roger , you must sing more & more please, a special request !

  187. Stormy wrote on 2012-01-02:

    Happy new year for you and your family Roger.. all the best for 2012 : love, health, music, fun…

  188. chtom wrote on 2011-12-11:

    years ago in the 70`s there was a obscure album named (bulletproof)by a band called hard stuff. i noticed that the producer`s name was roger glover, i was wondering if there is anything you could say about the band.great album!

  189. Werner wrote on 2011-12-09:

    Hallo Roger!

    I an an old Deep Purple fan from Austria!
    Please answer me one question,
    is playing Deep Purple a concert in Austria
    in 2012??

    Best Regards

  190. fiona wrote on 2011-12-08:

    hi Roger. just wanted to say thanks for the fab gig in Manchester. Was in the front row with my 13 year old. it was his first ever gig and he was blown away by the whole gig and particularly by your kindness in throwing him your pick. he plays drums and has just started learning bass so it’s really special for him. He has been very much inspired and we both loved the evening.

  191. Stormbringer74 wrote on 2011-12-05:

    amazing concert friday night on Arnhem.. I found the band in fire and your old friend Big Ian in great great shape !!
    And your new trouser style is cool 😉 More seriously : fantastic new sound with your new amplification.. really good ! I love it !! all the best for the end of the tour..

  192. jane wrote on 2011-12-01:

    Great show last night at the O2,good to see you looking so well and happy (you’ve hardly changed since Episode days)
    Thanks for all the good times x

  193. richard mellersh wrote on 2011-11-23:

    Hey Roger I hope you see this., Your mum and mine used to work together I came to see you live at Shepherds bush but never got together. have been inspired to play bass ever since……

  194. Stormbringer74 wrote on 2011-11-22:

    Hi Roger.. so happy to see that Deep Purple will come back in France next year (november and decembre 2012).. as usual the French Fans Team will follow the band on every city.. I’m the driver and I’m ready to drive and rock at the front row one more time !!!

  195. David Coseni wrote on 2011-11-21:

    Mr. Glover

    ‘If Life as Easy’ is very very good.

    Thank you.

  196. Romina wrote on 2011-11-02:

    Dear Roger,

    Excellent concerts on Friday 21 at Movistar Arena, Santiago de Chile & Saturday 22 at Quinta Vergara, Viña del Mar!!! Thank you very much for the music and joy!!!!And specially for the pick you gave me at the end of the Santiago concert. You always make me feel special. ?

    Love XXX


  197. Åke Nordh wrote on 2011-11-19:

    Hi Maestro!
    It feels like a very long time before Roger Glover and Deep Purple hits the stage here in Stockholm,i’ll be in the frontrow just infront of you,that’ll be greate,i’ll bring my Rickenbacker with me for you to sign… 🙂

    Take care.

  198. Brent Dehn wrote on 2011-11-21:

    Hi Roger,
    My obsession (not wierd obsession!) with DP hit me in about 1974. Friends played “Burn” for me and I was blown away (no offence)…then I went backwards to hear what I’d missed out on. That’s when I discovered the pure joy of “Machine Head” & “In Rock”, and then the hidden joy in “Fireball”, and “Who do we think we are”. I say “hidden joy” because those albums took a few listens to really understand the subtlety of playing and what was going on in the band at the time, but discover I did. What a discovery! Then I realised that the song “Black night” that I’d been grooving along with was by Deep Purple too. I bought my first black Strat at the age of 13 because Ritchie was pictured with one on the cover of “Made in Japan”. “Made in Japan” is the first album I bought with my own money (I think it took me 3 weeks to pay off the lay-by). I’ve been playing guitar profesionally since I was about 15 years old, and always kept alive my love for DP, so much so that in 2007 I finally put together a tribute show in Sydney with like minded muso’s (a couple of which tell me they’ve met you). Please have a look, I’d love to know what you think. That’s “Highway star”. That’s “Strange kind of woman”. There’s plenty of others on show there. We attempt to keep it as authentic as we possibly can (the outcome varies). I was too young to see DP in Sydney in ’72 and it is a great regret in my life not to have seen Purple in what I consider to be it’s prime. Somebody mentioned that the bass coming into “Smoke on the water” was a turning point for them, I agree. The way the bass drives into “Smoke” on “Made in Japan” is thrilling! I’ve listened to the bootleg of your’s and IG’s last gig in Japan in ’73 and may I say the playing is fantastic! It’s totally different to “Made in Japan” from just a year earlier, so tight, so aggressive! Surely there must be a desk tape of the gig that could be farmed out as an historic release? I’m a member of the DPAS and as such buy all of the old recordings when they’re made available. I love them all! I’d like you to understand that, from a fan’s perspective these old gig recordings are like pure gold to us, and regardless of how you guys feel about them there is always something for the fan to enjoy and appreciate in them. I remember reading that IG didn’t like his vocal’s on “Made in Japan”! Well, I think history (and sales) can prove that no matter what he thought others felt very diferently! I’ve seen DP many times! The first time with Tommy Bolin in 1975, Rainbow in ’76, ( I know it’s not Purple but what could I do??), the reformation in ’84 (with George Harrison as special guest…..what an honour!!!!), then DP with Steve Morse on about 5 different tours!!! There is so much I’d like to say…but I won’t bore you any further, suffice to say that I greatly appreciate what you, and DP have done for me, and to me, in my life!
    yours sincerely,
    Brent Dehn

