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Hi somebody or everybody if …

Hi somebody (or everybody if this gets published),

I hope this form does not limit the number of characters; but I fear I have to steal some of your reading time;-) The questions I have actually deal with a remark about Eddie Hardin:

The album “Hardin & York: Still a few Pages left” (1995, rpm) features detailed liner notes about the past of the two.


hi dear Rog I have …

hi dear Rog!

I have been a huge DP fan since the middle of 80?s. I prefer DP more and more than Beatles or Stones, because they rocked us like Rock n roll earthquake, what Beatles or Stones cannot afford it.

My question is: why did u only sing one track in your recent SNAP-SHOT album? I used to listen to your old songs in THE MASK album.


are there any possibilities for …

are there any possibilities for butterfly ball live at the rah 75 release in the future. are there any quality recordings of that show? thanks and best wishes. sasha


First I want to say …

First I want to say thanks for “Mask” – I bought it in the summer of ’84 when I was fourteen and it opened my eyes to some styles that I never really took any time to investigate.
My question – Why did you pick Connecticut to live in?


Hi Roger Well this is …

Hi Roger,
Well, this is not really a question. I just want to say that I really enjoy the way your site developes. Many interesting things coming up. Congratulations!
You mention plans about doing a Snapshot tour – that sounds great – but why only in the States? I am sure that we are quite a few people in Europe who will support you if you come around.