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Here’s a silly question but …

Here’s a silly question, but may also be fun:

What would you personnally consider the perfect, or better said ideal, Deep Purple fan to look like?

That’ll have to do for now…



what going on rog …

what going on rog


You recently said that you …

You recently said that you enjoyed looking at concert photographs of yourself “as long as they are good ones.” That, of course, begs the question: what, for you, characterizes a great concert photo?


No question this time We …

No question this time.
We just would like to say
Happy Birthday Roger!
We all at PSOF (The Perfect Strangers of Finland) hope that you have a great day and thank you for your SnapShot-CD, the music is peaceful and impressive. Wow, it’s just wonderful that the big DP-family tree includes so many kind of music.

All the best for the DP-writing/recording sessions.


any thoughts of doing a …

any thoughts of doing a autobiography
in the future
enjoyed machine head classic albums
shown itv region wed 27 nov

cheers bram