  199. Piet Bralten wrote on 2011-10-31:

    Hi Roger,

    I Just wanna say thank you for all the music and in a way learning to play Bass.
    The way the (Rickenbacker) Bass came in on Smoke on the Water on Made in Japan blew me out totally and inspired me to play bass and now, 30 years later, I still do. And I still enjoy playing along Deep Purple albums.
    Thank you.
    Piet Bralten

  200. hazimhaziq wrote on 2011-10-11:

    no great bass players like you

  201. Juan wrote on 2011-09-22:

    You Rock man! Thanks so much.

  202. Jose Luis Arabito wrote on 2011-09-22:

    If Life Was Easy it´s a recollection of passages of life and sounds fresh & vital; thanks Glover Roger !

  203. linda love wrote on 2011-09-14:

    hi thanks for the autographs you gave to Simon who works at hartington house in derby the guy you went to school with i loved getting your autograph id kill to meet you cause your a legend!

  204. Corky wrote on 2013-03-06:

    I too also would be interested in knowing why you chose the rainbow . Good choice, by the way. The rainbow means to me not “rock” , but good rock.

  205. Barbara wrote on 2013-02-23:

    Hi Roger,
    can you tell me why you chose the ‘Rainbow’ for one of your bands? I am going to help 4-5 yr olds make arainbow collage out of recycled and found materials. Knew you years ago and it would be intersting to tell them what the word rainbow means to different people,
    regards Barbara

  206. Rodrgo Lira wrote on 2013-02-18:

    Dear Roger,I can not find Vigier bass in Brazil. I’m your fan and would like to use the same instrument.

  207. Harry Heathman III wrote on 2013-02-13:

    I just want to tell you Roger, you are a class act. I’ve met you twice backstage and both times treated me and my wife like we were guests in your home. God Bless.

  208. Anabella wrote on 2013-02-14:

    Dear Roger, I’m from Argentina. My name is Anabella am fan of music in general DP but you and your productions in particular. I wonder if there is any possibility that the new album lasso bring them back to my country (?). From the last time I came I have a picture with you, (the most beautiful of all) I would like to send it.
    Giant hugs and kisses!

  209. kingsley wrote on 2013-01-29:

    Hey dude meet you on the plane from nz to oz can’t wait to see ya in action in march melb

  210. Marie Rose wrote on 2013-01-09:

    Dear Mr Glover,
    First of all I want to thank you for all your great music and wish you, the band and your family all the best for the new year!

    I heard that you still haven’t got a title for the new album, and here are some suggestions which sprung to my mind:
    There’s more to it…
    Palace of dreams
    Wills, scills and thrills
    Illustre harmonies
    Leaf turner

  211. whale wrote on 2013-01-08:

    How are ya Roger?

  212. Craig Storey wrote on 2012-12-24:

    The best of luck and wishes for the coming year Roger, to you and all your family.

