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A few words

Now settled into the US/Canadian tour and strangely enough, time to think. Good to see old friends Rob Halford, Ian Hill, and Glen Tipton of Judas Priest, along with new friends The Temperance Movement.

Also, good to hook up with dozens of fans I’ve known for many years. Talking of fans, they don’t come any more dedicated than Axel Dauer, who sadly passed away last month after a long illness. A dear man whose spirit was undaunted despite his deteriorating health. RIP, Axel.

The lesson learned from that is, as Warren Zevon famously said, enjoy every sandwich. Wise words.


2 thoughts on “A few words

  1. David Heitmeyer wrote on 2018-09-07:

    Hey Roger, thanks for the passes after the great Cincinnati show, the band is always so tight!! It was great talking to you, and thanks so much for the autograph!! You, along with every DP member are such great gentleman!! It was great to talk to you and ask you some questions, thanks again, Deep Purple Dave

  2. Mark Sherratt wrote on 2018-09-07:

    Hello I believe DP are 50 this year. That is some achievemenntt