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This IS my life!

Just letting you know, we’ve been let out of the studio. There may be other people there now but the place is deserted in Deep Purple terms.

It’s an odd business, this recording; you go through an intense period of writing the stuff, playing it over and over again, changing, improving, laughing and crying about it, getting it right – then in the studio, you play it once, more or less, and that’s that – it’s all over.


Studio Report

The transition from rehearsals to the recording went easily. The studio has a distinct old English feel to it; old maps, paintings, the Magna Carta ( it might even be the real one), tapestries, etc. adorn the walls; there are Gothic touches around, and the ceilings are high. The standard is also high, the staff impeccable. Our assistant Chris is always on the ball.


2002 – Here and gone

2002 – Here and gone

The year is drawing to a close but I want to tell you that for me it has been a really good one. I wish to wish you all the wishes that you wish for to come true. But be careful what you wish for!

It has been another triumphant year for Deep Purple; we survived. Our tours were a joy – yet again we were welcomed at various places around the planet and I am pleased for all the support you gave us.


A brief update

Weds 26th November, on ITV, is the airdate for The Making Of Machine Head. 11.45pm I’m told, but check just in case. I have seen the DVD and it is wonderful. I don’t know if it will be edited for TV but the DVD has a lot of extra material. The most exciting part is video footage of us in the 70s, at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York, playing Smoke – as far as I know, the ONLY film/video of us playing that song.


Hi everybody

Well, that’s a bit grandiose isn’t it? Everybody is a lot of people and I hardly think they’ll be wanting to visit my web site, at least not all at the same time.

Anyway, Wwwelcome to my web site, whose look will change soon. Andreas Thul is the engine behind it, Tim Weeks is doing the design, and I will be supplying the fuel that, with luck, will keep it running.