    Best regards

    Craig from Newbury, Berkshire, England

  213. brian mullins wrote on 2012-12-21:

    dear mr glover
    i’ve been a deep purple freak for many many years and purple for me is simply the greatest, i come from a small appalachan town in southwest virginia and the nearest concert halls were in johnson city tennessee and roanoke virginia and i never got the chance to see you until many years later in charlotte north carolina, you were with the scorpions and dio…great, great show, anyway i was in the 4th row and was rocking out trying to get everyone near me to let go and loosen up when you looked directly at me and smiled and gave a big thumbs up, i can’t tell you how that simple jesture made me feel…to me it was wow, my favorite bass player from my favorite band actually singled me out as if to say thanks…well thank you for all the great music and i hope you come to north carolina and tour the new album..god bless!

  214. Dirk wrote on 2012-11-27:

    Hi Roger,

    saw you and the guys the other night in Frankfurt/Germany on stage (Nov. 22nd). It was my thirty-somethin´ concert in all those years (since 1985) and I´m still not tired. You were amazing, nice idea with the camera eye so close to Ian and Don. Great solo at the end and thanx for the extra performance of Speed King (that you don´t do every night…)

    Can´t wait for the new album, keep rockin´
    and maybe we´ll meet someday in Germany or elsewhere…


  215. Hamza wrote on 2012-11-11:

    Greetings to you mister Roger Glover.
    I don’t know will you ever read this, but I just want to thank you for all the rock’n’roll you’ve done! You’re one of my fevourite bass players and a big influence to me in my bass playing. In my opinion, the bass sound on Smoke on the Water (studio version) is the best bass sound ever recorded!!! An overdriven, hard-driving sound, but yet clear and easily recognisable and it adds soo much balls to the song. All I want to know is how to achieve that sound. Excuse me for possible grammar mistakes, I don’t speak english in my country. Thank you once again mister, ROCK’N’ROLL WILL NEVER DIE!

  216. Brian Aylwin wrote on 2012-10-26:

    Hi Roger do you remember your time at the PUB in Stowe Vermont I am Ed’s brother sadly Ed passed away 1 year ago and Dale passed away 18 months ago, I was going through a few things of his and came across a photo of yourself Bob Lord and Ritchie Blackburn, Ed told me of many lock ins at the PUB, can you remember them?

  217. Anastasia wrote on 2012-10-25:

    Hello, Mr. Glover!
    I am from Ekaterinburg, Russia.
    Thank you very much for such a wonderful show! That was cool! Your solo was divine =) Thanks to you and all members of the group, for your energy. I hope you enjoyed it.
    I wish you long life and happiness to your family! you are a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, talented person.
    We are always happy to see you in Yekaterinburg. Come and visit us again.
    We love you!;)

    • Joshua wrote on 2015-10-27:

      Hi, and sorry if my english is bad. I wish to ask. What can I do to reveice your autographed photo? If I have to send a fanletter to you, will you let me know an address for you in Australia. Please, it will make me so proud if I’m the lucky one.Have a nice day michelleYours sincerelyAnni Pia Jensen

  218. Stefan wrote on 2012-10-18:

    Hi Mr Glover! Are You in USA in studio or In London at home now? What are you planning to do during russian tour? Are you going to play some new songs?

  219. mr Tim Robinson wrote on 2012-09-27:

    hi Roger[ legend], please can you help me [ r,i,p jon], by the way i,m sorry to ask ,can you listen to one/ tw of my original tracks and please help me with my carrer, thank you / Tim Robinson[

  220. Saverio wrote on 2012-09-27:

    Hi Roger
    A year ago I sent a letter where I ask you to please a photograph autographed ….
    I’d love it since I also have your pick you launched during the concert you did in Cefalu in Sicily 🙂

  221. GIORGOS wrote on 2012-09-23:

    hi roger!!! any news from the new studio album?

  222. Torbjörn wrote on 2012-09-15:

    Hi Roger
    I´m a big fan of Deep Purple (mk2).
    Just got to ask you, have you met or talked with Ritchie after he left 93?
    Torbjörn from Sweden

  223. Ronny wrote on 2012-09-11:

    Hi Roger

    I’m a bass player from Norway. I’ve been a bigf an of your bass playing for many years. I was wondering if i can ask you about what picks do you use? Medium, heavy etc.. Thanks

  224. Zach M wrote on 2012-09-08:

    Roger, you are one of the (if not the single) most underrated bass player there is. Keep doing what you do!

    Regards, Zach.

