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Rog Thanks for taking the …


Thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions. DP is my favorite group and have been a fan since 1985 (I was 13 when I saw the video for Perfect Strangers on MTV and my older brother was always a huge fan prior to and after that time.) MY question(s) are as follows:

1) Why is it taking so long to record the next DP cd?


When this new Purple album …

When this new Purple album is released, will you all be back on the road again promoting it, or will you take some (much-deserved) time out for other things? I was unfortunate enough to have exams while you were due to visit us in Portsmouth last month. Yep, I’m one of the many students who have discovered your beautiful music! Simon.


are there any possibilities for …

are there any possibilities for butterfly ball live at the rah 75 release in the future. are there any quality recordings of that show? thanks and best wishes. sasha


Hi Roger how are you …

Hi Roger, how are you doin? ?

Hope you and family are OK. Remember me from Sao Paulo, Brazil ? Nice move now, you have this channel to your fans.

I am curious in knowing what are the songs that are very difficult to play live for the band ? Are tere any of them, that are quite good and you guys don’t play because it demands something else ?


High Energy Hello from snowing …

High Energy!
Hello from snowing Rusland, from Urals, Ekaterinburg Greets you Roger!

We love music, we love Deep Purple,
The Great Concert here, in march, was the best that every happened here!
We all heard the rumours about Purple visiting us again.
And we believe!
When do You think it might happend ?

Thank You very much for being with Purple
for loving the fans
All The Best
True Fan