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Dear Roger One of my …

Dear Roger,
One of my favourite tracks ever is ‘weiss heim’. can you tell me how Ritchie got that amazing guitar sound…..i have only heard him duplicate it a few times since on ‘snowman’ and ‘wish you were here’ by Blackmore’s Night.
Thanks for all the great music over the years!


Hello Rog thanks for this …

Hello Rog,

thanks for this unique opportunity to ask you a couple of things!

1) Do you ever listen to DP albums recorded by other line-ups, without you being on board? If you do, what are your feelings?
2) Would you ever consider playing on one stage with Nick Simper or Glenn Hughes, for example if JL’s idea of a special DP show with all former members came to fruition?


Hi Roger Could ask you …

Hi Roger:

Could ask you a million questions, but I’ve learned quite a bit about Purple online. You still should write the official biography of the band when you have some spare time! You guys are still the best, and I wish more people would realize that. However, considering the quality of radio these days, it’s a wonder any of the great classic rock bands, still together, can stay alive.


hi roger right now i’m …

hi roger.
right now i’m listening to BOOTLEG from 18/8-1980(RAINBOW monsters of rock/ castle donnington)are there ANY plans to release that show,wich was taped AND brodcasted by the BBC?this show has a legendstatus amongst Rainbow fans,mostly because ”Stargazer” was performed. i ,personally, belive that this version of that song is one of the best i’ve ever heard.
the Dio-lineup never could deliver the power
of that song done live.


Dear Rog Foremost I would …

Dear Rog,

Foremost I would like to say that you are the classiest bass player, not to mention a superb songwriter and producer.

I have an interview with you and Joe Lynn Turner from 1982. In the interview the question “What type of excercise do you do on the road…?” is asked to you and Joe. Your answer was, “It is difficult to keep yourself sane on the road.”

Would you care to elaborate?