  225. Christian wrote on 2012-08-27:

    Thanks. You’ve just saved my life. I am a man who by appearance has everything. I’m in the most turmoil part of my life so far and it looks like I’m loosing the battle. On this day, 27th of august, I was ready to check out. Your name came up from the past and I looked up “If life was easy”. I found the spark to give it another go. Power to the music. To hell with stupid people. I will try to bend and not break. Christian

  226. Andrey wrote on 2012-08-15:

    Hi, I’m Andrew from Minsk, Belarus. I am a longtime fan of your. I’d love to get an autographed poster! Thank you!

    Belarus, Minsk, ul Kalinowski house 70 apartment 11

    Regards, Andrei Gavrilov

  227. Stergios wrote on 2012-08-11:

    Roger, it’ll be fun to make one or 2 concerts with Ritchie don’t you think 😉 And please, come back to Greece! Last time I saw Deep Purple I was a bit dissapointed because Dp had another bass player!

  228. Israel wrote on 2012-07-20:

    Hi Rog. For long i wanna write something to you. Your last album it´s amazing. Man how did you made this!!! Don´t look Now it´s so powerful, the bass it´s almost talking. The energy, the funk. Wonderful. Thank´s to came to Fortaleza-CE Brasil. It was a woderful night, my dreams come truth. See Purple on the beach and in my town. God Bless you man!!!

  229. Steve Crothers wrote on 2012-07-19:

    Dear Mr. Golver, I’m very sorry to hear of the death of Jon Lord. He was a great musician. I’m a 55 year old astrophysicist and I grew up on the wonderful music of Deep Purple. I still listen to my recordings of Deep Purple. Thanks for such great music. Kind regards, Steve Crothers.

  230. Sue Flavel wrote on 2012-07-17:

    Hey Rog, long time no chat, very very sad day indeed, you’ve lost a great musician and the world has lost one too. My condolences go out to Jon’s family, your family, the extended Deep Purple family and all the fans, much love, Suse LAND DOWN UNDER

  231. Jonathan King wrote on 2012-07-17:

    On this sad day, I was remembering our US release of Butterfly Ball and wondered how you are old bean.


  232. Jac Ditte wrote on 2012-07-13:

    Long live Roger Glover !! 🙂

  233. Nader wrote on 2012-06-04:

    You are my respectful bassist.
    Thanks, Roger. …

  234. Jan Michel Gautier wrote on 2012-04-23:

    Dear Roger
    If you remember me: Jan-Michel; La Grenuille in Battersea, i be happy to touch base for old time sake
    I am glad to see you are still at it

  235. Richard Mellersh wrote on 2012-04-13:

    Hey Roger, Still going strong eh? My mum is 91 years right now, do you remember when your mum worked in a photocopy shop in Uxbridge in the ’60’s? They worked together and I was given some tickets to see you guys at Hammersmith; I took up the bass shortly after that although I never could afford a Rick. I’m still working at it. Are you gonna do a gig in the UK this 40 anni. year? I would like to come along to that if you are!
    Richard Mellersh

  236. Guilherme Horta wrote on 2012-04-08:

    Hello, My name is Guilherme Horta’m from Brazil, the city of Belo Horizonte. There are few years ago, Deep Purple did a show in my town. and I encotnrei with Roger Glover in Pampulha airport. There He autographed my electric bass. I wonder if you have any form of R.G. I certify that he autographed. What is a letter or something. If necessary I take pictures and everything. Thank you.

  237. Dave Emmitt wrote on 2012-04-08:


    I was most impressed with the Butterfly Ball album – particularly the track called “The Feast”.

    Could you please advise as to how I could acquire the song sheet for this delighful piece of music ( I have been trying for years)

    Your Sincerely


  238. Aliza Langer wrote on 2012-03-30:

    Dear Roger, I am a painter from Israel .Recently I have worked on the topic of Stage arts . one of the paintings ,which personaly I liked the most, was of two guitar players. My son ,who plays with a band that covers Deep Purple and a fan, was the one who enthusiastly told me that the picture is of you and Ian.
    I would like to send you a photocopy by Email , and if you like it , I will be more than happy to send you the original. I`ll be grateful if you send me your Email , so I can send you the photocopy.

