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“If Life Was Easy” interviews

During the last weeks, several websites published RG interviews:

  • Brave Words & Bloody Knuckels: A Picture Of An Optimist In Turmoil
  • Albums Are A Losing Proposition
  • Melodie & Rhythmus: Mein Leben ist noch immer in Aufruhr…
  • Metal Shrine: Intervju med Roger Glover i Deep Purple!
  • Märkische Allgemeine: Mein Leben war eine Achterbahn

If you published (or found) an interview not listed here, please let us know.


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“Mein Leben ist noch immer in Aufruhr…”

An interview (in German language) has been published in melodie & rhythmus.


„Mein Leben war eine Achterbahn“

An interview (in German language) has been published in the Märkische Allgemeine.


If Life Was Easy facebook page

For those of you who prefer facebook, a “If Life Was Easy” page has been set up for discussions, comments and everything you want to share about the album.