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Dear Roger just read your …

Dear Roger, just read your website overview and I am both interested and thankful for your invitation to know a little bit more of your artistic talents.
Does your painting work on a number of levels, from figurative to abstraction? And if you are an abstractionist does it in any way in its development have a link with music-tension/release for example as an asethetic.


Dear Roger thank you very …

Dear Roger,
thank you very much for answering my questions. Bevore I may to ask you another questions I want to write a little about your beautiful Art-Gallery.
First the design and idea with the Didi Zill-foto in the background looks very good- a great kompliment to all the webmasters.
And now your paintings:
I’m overwhelmed and very impressed and I bow my head for you.


Hello Roger this is one …

Hello Roger,

this is one of the 2 art students who did Deep Purple’s lion in Singapore, which you named ‘Maybeiamaleo’ (but I only found out afterward from the news report. oops.) I didn’t know that you’re a visual artist too- would you guys have painted the lion on your own if you had the time? (Anyway, I hope you guys liked it) I enjoyed your concert at Fort Canning immensely!