  239. Gloryhound wrote on 2012-03-07:

    What an honour and pleasure it was open for Deep Purple in Atlantic Canada. Going into the studio this weekend to demo some new tunes. We’ll keep you posted on Gloryhound’s next adventures!
    Ev,Dave, Jer, Shaun

  240. juan carlos magnanimi wrote on 2012-03-05:

    hola, les cuento que yo me crie con deep purple y soy un gran admirador de roger glover, las dos ultimas veces que vinieron a la argentina los fui a ver con toda mi familia y hicieron un show brillante, y por todo esto que les comente me gustaria que en lo posible me puedan mandar infornacion actualizada de la banda.
    desde ya muchas gracias!!.

  241. Don Moffatt wrote on 2012-03-01:

    Hi Roger,
    It was so much fun to watch your performance in Victoria on Saturday. I also appreciate you taking the time to have your photo taken with my friend John Ricard and me. I will treasure that. Trini Lopez would be very pleased with you.


  242. Ken Kitts wrote on 2012-02-15:

    Roger, a question if I could. Would you give a thumbs up to the Marshall hybrid bass head or would you tell me to look toward all tube as a brand new head? I’m a passive Pbass player that has been admiring you for a very long time now. At 52 I am confused by the choices out there and thought you could give direction sir. Hope to see you live again soon! And thanks if any response from your arena of thought.

  243. Deborah Marry wrote on 2012-02-14:

    Hi Roger: What a terrific show tonight at Hamilton Place Monday February 13, 2012. I still cannot believe that I had the opportunity to meet you, Steve, Don & Ian Paice! Like I said, “It is the best Monday of my life”! I am sorry that IG was unable to join us but that’s the way it went. I almost started to cry as you along with the guys entered the meet & greet room but regained my composure & just started hugging you and Ian all the while talking my fool head off and giggling nervously. Luckily for me you’ve all seen & heard it all before and were true professionals & extremely nice. Okay I’ve said enough for now so thank you for a great show and a wonderful memory I’ll cherish forever!!!
    Deb – red head in the turquoise blouse at the Meet & Greet.

  244. Jerry Fielden and Shelle Macpherson wrote on 2012-02-11:

    This event we shall always remember because it was so eerie!

    My wife Shelle and I were at the Rideau Centre Mall in Ottawa on Feb. 8, 2012 on the afternoon before the DP show that night and I tell her out of the blue “Roger Glover is going to show up here in front of us in this mall today”. We then go to the exit and guess who is exiting the mall at the same time as us…. Yes. Roger himself! We did say hello. Talk about strange!

    Cheers, Jerry and Shelle

  245. Jan de Bie wrote on 2011-12-20:

    Hi Roger (I hope this reaches you!!),
    Just been reading your interviews on a new DP album. Just a thought, you guys spend enough time when touring to come up with a couple of new masterpieces each year. You could include them in your setlist during the tours. It must also be poassible to record a number of shows as you go along. These could be burned on to cd and sold an hour later at the venue (trust me, we would all wait….). Its the live albums that have always been the ones to have and that’s a compliment over and above the studio records (I use that word to give you an idea of my age :)). Anyway the live recordings could then also be made available through modern media methods. Think about it, completely uncut live recordings – demonstrating true live musian recordings. We all know it will truly separate the men from the boys in the music world AND what’s more, us DP friends who love you guys will reward you. Merry Christmas and would love a reaction. Cheers, Jan

  246. Jack Caddell wrote on 2011-12-21:

    any chance that you and the guys that wrote ” lazy ” would be interested in a look at a doc. I got from EMI regarding my copyright ” you’re lazy ” it states that you guys are my co-writers. Maybe EMI stuffed up , but I still own my song 100%. Maybe it’s an omen.- Jack

  247. Nina wrote on 2011-12-16:

    Hi Roger!! Wonderful consert in Oslo Spektrum 12.13.2011!!, Thanks for the guitar plecter you gave me, and take good care of the black scarf i gave you:0) My first DP consert was in 87, i was only 16 years old, and i have loved DP since!! Nina

  248. Konstantin Svietlakov wrote on 2011-12-24:

    Hi, Roger! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! All the best to you and your family! Truly Yours, your huge fan from Kiev, Ukraine, Konstantin. P.S. wait for new DP shows in Ukraine next year

  249. imogen wrote on 2011-12-30:

    Hi Roger you and the gang were great at Manchester M.E.N on the 29/11/11, have a great new year!

