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Hi Roger I am a …

Hi Roger,

I am a long-time Deep Purple fan and I was very happy to see that you finally got round to creating your own website. I had the luck of meeting you in Thessaloniki, Greece two years back for a very memorable Q&A session you did with the Greek DPAS there. My question to you would be, once Purple finally do have their run (not that I am hoping that day will come anytime soon!) would you be interested in going back to something you haven’t done for a while, producing?


Hello Roger I met you …

Hello Roger,
I met you after the Cincinnati show this year, and spent about an hour talking to you. I mentioned my Deep Purple poster collection, which is extensive. My question is, Do you collect DP posters, which do you have??? I am looking for a US promo of “In Rock”, if it was made. That is a classic album. Would you ever consider visiting me at my home, talking music and autographing my DP poster and CD and LP collection???


Rog Thanks for taking the …


Thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions. DP is my favorite group and have been a fan since 1985 (I was 13 when I saw the video for Perfect Strangers on MTV and my older brother was always a huge fan prior to and after that time.) MY question(s) are as follows:

1) Why is it taking so long to record the next DP cd?


Rog I hope you have …


I hope you have time for this question.
Maybe also a silly question…

Where do you obtain your headgear / bandanas?
I notcied that they are quite long in the back.
Do you use two together?
Just curious, my friend…

Also, you are quite simply the classiest bass player in the world. Not to mention a superb songwriter and producer.


First I want to say …

First I want to say thanks for “Mask” – I bought it in the summer of ’84 when I was fourteen and it opened my eyes to some styles that I never really took any time to investigate.
My question – Why did you pick Connecticut to live in?