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Bass players question time archives

After being offline for quite a while, the Bass players question time archives are back.

5 thoughts on “Bass players question time archives

  1. Herb Renke wrote on 2016-05-21:

    Did you once own a fretless Rickenbacher I think 1967 was the year of the bass?

  2. DEE wrote on 2015-08-16:

    Get in touch

    • DEE wrote on 2015-08-16:

      You’ll remember

  3. David Black wrote on 2015-08-13:

    Ritchie’s guitar tone changed a lot over the time you played with him and was (in my opinion) poor during the early years of the reunion. What did the band think of his tone and playing between 85 & 88? Do you know what prompted him to change for the better from Slaves & Masters onwards? Did you have much input into his sound in the studio?

    • RG wrote on 2015-10-18:

      He honed his guitar sound over the years. I noticed a big difference when he when he started using Engl amps, about the time of TBRO. It was a stunning sound he achieved, covering all frequencies so powerfully. I had no input in his sound, my only challenge was how to capture it.