  250. Mimmo wrote on 2011-12-29:

    you are great

  251. Angel wrote on 2012-01-02:

    Hello Mr Glover,
    I am Angel, Santander, Spain, friend of Alan Bray (brain’s english centre) and I wanted to thank you, I am very happy of received.
    Thank you Roger
    a big hug

  252. kbaggott wrote on 2011-12-08:

    Hey there looking forward to Victoria in Feb took ages for you to get here. I was going to the Nazareth concert in 75 and you were in Vancouver, nazareth stayed and partied with you and never came it broke my heart as the nicest girl in school was going also, the only real reason I was going. nazareth has been here about five times, I met Danny Mcafferty and tool him and he laughted we had a beer signed some stuff and went on his way. Any chance you could set asidea few minute for autos . thanks for listening K.

  253. tristan van selm wrote on 2011-12-06:

    hello sir ,we went to your concert in arnhem it was awesome (deep purpel) we where standing in frond i was that blond young man white my dad .i am playing the bass too here u can see me and hear me on youtube we are 14 years old and and the drums 15 years ,when you use a headfone u hear the bass beter greatings from me and my dad
    Tristan van Selm

  254. Wayne Francis wrote on 2011-11-27:

    Roger,man where do you guys get the energy (fans) ? there are a lot of excited people in Moncton waiting to see you guys hope to see you soon in 2012.

  255. TPL wrote on 2011-10-14:

    Roger, been listening to your music for 25 years now, and still love every minute of it. One question that keeps popping into my head every time I see a video of you with Rainbow or Purple (a ridiculous one, admittedly) is – who in the hell made your hats??!! The ones you wore in the 80s and 90s? I would die to have one like that!

    Stupid hat questions aside, please keep making music, you lift my soul. Rock on!

  256. Jessica Ailanda wrote on 2012-01-16:

    Hallo Roger!
    I’m Jessica from Brazil…
    Hope the Deep Purple come back to Brazil soon, was amazing meet you and the guys. See ya

  257. jean-philippe wrote on 2012-01-19:

    Happy new year mister Roger Glover.
    I want to thank you for your work with Deep Purple and the others. It’s a real pleasure for me to hear Snapshot (the last in my CD’s collection.
    I’m painting (it’s my work) and I like so much what you’re painting and drawing. Thanks a lot and have nice trip.

  258. Hlachingmong wrote on 2011-09-20:

    Roger Sir:

    Hi, i am a big fan of yours and i have a band at my country name Bangladesh where we do deep purple cover songs and recently i found on the net you have a Bass tutorial video name now play it. I have searched the net and could not get any information regarding where i can avail the video from. Sir would you please help me out, thanks and keep rocking.

  259. Andrey wrote on 2011-09-01:

    Thank you for what you have! You are a great musician, keep up the good work! / (Your fan from Belarus)

  260. Youssef Reichdan wrote on 2011-08-24:

    Hello Roger,
    Congratulations you for your new album. It´s great! I hear it everyday, there´s no bad song in the album. But my favorite ones are: “If life was easy”, “The car won´t start”, “Get away”, “Box of Tricks”, “The Dream I had” and “Stand Together”. Almost half album… 🙂

    Best regards,

    Youssef Reichdan (From Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  261. Dan Connelly wrote on 2011-08-20:

    It is always great to see you and DP perform. Wonderful people to have met and spoken to. All have been very gracious to my children Joanie,16yo. and Brendan13yo. for years. It’s greatly appreciated. We will never forget it. Good health to all.

    • Norman wrote on 2013-09-17:

      Hi Rog (if you read this),

      i´m a music producer/lyrics writer in Austria. We have a show running here on TV since 19 years entitled KIDDY CONTEST, where kids perform their pop-favorites in german. I wrote the lyrics for that (1.4 mio rec sold, hitting no. 1 each year since 2002, all albums out on Sonymusic).
      As i grew up with Purple, i always had the idea of writing a german version of “Butterfly Ball”. Covering the songs in updated versions for this century, performed by outstanding Austrian/German artists – and kids.
      What do you think about this idea?
      (Maybe i could involve our long-term partner Sonymusic in this project)
      It would be great if this message would reach you/be forwarded to you …
      Kind regards
      (sorry, both in german ….)

      • brian meleady wrote on 2014-12-31:

        love to work with you this year mr glover on something like the wlesh rock operaand somsthing with ian gillan scine you bin gone and my brother jake two numbers he could singlf we could meet in london at ian gillan studio happy new year brian